Patrako is a young Egyptian princess; although the Gemstone Kingdom is home to a native desert, it's unclear if that is where she comes from, or if a dimension-traveling blunder landed her there. Either way, Patrako wanders the land interacting with the various residents, listening to them reveal all their personal details, and then citing trivial information on the gems she collects from them.

Judging from the "Perfect" images from the game and also her first appearance (see notes!), Patrako has a penchant for cosplaying. Aside from that, her only real ambition is to find her way home, and for whatever reason she can only achieve this by performing a wish with the twelve Secret Stones. How she landed in the Gemstone Kingdom in the first place is totally unalluded to, but given how none of the other characters know her and are consistently surprised by her appearance, one can assume she arrives in the Kingdom right as her story begins.

Because of her rather fourth wall-breaking storylines (that are more setpieces for obscure character information than, well, proper storylines), it's difficult to properly judge her as a character. She appears pleasant and friendly enough, if a bit of a ditz, judging from her unfortunate habit of finding herself invading on people's private property and wondering how she got there. She always polite asks for the Secret Stones, and only resorts to force because otherwise there'd be no Puchi Carat match.


Patrako is actually a crossover with another Taito puzzle game released the year before Puchi Carat - Cleopatra Fortune! It's more Tetris inspired, but you could argue it's serves as a thematic precursor to Puchi Carat, what with having a cutesy (if tiny) anime character dancing on screen the whole time and rewarding you with imagery for getting a perfect.

Voiced by Asada Yoko.

Patrako's date of birth is never specified.

Her gemstone is the Pyramid Stone (ピラミッドストーン), which is seen on a number of the game's menus, as well as the centre of the Secret Stone mural in the intro.

It's only said that Patrako lives on the "real" Earth (or the Cleopatra Fortune version of Earth, perhaps?), but the characters still challenge her to battles while in the Gemstone Kingdom. Thus, I can only assume the only desert in the Kingdom (as seen in the arcade map), the " desert", is her home away from home. What on Earth the name is meant to translate to properly is beyond me.

Much like Rquo with Kumikumi, Patrako is accompanied by a tiny, spherical mummy in a number of her endings and images; this is also a holdover fro Cleopatra Fortune, though the relationship between Patra and the chibi-mummy are never explored or even mentioned.

"Ko" is the Japanese honorific for "child", hence Patra's rather strange way of introducing herself in the Game Boy version. One can assume it's actually part of her name and not actually an honoriffic. Patrako-ko?

Patrako has an unfortunate habit of being interchangeably translated as "Patoraco". They might have gotten away with it if, you know, she wasn't clearly a cutesified version of Cleo-freakin'-patra.

Patrako is a secret character. For information on how to unlock her, see the respective version pages.


Beginner Mode (PSX)

Patrako refuses to teach you how to play the game.

Arcade Mode (PSX)

Patrako mingles with the locals.

Original Mode (PSX)

Patrako politely asks for a ticket home.

Game Boy

Patrako is warped to the future!

Attack Pattern

Patrako's attack pattern is to fill three rows on the left and right. Similar to Garnet, this has decent attack power to fill the enemy's screen, though the gap is a hindrance, allowing bouncing room to chip away at the blocks.

SOURCE: Raider's Puchi Carat Jewellery Shop


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