October 7, 2023
Status report: situation snoozy

Hello! I’m still here. I finally covered that Metal Slug Advance prototype that got leaked three years ago, and forced myself to give Metal Slug 7‘s early footage a proper write-up. I overhauled the sprites section and added somewhere over 200 sheets to it, and also rewrote the sprite-ripping tutorial, now with less jaded snark […]

October 31, 2021
#goodcrocs & #goodkraids

We’ve got two new General Writings at once! It’s almost like I’ve been delirious with flu for the past month and been spending my time inappropriately! Enjoy my attempt at sussing out what Croc 2 tried to do and why its attempts fell short, and endure my overly wordy manic episode about why Kraid’s neat […]

August 23, 2021
And So The Blathering Begins

I wrote nearly 13,000 words about Croc. I threatened to do it back in 2016, and because nobody stopped me, here we are now. Look, the internet needs its overwrought defence of Croc, and like heck it’s gonna be a video essay. I wanna hear someone sell me on the merits of Ape Escape but […]

June 5, 2021
Some (belated) games I played in 2020

A phrase that’s been on my mind this past year is “use your words”. Whether it’s interpersonal communication or trying to get a point across, it’s a good mantra to remember. They might not be good words, but so long as there’s an understanding and a back-and-forth to bang those words into shape, then we […]

May 14, 2021
Dinosaur Hunter Diaries #136: Runaway

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #47 Andy chooses who his family is.