The X-Men find the institute in ruins. They quickly land the Blackbird and start to clear through the wreckage, hoping to find the Professor. Cyclops and Jubilee check out the hangar and see that it isn't damaged at all. Jean tries to contact the Professor with her powers but she can't get to him, meaning he can't be nearby. He could be unconscious or, worse yet, he could be dead! But Cyclops then contacts her and tells her to bring the others down to the war room.

Xavier left a message for the X-Men in Cerebro and Jubilee has it played. The Professor says that he has gone on a journey, one that may change their future forever. Whilst they don't know where he's gone the X-Men at least know that he got out of the mansion before it got trashed. Back outside, Wolverine finds some very large footprints and despite Cyclops' protests he goes to hunt down the intruder. Cyclops has Jubilee, Rogue and Storm go after Wolverine.

The trio soon find Wolverine's jeep and decide to separate to cover more ground. Jubilee hears a lot of shouting at a construction site and asks what's up. Turns out some workers are unhappy because there is a new guy there with incredible strength who may be replacing them and they think he is a mutant. We see this new worker running off whilst some other jerks are laughing at him.

The laugher soon stops however when the man walks into a building and destroys it by himself! Wolverine also arrives on the scene and finds Jubilee as they watch the man exit the wreckage -but now he has metal skin! He goes up to the foreman and tells him that his building is crushed, as requested.

The man's name is Piotr Rasputin, which should give you a hint that he's Russian. But he goes around calling himself Colossus. The workers know he is a mutant now and want to beat him up. Jubilee wants to help as she believes Colossus must be the one who destroyed the mansion, but Wolverine stops her. He wants to see how he deals with the workers first. The foreman tries to stop the angry workers from taking any action...

...but they'd rather start things off by running a cement mixer into him. Colossus transforms, revealing he can change between his normal human skin and his steel skin quickly and lets the vehicle run into him -he is unfazed, but the vehicle is totaled!

Colossus doesn't quite understand what he has done wrong but then Wolverine attacks, saying that the wrong he did was destroying the mansion. Colossus gets him off and says that he doesn't know anything about a mansion before throwing Wolverine into a pile of junk and also commenting how very strange these Americans are.

Jubilee wants to go after him but Wolverine tells her not to bother -Colossus isn't the one who destroyed the mansion after all. The scent on him is different that the one Wolverine picked up at the mansion and Colossus could have killed them both just now, but he didn't. Rogue than radios in telling the two to get to the bank as the place has been robbed recently, apparently by a big guy. When they get there Storm tells them that the police have caught the robber.

It's Colossus! But he says that he was at the bank trying to stop the robber, he wasn't involved in stealing anything. The police don't believe him and have him taken away in a van. Whilst Wolverine and Jubilee check out the bank for clues, Rogue and Storm go down to the police station. Rogue starts to flirt with a guard and tricks him into touching her, draining him of his power. The two then go to the cells unnoticed and find Colossus.

They open up his cell but he wants to know who the two women are. They then hear another voice and turn around to see Beast in another cell. Rogue wants to know if he'd like to join the jailbreak but he doesn't want to, he'd rather wait for his day in court. But he tells Colossus to trust his two friends as they will help him prove his innocence. And he also wants them to thank Jean for the cookies. They head off and make a new exit in the prison.

At another bank, the real robber is making his next move. Just like Colossus, he has incredible strength and rips off a vault door with ease. He then proceeds inside and starts to take all of the money he can carry. This man is Cain Marko, but he is better known as the Juggernaut.

Wolverine and Jubilee contact Rogue and tell her to get here quick as they see Juggernaut exit the bank through a wall. The police also arrive and open fire on him but their weapons -which includes a tank -have no effect! It seems nothing can stop the Juggernaut.

Wolverine has a plan though and he and Jubilee slide down a drain pipe and let Juggernaut past them. Wolverine then uses his claws to slice open the bags of money and he keeps on walking. Jubilee collects the money and takes it back to the bank as Juggernaut finally notices his cash has gone. Wolverine attacks but he isn't much of a match against him and he gets knocked down. Juggernaut demands to know where Charles is, as he went to the mansion earlier today and found he wasn't home. So he decided to do some banking to get his attention. Charles is Juggernaut's step-brother, but Juggernaut quite clearly doesn't like him.

Jubilee helps out by using her powers to the fullest, hitting the ground so much it causes a small quake which makes Juggernaut stumble and drop Wolverine. Not that impressed with her moves, he grabs onto the building she's on and shakes it, causing her to fall. He grabs some rubble and starts to walk towards her with the intent of crushing her with it.

Rogue's team then shows up and she throws the Juggernaut into a building. Colossus wants to know how Juggernaut could set him up to take the blame for the bank robbery, how could he do that to a fellow mutant. This angers Juggernaut who says that he isn't a mutant -his powers are strictly magical only. With the talking out of the way Colossus picks up one of the damaged tanks Juggernaut trashed earlier and throws it at him.

Juggernaut just punches the tank and gets it to land back on Colossus. He wonders if the tin man is recyclable but then gets blasted in the face by Cyclops, he and Jean have arrived to help out. Jean tries to access Juggernaut's mind, but she can't. Cyclops says that his helmet protects him from her power so they must work together and remove it.

The X-Men start to use diversionary tactics, such as Cyclops and Jubilee blasting Juggernaut whilst Storm creates dark clouds to stop him from seeing anything. Wolverine uses this to leap in and slash at the helmet, damaging it.

Rogue and Colossus then team up and Rogue manages to get the helmet off, exposing Juggernaut's head. She then tries to absorb his power, but whilst she gets his strength she also gets his memories and starts screaming about how much she hates Charles Xavier! She mentions how Xavier had it easy but she'll have her revenge by destroying the X-Men! She starts to fly, drive to madness by Juggernaut's power, and Storm has to try and calm her down.

But Juggernaut isn't at full strength any more and he stumbles around saying he needs to watch the late night parties. Jean then appears and enters into his mind. Now that he is without his helmet, he can't do anything about it.

Rogue finally stops screaming and falls back down to Earth, but is caught by Colossus. Juggernaut gets back up and suddenly realises he has no idea where he is, how he got here or what he was meant to be doing, so he stumbles off clueless.

Jean says that she has cleared Juggernaut's mind but she doesn't know how long the effects will last and they are all certain that one day he will return. For now though they've won and Wolverine admits that there may be something in that wimpy teamwork garbage Cyclops goes on about. The X-Men return home and get in a construction company to start rebuilding the mansion.

Colossus is helping out too. Wolverine offers him a place here with the X-Men and whilst Colossus is honored, he says that he can't, he has come here to find his sister and he'd also like to see more of America. But first, he is going to help them rebuild their home. Wolverine says that he never knew how much this place meant to him until someone destroyed him and Jubilee says that this is the first place that truly felt like home to her. Wolverine tells her he bets the Professor would have liked to hear her say that. Jubilee says that they will find the missing Professor.