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New One-Off (Batman)!


And HnK 2 coverage ends on a cliffhanger with today's episode. Expect some more early next year.

Jakoh and his Empire fall in today's HnK 2.

Two new episodes of HnK 2.

New HnK 2.

New HnK 2. Fans of the series may be pleased/dismayed to know that a new game is in the works, for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This is the intro which contains such wonders as a punk been thrown into scenery which then explodes for no reason.

This is a video about the game as explained by some Japanese man. From what I can tell, this is a spin off of Koei's Dynasty Warriors series, so this is how you play it:

Walk round a bit > beat some guys up > Walk round a bit > beat some guys up > Walk round a bit > beat some guys up > Walk round a bit > beat some guys up > etc

This is the kind of game only a complete idiot could like so naturally I've pre-ordered 10 copies and am getting the strategy guide translated. The game is due out early next year and Koei already has most likely unrealistic expectations for it.

Ein's backstory is revealed in today's Hokuto no Ken 2.

Ready for more Hokuto no Ken 2? A new episode is up.


The nightmare is over! Also, intro page.



Third part. Nearly there.



In this part of House of the Dead, everyone dies!



Oh, hello, is that a sequel to House of the Dead I see?


The Final Decision ends the first season of X-Men.

Find out if Gambit really is the traitor in today's X-Men.

Start of a great two-parter in today's X-Men.

Bad things happen to Angel in today's X-Men.

The most evil mutant ever makes his first appearance in today's X-Men. They really did manage to cram a lot of stuff into the first season!


And we finish off on some early drafts of the script. It's interesting stuff!

The Juggernaut makes his first appearance on Random Action Hour in not one but two exciting episodes.


Intro and characters pages for the Mario movie, but there's an interesting extra for anyone who cares about extended scenes and photos of unpainted props!



The story comes to a close, but there's a few fun features still on the way if you're man enough to handle more Mario.



We should probably keep a tally chart of how many times I've faffed up around here. Regardless, more Mario!


Cable makes his first appearance in today's X-Men.

What's your first thought when you hear the name Super Mario Bros.? Car chases!

New X-Men episode uploaded. I also fixed the link to the Fist of the North Star movie section because some unthoughtful person changed it by accident when adding a certain movie with certain plumbers. WHO COULD THAT BE I WONDER???



Hey, Paisanos! It's something I've been meaning to do ever since I started this site!

The Morlocks debut in today's X-Men. I also fixed the dates of the last 5 updates because I'd put October. But so did Ragey for his Mario update so haw haw the webmasters of this site are dum dums.


Sabretooth is a menace in today's X-Men.

The X-Men face Magneto for the first time in today's new episode.

Part 2 of of Night of the Sentinels.

When Hokuto is in disarray...mutants appear? Hmm.


New One-Off (Batman)!


48 hours on and something rather totally nuts has happened: DiscoTek are going to release Hokuto no Ken and Hokuto no Ken 2 on DVD. This will be the first time that the entire thing has been available in America. In total there are 152 episodes, which will be spread out across 4 box sets. Hopefully with better quality subtitles than the movie release had (but by all means keep it region free guys). They are due for release sometime next year, so hopefully I will be able to write up the rest of HnK 2 before 2010 ends!

And with episode six of HnK 2 I have to sadly announce that there will be no more episodes in the foreseeable future. This is due to the fact that I can't get access to episodes that have good-quality subtitles and the ones on the set I have suck. I could download episodes but that involves Bit torrents and those are bad. I'm hoping to get the series finished, somehow, but it might take a while.

Watch one of my favourite bad guys get blown to bits in today's HnK 2!

Episode 4 of HnK 2 is now up.

Fist of the North Star 2 now has a section and the third episode is up.


Just some downloads. Ultimate Teacher has the American dub on YouTube and Ruin Explorers has two songs on the info page.


Here it is then -the brand new Fist of the North Star movie section which is totally better than the old version. Check it out!

