The US dub only lists Scott McNeil, Kelly Sheridan, Shane Meier, Robert O. Smith and Ward Perry in the credits but doesn't say who voices who, and other places include Michael Dobson and Ryan LaBarge among the crew. If you're more experienced with recognising those other guys, let me know.


Ganbachi Chabane (UK: Marc Smith | US: Scott McNeil) was once a ne'er-do-well during the days of student revolutions, but was abducted to be the subject of genetic experiments, fusing him with the genes of a cockroach. He escaped, and is now out with a single goal - to conquer Teioh High School! Yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Armed with inhuman strength and the powers of a cockroach, he's also a smug asshole and a total drama queen. But that's why we love him.
Hinako Shiratori (UK: Anne Marie Zola | US: Kelly Sheridan) is the leader of the students at Teioh High, and darn proud of it. Nimble, powerful and intelligent, they couldn't ask for a better leader. Of course, once Ganbachi and his dirty tactics come along her confidence becomes shaky, but her comrades are always there to support her, along with the newfound ally, Tarantula Man! She's also the only British-sounding person amongst all the American-accented guys.
Umekuchi (UK: Kerry Shale | US: Scott McNeil) is just this guy, y'know? He's the short, ugly dude of the three man group that composes Hinako's groupies, and that's about as far as his personality goes. He does a good job of holding onto people's legs, though.
Ryuichi Watanabe (UK: Stuart Milligan | US: Michael Dobson?) is the big guy, apparently the second-in-command to Hinako, and capable of leading the students in a battle. Calm-headed and composed, he seems to be the only one of the groupies with physical strength, though that doesn't mean he can stand up to an onslaught of high-velocity pennies.
Kansuke Matsuri (UK: Adam Henderson | US: Shane Meier?) is the loud-mouthed little guy. He's notable for taking part in no physical violence whatsoever; both times he's in a scrap he wins by other means, either by bringing along a high-pressure water hose or turning on a microwave.
Karima Hurei (UK: John Guerrasio | US: Robert O. Smith) was one of the scientists who worked on top secret project X-B, working hard to infuse Ganbachi with cockroach genes, claiming his work was worthy of the Nobel Prize - but upon seeing the horror he had unleashed, he gave up his cushy job to become Tarantula Man, his only goal now to eliminate Ganbachi from the face of the earth! A pretty swell guy. He seems to be able to retract his four spare arms.
Principal Suzuki (UK: Harry Ditson | US: Ryan LaBarge?) had good intentions for Teioh High; he wanted to make the students into upstanding citizens, let them appreciate the work of classical musicians and study famous philosophers, but with the students ruling the school clearly it's a lost cause. He's never seen or mentioned again after he's buried under a mound of teapots, so he probably died. Poor sod.
You've got to admire the Pinball Boss' balls (UK: Jeff Harding | US: Ward Perry?). I mean, if you're up against a girl who can lift filled bookcases with ease and kick half-man-half-cockroach hybrids through buildings, yet you can totally destroy her confidence just by thrusting your crotch at her, that's pretty good. Of course, he doesn't exactly accept his own defeat with much grace.
Jabba the Hutt is among the people staring in awe at Hinako's defeat of the Pinball Mob. I mean, it kinda looks like him, right? Okay, maybe it looks more like Pizza the Hutt, if he lost the toppings.