New Stupid Stuff.



Two new Sonic sprites. And new stuff was put up when the site came back but I don't think I mentioned, so it's still there and labelled new.



Small updates to the Games I Own section, which I'd like to give more attention to lately, but we'll see how that fares.



I think all the uploading is more or less done. Metal Slug: Missing in Action still needs to be put up, but that's easy - Random Action Hour, meanwhile, kind of crapped out on me after making lots of progress, and instead of simply continuing from where it ended, it wants to start again, replacing every single file again. That's not cool. The folders seem to have the right amount of stuff at the right size, but I don't like the idea of checking every single folder on a very slow FTP program. Does that make me a lazy son of a bitch or a wise ass?



After four years of loyal letting-me-put-offensive-crap-on-his-space-without-any-fuss, I've shifted from TenchiOnline to FlyingOmelette, because I got impatient and really wanted people to know how much I hate cyclists.

I am a fickle human being. You're not unloved, TenchiOnline! I'm still feeling like a horrible person for doing this!

But I just really hate cyclists, y'know?

Them and their lack of manners.

The public must be enlightened.

But yeah, things are still uploading, some things are missing but will be up soon, some things are missing because I'm a temperamental mofo, and I don't think Galvatron's prepared his stuff for uploading, but here's hoping it's soon.

There's a new General Writing, by the way. No idea if it'll load yet!



Another Stupid Stuff, a Metal Slug sprite, some Other sprites, and general tinkering around with stuff. And by tinkering around with stuff, I mean getting rid of things I wasn't too fond of anymore. Nothing major, I hope!

Do people mind that this place has become less about big, planned-out General Writings and more about me being a bipolar ass in the blog? I'd like to think you don't! Because, uh, I don't have any General Writing plans. Maybe one or two, but both sound much more fun to write in the leisurely style of the blog, even if it does mean less to read.



Stupid Stuff.



"That was a scary couple o' hours!"

We're up again! All of TenchiOnline had been down since the 12th, and I was clueless to what the problem was. At the end of the ten days, it turned out it was a payment processing error for my hosting buddy. How's that for excitement?

I did a total of jack shit over that week-and-a-bit, and been a bit preoccupied with remembering what a life is, so don't expect anything major, as usual!



Some Other sprites, plus an interactive Stupid Stuff! Interactive in the sense that, you know, you could provide an argument against. Via e-mail. If you want.



Two Other sprites and one under Metal Slug.



Another one. It'd been sitting around for a while before I finished it off, and I wasn't too fussed on putting it up until I got convinced that it wasn't too dreadful. That feeling didn't last long!

And just in case it needs rammed in once more, I'm not in the greatest mindsets for being funny or providing good content at the moment. I don't want to be!



New General Writing! Thanks for having patience during my exceedingly long bout of being creatively challenged, which I'm still kind of enduring. I'd like to get back to being hilarious sometime soon.



A directory was thrown together to lump all the General Writings into them for the sake of organisation and whatnot, which is something I wish I did earlier, because there's bound to be a billion broken links, images and god knows what else. If anyone sees anything, give me a heads up.

Puchi Carat is a little closer to being less unfinished.



Big clean-up to the Puchi Carat Palace, which still isn't done yet. I wasn't quite aware that just getting my hands on the Japanese versions, let alone any version of the Game Boy game, never mind unnecessities like the soundtrack would be so difficult. Still, there's more actual writing this time.



Stupid Stuff.



Once again, thought I'd put up what I have of the Puchi Carat shrine. Which is mostly transcriptions of the dialogue and a bit of waffling regarding the gameplay and different versions. I'd like to say I'll have it cleaned up and done by the end of the month, but meeting deadlines isn't what I excel at.

For people who don't care, maybe I'll whine about rock music sometime!



Another General Writing?



Stupid Stuff.



And another!



New General Writing!



Stupid Stuff.



A couple of Other sprites, but, really, the whole sprites section has been rejigged!

Thanks to the super generosity of Dazz and me being a lazy bitch in the first place so he could help me out, it's a PHP style system now, which cuts down on dicking-about time and drops the filesize considerably. The Other sprites section was formerly a 147kb HTM file, but now it's just a 21kb list thing. Bosanova! Of course, the fact I cleaned up a few things, like threw huge loads of sprites into .zips, removed a few insigificant ones and whatnot probably helped.
I was hoping for fancy drop-down listings and tables so you could skip directly to what you want, organise by franchise or alphabetically or whatever, but yeah, screw user friendliness.



I never really mention this and expect people to either just stumble across it or use the directories, but the Games I Own, Like and Hate bit is updated with two new horribly unfinished sections, that aren't even about games! Though there's like a ton of new Game Boy reviews because I've been busting out the multi-carts lately, so that field is covered too.



Stupid Stuff and Other Sprites.

So much for getting back in order, huh?



Stupid Stuff.

My computer got itself malware of some kind, so it's currently off being looked at by someone who doesn't need to pretend they know how computers work. All my stuff's safe, but at the minute I'm on another computer so I don't really have the necessary interneting equipment. Expect at least TWO updates when I get back in order!


It wasn't until yesterday that I realised April Fools was soon. And I realised I didn't care. So have some more Other sprites!

Also, update to OMG HOW I RIP SPRITES with PSX V-Ram, and a Plea For Help page on Sprites where YOU gotta help us! (if you need instructions on how to get through the hotel check out the enclosed instruction book)



Been a long time since the Other sprites section has gotten an update!



Would you believe I updated the Movies page? Yeah! Cleaned it up a little, added some new crap and hopefully I may actually get around to Motorbike Man episode 10 if anyone cares.

Also new General Writing! I'd like to say it's unfinished, but it's a finished part of a saga that's currently unfinished because that's the only finished part.



Stupid Stuff.



And that walkthrough is pretty much finished. All I lack is info on Bomber Castle's Mirror Mode Bonus Game and a few music tracks, but like all my walkthroughs, I can't imagine actually going back to it. Alas.

Also small update to OMG HOW I RIP SPRITES. Mostly organisational and adding extra download mirrors, plus a new tmspec.xml available.



Got ourselves a new walkthrough! The race pages are about the only things properly finished at the minute.



Stupid Stuff.



Stupid Stuff.



Another General Writing? Good grief!



New General Writing about video games in a very vague sense! And Bomberman sprites.



General Writing. About toys.



Another Stupid Stuff. It's relevant to the blog!



Stupid Stuff, and also a page for all the title images made for this place. It's more just to fill out the new main page layout.



Bomberman sprites.



I forgot to update with sprites yesterday. Silly me! Bomberman and Other sprites.



Stupid Stuff.



Bomberman and Metal Slug sprites.



Stupid Stuff.



Bomberman sprites. Haven't had those in a long time, have we?



And another of the video gaming variety!



Short General Writing!