I was originally going to make a mini-rant about Sonic Rush, about how people claim it's the best Sonic game ever, how Blaze is an incredibly pointless and uninspired character, and how the storyline is a crock of shit, but I'm not saying it's a bad game, it's a good game, maybe even great [maybe not], and it's certainly much better than Advance 2 and 3; but no.

Instead, I added a new question to the FAQ. I actually note this because Galvatron is involved, and provided me with the material to actually make it, and Galvatron is simply awesome. I should put his name in italics because he's just that awesome. Galvatron. teehee :3

Enough about my bum chum, it all started with this:


<Galvatron> Hi....Mark Johnston?

<Ragey> Ahoy whatever your name was you told me that time we played Metal Slug and you put your initials in.

<Galvatron> Wow.

<Galvatron> I was reading some old issues on Nintendo Magazine, and there was one letter there that I thought "Hmm that sounds exactly what Ragey was talking about" in terms of GBA releases. And, lo behold, the name of the writer of said letter was Mark "Ragey" Johnston.

<Galvatron> And I thought

<Galvatron> OMG that's that guy I know

<Ragey> Heh, yeah, I remember sending in that.


And then we went on talking about it being runner-up, if I won KFC vouchers and my writing style back then, and then went on to play Halo, where such memorable things occurred, including some guy being backstabbed by images of naked fat chicks, Galvatron making a crack about fake butter and providing helpful advice on fighting banshees; I then killed the popular British time traveller and the star of 24, and it all rounded off with third place and the most assisted kills. Fim Fun!


And I meant to provide some sneak previews about future updates with PICTURES, but I couldn't be assed so enjoy text: There's a Top 10 Cartoons thing in the workings, and I plan to either scrap, rewrite, or replace that Shadow rant.




I'm sure everyone knows how much I hate Super Mario 64 DS. I hated it so much that I planned to sell it, but instead I took it to GAME and "traded" it for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. I say "traded" as I still had to pay 20 for it. =( [yeah, Mario & Luigi was 30 (squawk), so "trading" it only took 10 off it. thanks a fuckload, GAME.]

None the less, I rid myself of that travesty and got myself a great game. And, as a bonus, I saw a real life wigger while I was out. Full gear and all, with the backwards baseball cap, baggy sports shirt, and ludicrously huge trousers. Didn't see him pull at breakdowns, though, but it was still an amazing sight.



Yeah, I gave in and got myself a blog. My general ramblings were cluttering up the actual updates, so I made a section for them.

As you may or may not know, my reading habits are terrible; I really only read something if I'm forced to, and even then I read it erratically. That's why I stick to stuff that can barely even be classified as reading material, like The Beano or The Funday Times. I mean, I'm not even interested in 80% of their content, yet I still read them. WHATS UP WITH THAT

So imagine my surprise when I saw the front cover of yesterday's issue of The Funday Times and A WARIO GAME WHAT

I was shocked. Why hadn't I heard of this? With Waluigi too!? With the knowledge that all Wario games are cool (with the possible exception of Wario Blast Featuring Bomberman), and I'm a big Waluigi nerd, I zipped to page 2.

Oh wait, it's just Mario Party.

There goes my dream that one day, Waluigi will be more than an insignificant multi-player character. =(