Characters (season 3)


With half of the original toy line essentially wiped out from the movie, it's astounding to see that season 3 still manages to include many, many more characters, and in frequent cases, without an opportunity to introduce anyone properly. I'd like to be an unbiased jerk who actually talks more about these new guys, but there really is very little to say in most cases.


Autobots / Cybertrons

Afterburner is the asshole of the Technobots, shouting every time he opens his mouth and generally being an obnoxious doofus. Buy his toy! He can become a funky-looking motorcycle as well as one of Computron's limbs.

Air Raid transforms into a F-15 Eagle and helps form Superion with his fellow Aerialbots. He doubts the fact that he met the guy who created Optimus Prime. You and me both, bud.

Alpha Trion was the guy who created Optimus Prime, assisted in overthrowing the Quintessons and the closest the Autobots have to an Obi-Wan Kenobi. The only time they physically meet him is when the Quintessons pluck him from his time as a rebel warrior, as his two other appearances are just as a presence inside the Matrix.

Introduced in the movie, Arcee is the only female Autobot that isn't with Alpha Trion or from a million years ago, and doesn't actually appear in an awful lot of episodes; no more than nine episodes where she actually plays a part in the plot. One could blame sexism, but they're robots for crying out loud. I blame the fact she didn't get a toy. She transforms into a Cybertronian car.

Beachcomber is the pacifist of the Autobots. Or was. Although shown to prefer hanging out in nature and generally being a laid-back guy in season 2, he's shown taking part in the fight against Trypticon in The Five Faces of Darkness and doesn't complain. Or talk at all for that matter. Perhaps that dip into Unicron's smelting pool made him a diligent soldier. He would become a dinky little dune buggy if he were ever seen transforming.

A member of the Protectobots, Blades can turn into a rescue helicopter as well as form Defensor's right arm.

Blaster survived the Battle of Autobot City and continues to serve as the operator of Metroplex, with his cassette forces, Rewind, Eject, Ramhorn and Steeljaw providing assistance. He gets less opportunities to beat up Soundwave, but he does get brought to ancient Cybertron, an alternate universe and more! He turns into a big red cassette player.

Although never seen bonding with him in the movie, Blurr is rarely ever seen without Wheelie, never going on a mission without each other unless it's merely for group shots. The most he does is assist in delivering Metroplex his transformation cog, but just barely, and he gets to hang out with Optimus Prime for a bit before getting hit by the Hate Plague. He turns into a hover car.

Big ol' Broadside is a triple changer with the ability to become a robot, an aircraft carrier and a huge jet. Because of his hugeness he's around the size of the combiners, but the original design he uses in Carnage in C-Minor portrays him with an entirely different look and only being slightly taller than Ultra Magnus. Who's also three times the size of the Constructicons. Okay.

Bumblebee is alive and well in 2006, though screen time has not been friendly to him, and mostly just appears in crowd scenes with a close-up to remind viewers "hey, kids! Remember him? Forget him, look at this new toy!" He does little to prevent Metroplex having his eyes stolen, and is damaged badly in the Hate Plague's rampage, forcing him to be rebuilt into Goldbug. He transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle in both bodies.

Chase is a member of the Throttlebots, a particularly useless group who show up in The Return of Optimus Prime, promptly get hit with the Hate Plague and contribute nothing at all. They also have really stupid looking figures.

When the Technobots form together, they become Computron, the brainiac of the gestalts. Using logic, super intelligence and the ability to announce his ideas before he executes them, he can thwart his rival Abominus any day of the week. With intense vibrations.

Cosmos' occupation as eye-in-the-sky (in space) has been shunned entirely, thanks to the introduction of Sky Lynx to the ranks of the Autobots. He does enjoy hunting Decepticons with him, though, so at least he isn't bitter. His alternate mode is a big green UFO.

Defensor is the combined form of the Protectobots and his primary aim is the safety of others, but that doesn't mean he can't bust a few chops when given the chance.

Despite being introduced in the movie and Blaster's other cassettes getting a fair amount of screen time, Eject barely appears at all. If at all, for that matter. Poor Eject.

Fireflight is a member of the Aerialbots, can transform into a F-4 Phantom II jet and form one of the limbs of Superion.

The pacifist of the Protectobots, First Aid prefers his work as a medic rather than a soldier, and gets an episode all to himself where he leaves due to feeling like a black sheep among the Autobots, but he rejoins at the end and all is well. He becomes Defensor's left arm and can transform into an ambulance.

