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And as a New Year's eve special, let's hear about terrible humanity is in a new One-Off!


As a pre-new year's eve treat, watch Kenshiro get his ass kicked in today's Hokuto no Ken episode!

Another new Hokuto no Ken episode. But for once, Kenshiro might not win!

What better way is there to enjoy Christmas Eve than watching Kenshiro go on an epic quest to deliver some light bulb parts? Find out in today's new Hokuto no Ken episode!

Another new Hokuto no Ken episode is up. This episode (Terror of the Six Shadows) of The Headmasters is now working again as it mysteriously wasn't since the big server change.

Bumper selection box of updates today:

1) New Hokuto no Ken episode, setting the ball rolling for the third chapter coverage. I'll bother to put the rest of the episode titles in the menu when I feel like it.
2) The dub page for the HnK movie has two new videos.
3) The Masterforce dub page gets a much needed update since I finally managed to get a set with the StarTV dub.
4) The Headmasters dub page has been messed around with to include videos again and the sound clips are gone because in this age, who wants those?

Hokuto no Ken: The Movie now has a versions page. This update shall be much more historically important however because it is the first one that I, Super Galvatron, have done by myself with no help at all! I deserve a prize.


No update, but a good Samaritan informed me that the Mega Man DVDs are going to be reissued in January 2009 by ADV Films. Good times! Especially since season 2 is going for 80 on Amazon, and people are actually paying 35 for the three episode OVA series. May God have mercy on their souls.



New One-Off (Street Sharks)! If the whole series were on DVD I'd be more than willing to make it a full feature, but DIC doesn't want you to have nice things.

[08/Dec/2008] oh, what the fuck. The page was fully finished when I uploaded it! WHY MUST YOU GIVE THEM FODDER FOR MY HUMILIATION, WEBSITE



I'd almost like to say this was an example of me being a crafty devil, but no, I just screwed up again. Hokuto no Ken movie has a few fixed links and pages for the endings, dub and F.A.Q., and part 2 of Fist of the North Star has an intro page that I'd accidentally linked to on the movie page. Good gravy.



And it finishes with part 4. With character and intro pages, too! I couldn't be bothered updating again with those on Sunday, see.



Part 3 of the Hokuto no Ken movie is available. Have I confused anyone yet with my fluctuating use of titles for that series? I hope so!



Transformers season 4 has an information and characters page, and if I care to watch through it again, I may make more extras, but for the time being Transformers is completely finished, and we will not be touching the Unicron Trilogy unless we are brainwashed by kidney-eating space aliens.

Second part of the Fist of the North Star movie is up, plus a teaser of chapter 3 of the anime!



Hopefully the link to Rebirth part 3 will actually work now. Meanwhile, there's the characters page for Hokuto no Ken's second chapter, and the first part of the movie is up! Cor lummy.



While the site went puff, I finished off The Rebirth, part 3, and there's the rest of Hokuto no Ken's second chapter. Dramatic!



Another six Hokuto no Ken episodes, and the second episode of Transformers: The Rebirth.



For Christ's sake. Can I make an update that actually works these days? I have to rely on Galvatron to actually inform me of my frequent bumbling. LET ME KNOW OF THESE THINGS YOU GUYS

We've got the first episode of Transformers season 4 (which is totally for certain the last thing we're doing on that, NO MORE) and those Hokuto no Ken episodes should actually work now.



And the day of rest keeps up with another six rip-roaring episodes of Hokuto no Ken! One of them's a clip show, though, so it's not a total blast.



New One-Off - the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I'd like to say "in one of their most absurd plots ever," but really, I think anything that has to do with animal superheroes is pretty nuts.



I'm away for the weekend, so slightly early update of three Hokuto episodes. Will I be doing anything lately? Not likely, but who knows!



Oh, for God's sake. That last update? It never happened. I mean, I made it, but it didn't get uploaded.

Should be fixed now, and another six Hokuto episodes.



Bit of an old splurge today, with the character and intro pages for Ruin Explorers going up, the same for Hokuto no Ken's first chapter, and the first six episodes of chapter two!



Ruin Explorers comes to a close, which I'd like to say was "abrupt" but I didn't really do a good job of finishing it off quickly. I mean, nearly a year? Darn those Transformers!



Sneak peek of chapter 2 of Hokuto in One-Offs! It'd just make sense to put it in the main Hokuto page, but it's a bit empty after Ruin Explorers got its own place.



And chapter 1 of Hokuto no Ken is over. Will we see more? Who knows!

Also, third episode of Ruin Explorers done means that I'm obligated to finish it off, so it's got some hub page treatment.



Wait, nine episodes away? I don't even pay attention to anything anymore. Four new episodes.



Another six new episodes. Only nine episodes away from the conclusion of part one!



Six new North Star episodes.



Admittedly, this One-Off (Sonic Underground) is really the first thing I've done since the end of July. I don't like being lazy!



And here we go, fresh again on some new coverage: Fist of the North Star! Booyah. First three episodes.



