Mutant attacks are on the increase! A news broadcast shows a mutant causing carnage in a city. The reporter states that this new outbreak of violence is causing anti-mutant hysteria. At one home, a man turns off his TV and tells his wife, Martha, that he had to do what he had to do: he has registered their adoptive daughter to the mutant control agency. Martha isn't happy about this as she thinks the agency is like a prison, but her husband explains that it is their to simply help these unfortunate people.

Their daughter, Jubilee, has been listening to them however and goes back upstairs in distress. She used to be a normal kid but now she has discovered that she is a mutant she's being treated like an outcast. Outside, something is flying through the sky.

The something lands and isn't a person, but a giant robot known as a Sentinel. This robot starts to walk towards Jubilee's house and as it gets closer it brings up some info about her. Back inside, Martha wonders if they were wrong, maybe Jubilee isn't a mutant, but her husband just points to the fried VCR -Jubilee did that just by touching it!

The Sentinel reaches the house and takes a look through a window. Rather than do things quietly he smashes his fist through the wall and grabs the bed, only to find he's been duped: his target isn't there. He then walks off as the parents burst into the room and see the great big hole in the wall. I bet they're so glad they used the mutant control agency now!

Jubilee has snuck out and is trying to deal with her problems by playing arcade games. She thought her foster parents loved her, but she is thinking about this she accidentally uses her power and destroys the machine. Jubilee is capable of creating energy but she doesn't know how to control yet. The arcade operator saw what she did and tells her to get out, he doesn't want "her" kind here! Jubilee runs for it and accidentally knocks down two women on the way, but she doesn't have time to stop and keeps on running to the mall's exit.

Meanwhile the Sentinel once again decides to smash things and breaks down a glass wall to gain entrance to the mall. He seriously tells everyone not to be alarmed and that he is here to protect them. Elsewhere in the mall, a mutant known as Gambit is buying some cards and starts to flirt with a shop assistant.

The Sentinel is still looking around the place and as Jubilee rides down an escalator, he sees here. Having finally found his target she tries to run away but is caught. He's about to take her away when the two women Jubilee knocked down earlier appear and reveal that they are both mutants! Storm demands that the Sentinel releases his prisoner.

Deciding to ignore these two other mutants, the Sentinel gets up and starts to leave again, but Storm reveals her mutant power of having control over the elements and shoots some lightning out. The blast damages the Sentinel and he drops Jubilee, but Storm saves her. The other woman, Rogue, shows off some of her powers -not only can she fly, but she also has super strength which lets her fight the robot with ease.

The Sentinel gets lucky and hits Storm and Rogue with lasers and they end up crashing out of the mall's roof. Gambit then appears to help out and hits the Sentinel with a kinetically-charged playing card. Jubilee can't quite understand what is going as she's just seen a giant robot, two people flying and people with strange powers so she runs away. Gambit tells her to wait but the Sentinel then hits him with a laser blast.

Jubilee sees that the guy who just saved her is in trouble and hits the robot with her fireworks, making him stumble for a moment. She runs out of the mall but the Sentinel resumes following her and throws out a gas grenade, which slows her down.

She collapses into the arms of yet another mutant: Cyclops. He sees that the robot uses energy blasts. Turns out his power is also energy blasts that he can release from his eyes and he hits the Sentinel with one. The force of the blast is so great that the robot is decapitated, destroying it.

Later on, Jubilee is taken to Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children. When she wakes up she sees that she has been left alone, hooked up to a machine. She gets up and sees the door is locked, so she uses her power to blast the lock. She starts looking around the place, hoping to find an exit.

She sees another door and opens it only to find laboratory inside. But there is also someone working in the room: a large blue mutant! His name is Henry McCoy, but he's also known as Beast. Beast is busy mixing chemicals and doesn't see Jubilee, so she continues on.

She goes past another room and sees a guy watching TV. Senator Robert Kelly is making a speech about how all mutants are evil and must be dealt with. The guy watching suddenly changes into the senator and back! This mutant is Kevin Sydney, but he's also known as Morph.