That really is the best look you get of Freeway during his sole appearance in The Return of Optimus Prime. Being a Throttlebot, he transforms into a car and is a fat lot of good to the war effort.

After being damaged in the Hate Plague attacks, Bumblebee' chassis was too scraped up to be repaired properly, so his Quintesson savior rebuilt him as a Throttlebot; Goldbug. He's fixed just in time to see Optimus Prime again and gets saved a few times by him, but ultimately doesn't do much in his sole episode. Like his original self, he transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle.

Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots, and was formerly highly opposed to cooperating with any of the Autobots aside from his own troops, but in season 3 he's no more moody than a puppy. He gets along well with Rodimus Prime, Wheelie, Daniel and just about everyone, and gets into quite a lot of antics despite being old news by this season. He's rarely seen outside of his tyrannosaurus rex mode.

The left leg of Defensor and member of the Protectobots, Groove isn't exactly a highly-contributing member to the war, or anything at all. I think he only gets like one of dialogue, and it's not even a necessary line. He can transform into a motorcycle.

One of them reckless, easy-going, no-good punks, Hot Rod is friends with everyone but prefers to think for himself rather than be ordered around, and how he became bearer of the Matrix of Leadership and leader of the Autobots is pretty unbelievable. Although seen a couple of times when the Matrix is removed, it's not until the final episode that he stays this way for good. He transforms into a sports car.

Hot Spot is the leader of the Protectobots and can form the torso of Defensor. Despite their role as a rescuing and safety group, Hot Spot is often brought along with Ultra Magnus on weird and wonderful missions, and blows up more people than he saves. He transforms into a fire engine.

Despite surviving the movie, Jazz is no longer a central character in the stories due to the death of his voice actor, Scatman Crothers. He wins a race in the Galactic Olympics under the name of "Munka-Spanka from the Orgenon cluster," and makes a few other cameos, but doesn't do anything comparable to, say, defeating the Decepticons through loud music.

Kup is a wise old warrior with plenty of knowledge to pass onto the less experienced, and a dose of criticism to boot. When Ultra Magnus' soldier expertise and Springer's smartass attitude isn't enough to help out Rodimus, Kup is always there to help, and he even gets to hang out with Optimus Prime when he comes back from the dead. Again. He turns into a Cybertronian pickup truck.

Lightspeed is a member of the Technobots and right leg of Computron. Despite being called Lightspeed, he claims he's the speed of photons. Low standards, I guess. He transforms into a Cybertronian car and like the rest of his posse, isn't a big fan of the Terrorcons.

Also known as Autobot City, Metroplex is both where most of the Earth operations are planned and also the last line of defence. Along with being able to transform into a city, he can become a battle station, and also contains three smaller external Autobots, Six-Gun, Scamper and Slammer. Naturally, he's not too favourable of Trypticon, but has no problems throwing him into the ocean every time.

Despite being the first of the Technobots to be made, Nosecone is not their leader. He's probably the least barmy of the group, and can form the left leg of Computron, as well as transform into a Cybertronian drill tank.

Originally the Autobots' greatest power and most convenient way of reaching space, Omega Supreme has more or less been replaced by Sky Lynx and Metroplex. He does manage to sneak a major appearance into The Big Broadcast of 2006, despite the fact there's nothing he does Sky Lynx couldn't have fulfilled, but good for him. He transforms into a rocket base with a tank.

Like all good heroes, Optimus Prime can't stay dead; his first brief return to the land of the living is by being brought back as a zombie by the Quintessons, forcing him to sacrifice himself to destroy the fiends. He's then brought back for reals and saves the entire universe from the Hate Plague, retaking the role of leader from Rodimus. Then he dies again in the Japanese continuity. Sometimes you just can't win.

Outback is a new Mini Vehicle, but despite that he's often seen hanging out with Blaster and pulling out fancy toys out of his ass to save the day. He transforms into a small 4x4.

Another survivor of the Battle of Autobot City, Perceptor is the Autobots' main man for technical whatnots and finding incomprehensible solutions to zombie problems, alternate dimension travelling and more. And since Brawn's dead, nobody's there to diss his skills. He transforms into a huge microscope.

Pipes is a member of the Mini Vehicles, and works as a warrior, technician and field medic, though not a particularly good one. He transforms into a truck cab.