And it's over! Plus the characters page, too!

After having waited nearly a year for it, it's a bit anti-climatic finishing it in four days.



Part 3!



Part 2!

Yeah, back to a part per day. Trying to stretch these out because nothing else to put up. =(



It's about a year delayed by now, but it's here! Art of Fighting! In a format that could barely be described by that first word!



And a page on the Japanese take on the show. That's it! For reals!



Characters and PSAs pages for season 2 are up. It's over and done!



We're done! Atlantis Arise, Make Tracks and Auto-Bop! The iron grip of Transformers has been released! Now would be a good time to joke that we're not doing any more, but who knows.



A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court and The Master Builders. Only three to go!



Prime Target and Blaster Blues.



B.O.T. and Microbots are up. One is bad, one is good. Guess which is which!



And part 2. It's not a very good episode!



Desertion of the Dinobots part 1 is up.



Auto Berserk! We're trying to rush out the completion of Transformers' second season because seriously, seven months already? We want new projects!



Two Transformers episodes today, and they're both ones that are very painful to watch: Kremzeek! and Aerial Assault.



Galvatron's back in the scene, and finishes off Megatron's Master Plan for us after waiting four months! What a kind fellow.



Part 2 of Ruin Explorers is up in One-Offs! The remaining two episodes are where it gets very back-story heavy and ambiguous in what the hell's going on, so it remains to be seen if I have the patience for them.



Quest for Survival is up in Transformers. We may finish it eventually!



An update without Transformers?

There's something strange in this neighbourhood! See One-Offs.



Sea Change!


And Attack of the Autobots is up, too.

As you may have heard at Random Hoo Haas, updates are minimal because of computer inconveniences. They could be increased if I could, you know, just install Microsoft Frontpage without having to waste another 400MB on the rest of the Microsoft Office utilities that I never use, let alone find it in the first place. You know what’d be great? An alternative. That didn’t suck, preferably. Hint hint.
Regardless, City of Steel is up in Transformers season 2!


Still not out of that unannounced hiatus, just filling dead air with a Mega Man: Upon A Star characters page.



Transformers' second season has got the Trans-Europe Express uploaded.



The Insecticon Syndrome and Changing Gears.



The God Gambit and Autobot Spike are up in season 2.



Hey people from Kotaku! We're covering Transformers at the minute so there's no video game hilarities going on right now. Have these GIFs as compensation.

For our regular viewers, The Immobiliser is up in Transformers season 2



The Girl Who Loved Powerglide and Cosmic Rust are up.



Season 3 of Transformers finally ends today because I eventually stopped beating around the bush with Money Is Everything. It's a decent episode, but the Transformers elements are just tacked on, y'see.

And for season 2 there's The Secret of Omega Supreme, Masquerade and Triple Takeover. Plus Captain N finally got an introduction page, though by finally I mean it's been done for a while and just took me forever to get images, and it being an introduction page is pretty questionable too.

And the update is late from the "every other day" regime because SmartFTP is a slowass mothertruck.



Dinobot Island part 2, The Search for Alpha Trion, Enter The Nightbird and The Core are up in Transformers.



Dinobot Island part 1 and Day of the Machines are up. No conclusions today.



And Captain N's third season concludes as well, with the first episode, a characters page and a game comparison look-at. No intro page yet! Kind of forgot, see.



House of the Dead comes to an impromptu swashbuckling close, while Transformers has Hoist Goes Hollywood and Megatron's Master Plan part 1.



The Autobot Run for Transformers, Pursuit of the Magic Hoop for Captain N, and House of the Dead has got it's third part. That's when it starts getting good.



Child's Play and The Gambler are up for Transformers season 2, while part 2 of House of the Dead is up.



I'm proud to announce that I finally got a mention of Uwe Boll on my site. Or more precisely, coverage of Uwe Boll's House of the Dead. Only took me three years! I'm slow. And I don't even explicitly express hate towards him. I'm an internet failure.

Of course, I've no idea who my audience are, so watch out for gore and tits covered up with the heads of Transformers. And since it was written as one long streaming thing and broken into four later, expect the length of each to be inconsistent and to end in wacky places.



Two episodes today: Traitor in Transformers season 2, and Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls in Captain N. It's got Bo Jackson!



Thought I'd give Captain N it's own section, what with the two extra episodes made of it. I believe I'll only cover season 3, but how many times have I said that?



Starscream's Brigade and The Revenge of Bruticus are up in season 2, while season 3 has The Face of the Nijika.



Finally got ourselves a section for season 2 of Transformers, with four new episodes. I wouldn't be expecting much of anything else for a while.



So all of Fatal Fury 2 is up. Waiting for a Sunday update is just too long!



The second part, and there's also a new Captain N episode in One-Offs!



Real nearby!

So here's the first part of Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle, featuring a moustache-lacking Krauser and blonde-haired Andy. One of those is not quite right.



Got ourselves a characters page for Transformers Zone. But don't worry, I hear some actual new content is nearby!