Round 5


Round 5-1

And we're at the final level, Round 5, and we start outside the castle. The noticeable differences are that the background is slightly different, the floor is curved in the beta while straight in the final, some unnecessary things like cliffs have been removed from the final, the mushrooms are entirely different, and the tree with it's bells are also changed. The card platforms are altered slightly, as they only have one symbol, compared to the final where they have two. The line of cards down to the platform after the bell tree don't move at all, whilst in the final they move all over the place, making things difficult. The cards after that are already placed, and all black in the beta, but obviously you need to magic them into position yourself in the final, and they're the usual mixing of red and black. At the final part, the bush and castle have different graphics, and strangely, the arch and dice switches are missing, so you can simply waltz over to the next area with no hassle!


Round 5-D

Donald's area is some maze, and I hate it. The only differences I noted were that the woodpeckers drill like they're carving huge holes (despite the fact their holes are small. The final fixes this so it actually looks right, and also fixes the beta's problem of some hole tiles replacing some hedge tiles), and the lack of hammer-swinging Mad Hatter statutes.


Round 5-M

The next area is what I like to call the Crazy Floors. The first Crazy Floor's only difference is that the background's position is adjusted slightly, so the mirror's reflection of a wall decoration is incorrect (they fixed it in the final). The second part is missing the hammer-swinging Mad Hatter statues, and the background is rearranged again, once again making the mirror incorrect.

Round 5-P

The 2-Player area is a hall of doors that take you to small segments from the previous levels. I noticed nothing new there, and the hall itself hasn't changed.


Round 5-2

And we're at the night walkway. The beta has drastically different music for this area, which, in my opinion, doesn't fit nearly as well as the final version. The background is essentially the same, although a few of the pictures in the stars are rearranged. The witch enemy doesn't do anything in the beta (compared to the final, where she drops holes), and for some silly reason, more and more of them come in to fly ahead of you; the Mad Hatter enemy is nowhere to be seen. You're unable to kill the witches, nor do they do anything, so it's hideously pointless. Atop the first stairs, there's an area you can leap to the right where you can walk past green imagery to reach a piece of health-refilling candy; the beta doesn't allow you to, so it's just a breather spot. There's no light switch for the curtains in the beta, riding the carriages across the spikes has the return of the witch enemies, but once again, they do jack squat.

The only difference in the second part is, once again, the music being different, the background rearranged, and the total lack of enemies. This is the final area before the big boss, so proceed to face ...


Round 5-B

Pete! This battle in the beta is very, very anti-climatic, as the arena doesn't look terribly frightening, and it just uses the regular boss music. This is fixed in the final, by having much more epic battle music, giving Pete some menacing words, making the arena float above shimmering, lethal clouds, changing the very plain platforms into pillars of the magic box holding a jewel above it's head, and halfway submerging the ground at the sides in cloud; and also made his hands flesh coloured instead of blue. The background is, once again, rearranged, and may even be slightly different. The battle itself, however, is no different to my knowledge.



Once Pete is defeated, the ending goes slightly different between the beta and final. In the beta, small Pete with purple hands comes down, along with the manuscript, and nothing is said. The final has big Pete shimmer out of existence, then small Pete with orange hands comes down, congratulates you, and then teleports you out of the magic box.


The two are teleported back, whether or not both were fighting the battle, and the final plays the music at the end of Round 4. Note how Mickey's pose is different, the table has it's bottom intact, and the edge of the light is complete in the beta. They then regain consciousness, look about, and walk off stage right.


It then goes to the audience. In the beta, the only people in the audience are those who appeared on the password cards, while the final has some filler characters thrown in, along with Pete. The password guys look at the screen a few times (excluding the cow in the beta), with no sound occurring at all in the beta. The final lifts it's curtain, the murmuring stops, two lights appear, and our heroes appear in a puff of smoke, to the sound of fireworks/applause. Due to the beta's lack of sound and curtain, it just heads straight to the lights. Their stand and magic hat appears between them, and Mickey taps the hat with a wand, causing Donald's head to explode. Immediately after that, "Thank you for playing" appears in the beta, while the final waits a few seconds for the HILARITY of Donald's face exploding to sink in before it gives you that message. Mickey then taps the hat again, the the text turns into a flock of doves which scarper. They then bow, and after a few seconds, the beta returns to the SEGA screen. The final continues to have the audience clap/firework, and for Pete to give a thumbs up to the screen. Then the credits roll, the characters wave to the screen, "The End" is spelt out, and THEN the final returns to the SEGA screen.