Cyclops and Jean wonder where Wolverine has gone but then Cyclops quickly realises there is no point ever trying to guess where he's at, he always does whatever he wants without telling anyone. Wolverine has gone to Canada on a ski-trip, but the peace he finds doesn't last long when part of the ice he was riding across explodes!

Sabretooth was the one behind the explosion and he has tracked Wolverine down to finish off their fight. The two battle each other and end up near a cliff when the ice breaks away and Wolverine falls down into the ocean below. Sabretooth keeps himself up and sees that his enemy has survived, but yells out that even his healing powers won't be able to keep him alive in that freezing water. But he still intends to hunt Wolverine's frozen body down just to make sure he's dead.

Back at the institute, Gambit and Cyclops are about to kill each other when Xavier arrives in wanting to know what all the anger is about. Cyclops went nuts because Gambit wanted to check out a place called Genosha, a place which is meant to be a heaven for mutants and mutants only. Cyclops thought Gambit was just trying to go and have a vacation but Xavier suggests that that is exactly what they may need. So he tells Cyclops to let three of them go to the island to check it out and see if the rumours are true. Cyclops selects Storm, Jubilee and Gambit to go.

Meanwhile Wolverine is found by some villagers who take him back to their camp. The village elder, Puyeta, is surprised to see Wolverine get up so quickly and says he has never seen a man recover from being in the icy water so fast. Wolverine starts to explain that he is a mutant but then stops, realising that these villagers are isolated and will have never heard of the mutants. He thanks Puyeta for saving him and simply says that he is a quick healer.

Wolverine wants to get some work done to repay the villagers so one of them, Kiawak, takes Wolverine out on a boat to do some fishing. Turns out Wolverine is pretty good with the nets and helps in getting the biggest catch they've ever seen! However, as the villagers see Wolverine as a hero it makes Kiawak very jealous as he used to be the popular one. As night settles in the villagers are celebrating the big catch and Wolverine tells Puyeta he finally finds himself at peace here.

Kiawak has had enough of the new guy though and goes for a walk. Sabretooth then finds him and smells Wolverine's scent and believes that he must be one of Wolverine's new friends, so he must die. Kiawak explains that he doesn't like Wolverine as he has stolen his popularity in the village so Sabretooth offers a plan to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Gambit, Storm and Jubilee arrive on Genosha via plane and head to the Genosha Beach Inn.

They check in and Gambit sees a sign stating "Ask about our mutant discount". Storm tells him to forget it, they are meant to just be posing as tourists here without drawing attention to themselves. But the receptionist secretly runs a scan on Storm and finds footage of her using her powers in a mall. He tells the trio that they will be staying in bungalow 12 and has their bags taken there. As they depart, the makes a call to someone saying that they have some new visitors.

Kiawak returns to the village and finds Wolverine. He asks him to come and go finishing on the icy sea if he's brave enough. Wolverine accepts his little challenge and the two go out. But Wolverine knows something is up and asks Kiawak why he has really taken him out here, revealing his claws. Kiawak blurts out that Wolverine really is a mutant and attacks him with a spear, but it gets sliced to pieces. Wolverine wants to know who told Kiawak about mutants...

...but they hear an explosion and see that the village is on fire. They head back but by the time they get there the entire place is in ruins and all of the villagers are missing. Wolverine can smell Sabretooth and knows that he must be the one who did it when Kiawak admits that he was partly responsible as Sabretooth told him to lure Wolverine away from the village. Wolverine gets mad but then realises that all of this was really his fault, if he hadn't have come here in the first place none of this would have happened. Later on Wolverine gets into his outfit and goes to find the villagers with Kiawak coming along as he wants to try and right his wrong.

It doesn't take long for them to find Sabretooth but they also find the villagers, who are tied down on an ice bridge. But Sabretooth likes having an extra advantage in battle as he's got the bridge rigged with explosives, which are going to go off in 60 seconds. Sabretooth then leaps down and starts fighting with Wolverine.

Wolverine is punched so hard he gets sent flying over a cliff but sticks one of his claws into the ice. Sabretooth picks up some more ice and is about to throw it at his enemy when Kiawak charges into him. Sabretooth elbows Kiawak and goes to kill him but this distraction lets Wolverine climb back up.

Sabretooth turns back round and tries to charge straight into his opponent but Wolverine gets down to avoid him. Sabretooth falls into the depths below -Wolverine tells him to stay gone this time. He and Kiawak quickly free the villagers...

...and just about have enough time to throw the bombs over before they explode. The next morning Wolverine tells Puyeta that it was his fault their village was destroyed -he will stay and help them rebuild. But Puyeta says that times have changed, many of the younger villagers have wanted to go and move to the city. The old ways he grew up with are outdated, so he has decided to move on and let the younger generation decide on their own future. He thanks Wolverine for helping them.

At Genosha, Jubilee likes the place so much she never wants to go home. Gambit agrees and says that this is his kind of mission. Storm says that it looks like Genosha is a paradise for mutants after all.

Although maybe it isn't.

Suddenly the bungalow is filled with knockout gas! Gambit destroys the front door and the trio get outside just in time only to find things are even worse -a whole army is waiting, telling the mutants to surrender!

They put up a fight but the odds are against them and they are eventually captured by a Sentinel! To be continued...