Bishop fires and Rogue takes the shot. But he then fires again and hits Gambit. Before he gets a chance to take another shot, Jean uses her power to remove his weapon from his arms and then Jubilee blasts him down.

Rogue and Gambit are both alright and want to know what is going on. The Professor explains about Bishop and how he has gone back through time but Gambit thinks Bishop's story is a load of lies. Bishop claims otherwise.

The two are about to fight each other but the other X-Men stop them. Bishop explains that if Gambit isn't killed now then all the X-Men will die. He then tells us what exactly happens in his future. It begins with as assassination that Gambit did. But all mutants get blamed for the death which led to people wanting action and demanding the deaths of all mutants.

The action came in the form of the Sentinels -thousands of these robots were built and then sent out to hunt down any mutants. Any they found were either killed or sent to termination camps. Some mutants fought back...

...but their resistance wasn't enough. But when most of the mutant population was rounded up, the ones in charge of the Sentinels decided to use them to take over the world. This time human armies fought against the machines...

...but soon the Sentinels had defeated everybody. And this led to the dark future that Bishop lives in and it's all Gambit's fault. Bishop says that he cannot remember who it was, exactly, that was assassinated, but he knows it took place in Washington, soon. The Professor says that he is going to Washington for the senate hearings on mutant affairs and guesses that maybe he is the one who gets assassinated. Gambit still doesn't want to believe Bishop's story and suggests getting rid of him now.

Wolverine believes that Gambit wants Bishop gone because the guy is telling the truth. Gambit sees that nobody seems to trust him, not even Rogue, so he leaves the room and goes into the hanger. But Bishop and Wolverine follow him wanting to know where he intends to go. He tells them that he's going to Washington but he won't be killing anybody -he is going to stop the assassination!

The other X-Men arrive and tell him that he isn't -it is to dangerous for him to be in Washington. Xavier, Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Rogue and Jubilee head out to Washington in the Blackbird, leaving Wolverine to baby-sit Gambit and Bishop who are still determined to destroy each other.

Meanwhile, another group of mutants are already in Washington. Pyro, Blob and Avalanche say that today is the perfect day for an assassination! And someone else who enters the room say that if they fail they will be exterminated. Back at the institute Gambit is watching TV and sees that Senator Robert Kelly has arrived for the hearings. Wolverine tells him to come sit down and play cards but Gambit uses some of his own to blow stuff up, creating a diversion that lets him escape.

He gets into a jet and heads off to Washington. Meanwhile the hearing has just started and a crowd has gathered outside, chanting the most original protest ever. Pyro and friends are also taking part but are planning a little diversion. Inside the courtroom the hearing has begun and Senator Kelly questions the Professor about his school for the gifted, believing it to be a place for pro-mutant propaganda. Charles begins to explain that his school is dedicated to the idea that mutants can live peacefully.

The hearing is then disrupted when Pyro and Avalanche enter it. Kelly flees out of the room whilst Charles sends Jean and Cyclops to deal with the threats. Jean uses her mind powers to get the evil duo out of the building.

The Professor then uses his powers to contact the other X-Men and tell them to assist Jean and Cyclops. As this is going on Gambit arrives in Washington and after leaving his jet, he heads inside the building where the hearing is taking place.

The X-Men continue to fight with Pyro's crew outside when they come into a problem in the form of the Blob. Rogue tries to punch him only to find out that he is resistant to Hokuto Shinken his flab cushions him from any attack. Wolverine arrives and manages to grab hold of Blob and make him stagger around. He leaps off to let Blob fall into a pool.

Storm then freezes the pool. Wolverine and Bishop had taken another jet to get here but all Bishop wants to know is where Gambit is. Cyclops tells them that they were suppose to be keeping watch on him. Pyro and Avalanche then attack again and whilst the X-Men deal with them, Bishop makes a move and heads inside. Rogue sees him and follows, but he hides from her.

Elsewhere, Kelly's secretary takes the Senator to a safe room. As the two head inside Kelly sees that his secretary is also tied up and gagged in the room! The secretary that brought him in here suddenly begins to change...

..into Gambit! He takes off the real secretary's blindfold and says that she will be a witness. Pulling out a gun, he tells Kelly that this is what happens to all who go up against Gambit and the X-Men, but before he can pull the trigger the real Gambit enters the room!

As Kelly unties his secretary they both see the Gambits fighting each other but have no clue to which one is the real one. Bishop hears all the noise and enters the room. He blasts down the standing Gambit as the other one tells him that the downed Gambit is a shape-shifter. Bishop says that he'd better take out both of them just to be sure and sets his weapon to shoot at full power.

Rogue then enters the room and takes Bishop's weapon from him before he can fire. She also removes his transceiver and tells him that it is time he went home. She then crushes the receiver and Bishop instantly vanishes.

The fake Gambit changes again, this time into Mystique! Rogue thinks that her day has gotten better as she can finish what was started on Muir Island but Mystique tells her that she will help her escape. Rogue asks why she would do something like that so Mystique changes again, this time into Rogue's adoptive mother! It dawns on Rogue that Mystique had been helping her before she joined the X-Men. Mystique asks if she will help her now.

Wolverine and Cyclops are trying to find where Bishop went but bump into Kelly, who is confused to what just happened. First a mutant tried to kill him, then the same mutant but another one of him saved him, and ugh...he doesn't understand the events that just happened. His secretary tells the two X-Men to go through to the next room, where they find the unconscious Gambit. Meanwhile Rogue gets Mystique out to safety. But Mystique says she isn't safe at all as she has failed Apocalypse. She explains that one reason she joined with Apocalypse was so she could try and get her adoptive daughter back but now this clearly isn't going to happen. Rogue has to let her walk away. Back in the future, Bishop returns to his own time.

But he sees that it is still the same as it was when he left! Even though the assassination didn't take place, it didn't stop this future from happening. Forge walks in and says that once the time portal machine is rebuilt, they can try again...and again. He says the one thing they have plenty of at the moment ins time. He then walks back into his lab and goes up to a machine.

Inside the tube is Wolverine's adamantium skeleton! Bishop explains that he stopped the assassination from happening but Forge says that it must have been something else that made this future happen now instead. Back in the present, Kelly wants to see Xavier so he, Cyclops and Jean head towards his room. But when they go inside they find the place trashed and Kelly missing!

Xavier notices that his watch has just stopped and when he takes it off and lets go, it hits the side of his wheelchair. It has been magnetized, meaning they all know who the culprit be continued...