As Jubilee is still trying to find out, someone finds her: Charles Xavier, who is also known as Professor X. He has psionic powers which he uses to sense Jubilee. He puts out an alert across the whole institute for the intruder to be found, but Jubilee takes a chance and heads inside a large room. But she isn't safe there as this is the Danger Room, a training ground which Gambit...

...and Wolverine are fighting each other. Wolverine manages to pin down Gambit and it looks like he is going to kill him, but Jubilee intervenes and blasts the bad guy with some fireworks.

The other mutants come in and everything is OK. Beast and Morph laugh at Wolverine for having his butt kicked by a little girl and then explain to Jubilee that Wolverine is on their side and then explain what the Danger Room is. Later on, Storm talks to Jubilee about the institute and that everyone who comes here is a mutant. They train to control and master their powers here. They are known as the X-Men. Jubilee wants to know more about mutants but Storm says nobody really seems sure to how mutants exist, it just happens.

Later on Xavier has managed to get some information off the memory circuits of the Sentinel Cyclops destroyed. He brings up the information file it had on Jubilee and sees that it was from the Mutant Control Agency. Cyclops is worried that perhaps this agency has teamed up with the government and plans an all out attack on mutant-kind. Xavier says that the agency is a private organization that is occasionally supported by the government. It seems that someone at the agency has a hidden agenda. And that someone is Henry Gyrich. He's at Jubilee's home trying to get some information out of her foster parents.

Jubilee meanwhile has managed to leave the institute and is trying to get back home. She wants to make sure her foster parents are OK but as she runs, another Sentinel appears and starts to follow her. Then another Sentinel arrives and the two robots cut her off before using knockout gas to capture her.

Back at the institute, Xavier have found out the location of the agencies' main base. The base contains records of mutants who have unfairly been forced to reveal their identities. Whilst he doesn't want to have to do this, it must be destroyed before any more mutants are captured. Xavier tells Cyclops to get a team together and to carry out the mission. As they are about to depart Jean Gray runs in and says that Jubilee has gone missing, so Wolverine offer to go look for her. Cyclops tells him not to go but he doesn't listen, saying he goes where ever he wants to go. Cyclops and his team head out in the X-Men's aircraft, the Blackbird.

The group soon arrive and depart for the base, but Wolverine finds them and see that the place is heavily guarded. A little later Wolverine appears and says that he didn't manage to find Jubilee, her trail went cold near her house. They haven't got time to worry about her now though as Storm uses her power to create some bad weather that makes one of the guards head back inside his quarters.

With this quick distraction, Morph gets thrown over the fence and as the guard comes out to him, he shape-shifts and blasts the guard with some knockout gas. Wolverine and Beast get over the fence and come across a guard, but Storm takes him out. The group head inside the base but Wolverine tells everyone to stop, he can sense that the corridor they are heading down is protected by infrared beams.

Storm creates mist and everyone can see the beams. Beast jumps up and uses the pipes on the ceiling to make his way across. He finds a security box and turns the power off so everyone can move past the beams safely. Meanwhile, Cyclops, Gambit and Rogue are waiting around when they see an armored vehicle moving towards them.

"It looks like clear sailing from here." The group couldn't be more wrong though as behind the door they are heading towards is a group of soldiers, all armed and ready. Storm is going to open the door! Will the group survive? Find out in part 2!


Jubilee's foster farther isn't named.

The mutant who is wrecking the place at the start of the episode is Sabretooth, but he'll be introduced properly a few episodes down the line.

When Jubilee is trying to escape from the institute, she heads past some screens at one point. Some of the screens show Domino. Another screen shows Cannonball. Both of these characters are mutants from the comics.

This episodes also mark Magneto's first appearance, although it's just a quick cameo on one of the screens Jubilee looks at. He doesn't face the screen either.

For those who don't know, Wolverine's real name is Logan, Cyclop's is Scott Summers, Rogue's is Anna Marie Darkholme, Storm's is Ororo Munroe and Gambit's is Remy LeBeau.