Bomberman 3DS


Working title

ボンバーマン / Bomberman


Nintendo 3DS




1 to 4 (battle)
1 to 8 (online battle)







Announced around October 2010, it wasn't until around January 2011 that some light was shed on the title.

The single-player mode was to be a 3D adventure game, presuambly in the vein of Baku Bomberman; exploration and puzzle solving would be key, and Bomberman would gain access to special bombs along the way.
The multi-player mode boasted up to 8 players via online play, and a poorly explained "Life System" that would apparently allow your Bombermen to survive attacks. The players are depicted in various skins and outfits in the screenshots

A mere four screenshots were distributed, as well as a promotional image on Nintendo Japan's site (pictured right). Only a slim six seconds of gameplay footage were ever shown, in the Nintendo 3DS software lineup.

The game was given an Autumn 2011 release date, but after Hudson Soft were bought out by Konami in February 2011, this game and all other Hudson projects for the 3DS were cancelled. There were unsourced rumours around 2012 that claimed the projects were still in development, but nothing terribly convincing has come of it.


Bomberman and other Hudson titles are first announced.

Hudson Entertainment (archive)

Hudson's flagship multiplayer experience returns with Bomberman 3DS! Known throughout the videogame community as a cornerstone of multiplayer fun, Bomberman's first outing on Nintendo 3DS is his best yet! Bomberman 3DS upgrades the traditional Bomberman experience its world-renowned multiplayer experience in tow and an all new, breathtaking single player adventure, all while taking advantage of the 3DS' unique 3D graphical and online capabilities. It's sweet Bomberman action like you've never seen before!

Multiplayer Madness
Bomberman 3DS upholds the legacy of the Bomberman multiplayer experience while utilizing all-new game mechanics for a completely new game. With the all-new Life System, players are able to extend the life of their characters on the battlefield, resulting in epic Bomberman battles or in the case of newbs, allowing a handicap. Local battles can be played with up to 4 players, but connecting online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection enables clashes with up to 8 players from around the world! Experience new arenas with breath-taking 3D visuals and watch as your character takes flight out of your 3DS when the bombs drop!

Bomberman's Return to Adventure
Bomberman's first outing on Nintendo 3DS also marks his return to adventure. Immerse yourself in a 3D city set in Bomberman's world as you take control of Bomberman and embark on a journey to free Central City from the renegade robot corps. Utilize special bombs not found in multiplayer modes to solve puzzles, navigate treacherous pathways, and blast your enemies. Go it alone, or bring a friend on your journey across the land with local co-op gameplay!

Hudson Entertainment's landing page for the game, with press release. Its genre is listed as "Adventure Party".


All known screenshots of the game. (archive)

Footage starts at 1:40... and ends at 1:46. Soak it in, it's the only moving images of the game we're gonna get!
Alternately, you can download the five-second extract here (500kb MP4 file).

TandemShock: 4 Beta Mysteries of Bomberman

Plasma Captain offers more in-depth analysis of the screenshots and possible gameplay than my lazy eyes ever could!

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