I'm hoping this'll be where all-purpose write-ups can be found, such as character bios and series information... but at the moment it's finding excuses to talk about excessively nerdy minuitae instead. I've got to get it out of my system one way or another! Run while you still can!

Translations and naming conventions

Trying to bring some sense to the madness of conflicting translations!


All the times Bomberman officially appeared in non-Bomberman media!

Notable reports or interviews with Bomberman or relevant Hudson Soft staff.

Bomberman Maniax (1995)

Presumedly with Super Bomberman 3 designer Shigeki Fujiwara. Some thoughts on the series' development and addressing personal canon.

NEXT Generation (1997)

Comments from Atomic Bomberman designer Jeremy Airey. Bringing the console classic to PCs, and adding a personal touch.

New Bomberman Complete Encyclopedia (1998)

With game designer Shigeki Fujiwara and character designer Shoji Mizuno.

XNEWS Games (2006)

With Bomberman: Act Zero lead game designer Koichi Takeshita. Explaining the reasoning behind the game and how its title came to be.

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