I now have the Fist of the North Star movie DVD that was released in America recently by DiscoTek/Eastern Star. And just to confirm, the picture quality is great. Stupid old rubbish versions on the left and middle, new and gleaming version on the right:

More, more. Now if that wasn't enough, the disc is region free, so any British fans should import this. The movie can be viewed with the Japanese dub (with optional English subs) or the English dub. As most people know, the subs aren't perfect and just downright wacky in places but they get the job done. The extras are a bit thin on the ground with character profiles, two trailers (including the early trailer with the purple alien) and an image gallery. Sadly, only the ending where Raoh wins is included. My one complaint with the picture quality is during the final battle between Kenshiro and Raoh. This battle was ruined somewhat due to the idiotic amount of blood spilt in it, but it just looks even worse in this release because the remaster really makes it stand out.

Overall though this is the best version of the movie to date and I plan to use it to update the section on it here at Random Action Hour. So imagine things like new and larger images and some updates to the versions and trailers pages soon.

I've put this update off for over half a year but after sitting down this afternoon I've finally done it. Basically all the Youtube links to videos from my now closed account are gone. There are some videos left, like on some of the Transformers and Fist of the North Star episodes, but these are from other people. Darkstalkers and Street Fighter have some videos too, thanks to Ragey for uploading them.

Stuff I've worked on has been cleaned up a little too, with some updates to various episodes of FotNS, including some new animated GIFs. You should hopefully not see things like this anymore. Thanks to Mighty Kombat for telling me I'd put Spade's name instead of Club in this episode, and thanks to me for realising I'd spelt Raoh "Roah" in various episodes of FotNS, which has now been fixed.

Finally, I've heard that there is something new in the one-offs section.


Info and character pages for Ultimate Teacher. And downloads!



Ganbachi dies for reals in this part of Ultimate Teacher!



Ganbachi dies in this part of Ultimate Teacher!



There's a biology lesson in today's instalment. I hope you've got your pens and paper. Tissue doesn't count as paper.



And here it is! The first part of Ultimate Teacher, an obscure OVA that has been frighteningly hard to find online - but not any more! Hopefully, if my master plan goes well.



New content is headed this way! And when I say new, I really mean new. You couldn't find even a sample of this on the internet until now.

Also, the Transformers sections have all been bundled into less pages because seriously it was pretty ridiculous.


And the Hokuto train comes to a temporary stop in the form of this new one-off (Hokuto no Ken). Expect more later on this year.

Intro and characters pages for chapter 4 of HnK.

And chapter 4 ends with the last HnK.

The last battle concludes in today's HnK!

Getting close to the end with today's HnK!

Someone dies in today's HnK!

New HnK.

New HnK.

Raoh takes on Fudo in today's HnK!

New HnK.

Check out wimpy Raoh in today's HnK!

New HnK. In some actual news, hooray, the movie has been released in America now. Hooray, it sucks.

Or at least, some of the subtitles do. Also some of the extras from the Japanese version are gone (including the alternative ending and one of the trailers) but at least it's actually out I guess. If you want more wacky subs please check out Kentai's review here.

New HnK.

Back to chapter 4 with today's HnK.

With that bombshell out of the way, let us have some extras for chapter 3 in the form of intro and characters pages.

Major plot-twist explained in today's Hokuto no Ken!

Major plot-twist ahoy in today's Hokuto no Ken!

New HnK, which features more people with ribbon attacks!

New HnK which features a man who uses ribbons to slice people into pieces.

You know I think I just got rid of Ragey's update. Again. Sorry Ragey. You can read all about Captain N Vs. Double Dragon II here.







New HnK.

New HnK.

So here we go with what should hopefully be a once per day update schedule until chapter 4 is finished.

I'm pleased to announce that Hokuto no Ken is officially back on and to celebrate, not only are those 5 clip show episodes now up but the first 2 episodes of chapter four are also uploaded.

When was my last update? A year ago? I am becoming a lazy son of a bitch. Here's a One-Off (Incredible Crash Dummies) to make up for it.

