Round 1


Round 1-1

This area looks very different from his final version, taking place at the roots of trees instead of a garden path in the final. The area is fairly bland, as everything is the same murky brown and green colour, unlike the final, where everything is vibrant and colourful. Heck, even the enemies' colours were changed to be less dull in the final.

However, design-wise, they're essentially the same. The final has some slopes and stairs to mix things up, while the beta is mostly just flat paths. You use see-saws to boost yourself to higher ledges, but instead of being shot there diagonally like in the final, you have to move there yourself to the ledge while in the air, which is difficult.


Round 1-D

This is based on Donald's second area, and while the level looks different, the primary design remains between the two. The beta is mostly ugly orange and piss green colours, with not much in the way of separating itself from the previous area. The final is pleasant greens and yellows, and is set in an area with leaf-covered ground. Other than some very minor differences, mainly altering of platform height and such, the only significant difference is the entirely different tile set.


Round 1-M

Once again, the level looks different, but the primary design remains. The beta is mostly ugly orange and piss green colours, with not much in the way of separating itself from the previous area. The final is pleasant greens and yellows, and is set in an area with leaf-covered ground.

The only real differences are that some flowers are switched around, along with enemy placement, and the flowers, tulips, and leaves are discoloured. Unlike the final, the leaves are floating there once you see them, whereas you have to hop on a flower numerous times for them to come out. The flowers are also missing the top part of them in the final, and the leaves don't lead anywhere in the beta.


Round 1-P

I was confused about this level at first, but I shortly realised it was the two-player only area of this level. The differences are a lot more minor than the previous areas, as the graphics used are the same in the final, it's only the layout that's been altered, although it was mainly just slopes and staircases altered slightly, along with a few more areas for items to be hidden. The miner enemies are coloured differently; the giant rocks that protrude from the ceiling are smaller, and fall instead of protrude; the collapsing bridge falls apart in single blocks in the beta, but falls in double blocks in the final (it's hard to explain, but you'll understand if you see it); and the mine cart itself seems to be rather unresponsive, slow, and clunky in the beta: It took Galvatron and I about two minutes to get the damn thing up the first slope!


Round 1-2

This area looks pretty much the same, but the design is radically different. The web platforms are more plentiful and bigger, along with more parts that shred once you set foot on them. Those are even more dangerous, as if you fall just a few pixels under the platform, you die, so you have to react fast before you can use Start to fly yourself somewhere safe. The other changes include the lack of see-saw, web-platform-creator-friendly-crawler-spider's sprite being different and barely animated, there only being one part where you have to ride on said spider's webs, and that one part being obnoxiously long, with a million sidetracks and turns before you can reach the boss, unless you cheat and just use Start to fly over there.


Round 1-B

The boss is missing the shine on his head, and his tactics are simplified in the beta. In the final, it goes diagonally in one direction, up again, then down again, straight this time, and retreats before crawling down and mocking you, and repeating. In the beta, it doesn't move diagonally at all, and it moves a lot slower, and only takes four hits to kill, while the final takes five before perishing.


The final goes into great detail explaining how the carpet works, while the beta just goes "hey, you found something, BAM BITCH YOU CAN'T SEE IT JUST YET". And, just to keep consistent with these story scenes, the beta version has a full stop after "manuscript", and continues to say "It describes the great magic", whilst the final has no full stop, and is all one sentence, ending with "describing great magic".