Y'know what? Screw it. I've been secretly working on chapter 4 episodes of HnK and I'm proud to announce that they have now been uploaded and will continue to stay up no matter what! Sadly the ones I've worked on are out of order and contain MAJOR LEAGUE SPOLIERS so hey look out PS THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOL LAUGHIN OUT LOUD

So Toei have decided to start a lawsuit against us. They don't like things they've worked on being written up here (which includes Transformers and Hokuto no Ken) and have demanded that they be taken down within the next 7 days. I've no idea how our episode reviews could possibly harm them but yeah, 7 days. What to do. I'm guessing they're pretty serious because Heart of Madness is currently down and they must be involved somehow. :(

Some updates to the trailers, dub and versions pages for the HnK movie section. And by updates I largely mean downdates because I've just removed a load of videos from those sections :{

Thanks to anyone who's gotten in touch suggesting new ways of getting the chapter 4 episodes written up but for now I'm taking a break from it all.

Hokuto no Ken coverage is going to be going on a hiatus. Which is a pain in the ass because the fourth chapter is the final one for the original series and contains the BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER but you'll just have to wait for it. The problem is the episodes with Heart of Madness' (good) subtitles are being pulled from Youtube and whilst the set I have does have subs, they suck. I mean you've got characters running around calling Ken-Oh such things as this. Classy. The next five episodes are all, believe it or not, just clip shows -so I may try to do those as they shouldn't be that difficult to write up. But as for chapter 4 episodes, don't expect those for a while. In the meantime I leave you with chapter 4 teasers!

Chapter 3 concludes with today's Hokuto no Ken episode.

O.K., first the bad news: I got home from work today and read an e-mail from a guy called Jonathan who just got banned from Youtube because of a HnK clip he uploaded. My initial reaction: shit. So I check out more of my e-mails I got today and found 3 saying that 3 of my videos had been removed due to copyright infringement. Reaction to that: SHIT SHIT SHIT. It seems that Toei animation have declared war on Youtube and are getting videos taken down left, right and center. So to try and not get banned myself before it gets too late I've removed EVERY Toei related clip I've ever uploaded. This means that all of the HnK and Transformers clips are gone. I will start removing links on the relevant episode pages later.

Not that I'm going to have a hissy fit over this since what I was doing was wrong since I started and pushing the guilt to the back of my mind in a little corner which said "If I don't think about this nothing bad will happen." I did like having videos up since i think it enhanced the episode write-ups but what's done is done. The Street Fighter and Darkstalkers clips I've uploaded will be staying for now since I think Capcom are too embarrassed to claim for those.

To those who don't like reading and want the above two paragraphs summarized: I just got owned by Pero :(

Now the good news: I've just finished writing up the latest HnK episode which has just been uploaded. And if that wasn't enough, anyone wanting to sample some Hokuto no Ken will be pleased to know that the movie is going to be released on DVD stateside soon, thanks to Discotek -click here for more details. In theory this will be using the same transfer as the recent Japanese DVD release. Hopefully it'll get a European release too.

A bit of a plot twist in today's Hokuto no Ken.

In today's Hokuto no Ken, watch Ken-Oh take on his most dangerous opponents yet: people smiling and being nice!

Enter a really "cool" new character who's fighting style is very "ice" to see in today's Hokuto no Ken episode.

Toki and Raoh clash in today's Hokuto no Ken.

Feel a lot less sorry for Ryuken after seeing what he did to Raoh and Toki in today's Hokuto no Ken episode.

Raoh delivers the most powerful punch ever whilst also taking part in the worst commercial break timing ever in today's Hokuto no Ken episode.

A sort of clip show in today's Hokuto no Ken episode.

NANTO HO'O KEN OUGI: TENSHO JUUJI-HO. Learn what that means in today's Hokuto no Ken episode!

Learn how Souther said no to love in today's Hokuto no Ken episode!

And now back to the HnK TV series, with another new episode uploaded.

A couple of new things. First off, Ragey has archived last year's updates, but when I looked at it I found out that he'd put up a new one off -about Captain Planet! Click here if you missed it.
(P.S. well done on restoring that HnK chapter 3 episode to the one offs you useless blockhead ragey, don't worry i fixed it)

Next, the new DVD of Hokuto no Ken The Movie was released in Japan recently. Contrary to what many believed the violence is still censored, but the picture quality is absolutely fantastic and easily the best version you could hope to see. So the versions page has been updated accordingly. However, the bonus features on this DVD include two early trailers for the film which feature never seen before footage, so I've cooked up a new page about them here.

And the next one.

The next Hokuto no Ken episode is now available.