With the Autobots having a larger reign of the skies, Powerglide is really just there for the sake of being there. He gets shot down by Metroplex when the big fool goes nuts after his eyes being stolen and his head exploding, but Warpath is there to save his chum. His transformation is that of an A-10 Thunderbolt plane.

Part of Blaster's cassette forces, Ramhorn is a simple-minded, barbaric rhinoceros who finds no qualms in charging head first into a fight, both literally and metaphorically. He isn't fond of the Predacons.

Another of Blaster's cassette forces, Rewind is the more intellectual of the lot, making a good stand-in for Perceptor if he isn't around, and is still mighty fine with a gun. He transforms into a cassette, naturally.

The new leader of the Autobots, Rodimus Prime isn't exactly someone most people would look at as a symbol of hope and commitment. He's constantly doubting his leadership skills and needs the assistance of Ultra Magnus and buddies to keep his chin up, but you've at least got to appreciate him trying. When Optimus Prime returns from the dead both times, he's more than happy to make him leader again, and he becomes Hot Rod again at the end of the season. He turns into a futuristic Winnebago more or less.

Originally from the planet Paradron, Sandstorm joined the Autobots after his planet had to be exploded to prevent the Decepticons from using it's infinite source of energon for diabolical deeds. He becomes good chums with Octane, somehow, until both he and his friend disappear and never appear in the show again. As a triple changer, he can become both a helicopter and a car that looks like a helicopter, plus his robot mode.

One of Metroplex's smaller components, Scamper helps in interrogating the Dinobots and Sky Lynx on who swiped the Taj Mahal, and is no help in preventing Swindle from stealing the big guy's transformation cog. He can turn into a Cybertronian car.

Torso of Computron, leader of the Technobots and additional role as a shuttle, Scattershot is left with the role of keeping his bombastic team mates under control, so fair play to him. He was invented by Grimlock when given a dose of intelligence, and used that gift to whoop the ass of the Terrorcons.

Although still the only one of two aquatic based forces the Autobots had, Seaspray is overshadowed by Broadside and only appears once, tracking Trypticon's destination with the new guy. We never get to see what a real duel between him and Perceptor would be like. He transforms into a hovercraft.

A member of the Throttlebots, Searchlight is one of them and is just as useless. He turns into a car and his toy's robot mode has no limbs.

Silverbolt is the leader of the Aerialbots and is still an active participator in the wars of 2006, beginning with saving the Autobots from an exploding Quintessa and getting to meet a young Alpha Trion. He transforms into a Concorde jet liner and becomes the torso of Superion.

Six-Gun is one of Metroplex's smaller components and doesn't actually transform, his toy merely being assembled from a chunk of a tower and some guns. He interrogates the Dinobots and Sky Lynx about who swiped all of America's money before Perceptor shows him the light.

A member of the Aerialbots, Skydive transforms into an F-16 Falcon and can become one of Superion's limbs. He pilots the carrier the Aerialbots use to rescue their buds from the exploding Quintessa.

One could say that Sky Lynx is a snobby old fool, but I like to say he's just very proud of himself. And as two components that are barely identifiable that shoot lasers, act as transport carriers and can fly, and is pretty much invulnerable, I can't blame him for being that way. For whatever reason, he squawks a lot during his first appearance, but afterwards loses the speech impediment.

The resident jerk of the Dinobots, Slag doesn't get into as much action as his leader, nor do any of the other Dinobots, but it's not like he's been replaced of a role. Hard to replace a dinosaur, yo. He transforms into a tricerotops.

Slammer is the last of Metroplex's smaller components, and is never seen in robot mode or talking at all, which shows just what a huge help he is.

The last of the Aerialbots, Slingshot can transform into a Sea Harrier jumpjet and form one of Superion's limbs. He's teamed up with Wheelie when Tornetron attacks in Call of the Primitives, which is wacky.

Simple-minded Sludge never really did an awful lot in the previous seasons, and this holds true for this one; he thinks he's dead at one point because a revived Optimus Prime lied that Rodimus was. Poor Sludge. He transforms into a brontosaurus, or an apatosaurus if you want to get technical.

Snarl rivals Sludge for least given screen time of the Dinobots, but this time is never seen without his long-necked partner. A stegosaurus is what he transforms into.

Cowardly, pathetic and weak. Definitions no one would apply to Springer! A wise-cracking, confident warrior, he's always there to provide a bit of sense to Rodimus when he needs it most, but it isn't always heeded terribly well. He's got things going down with Arcee, and doesn't mind having to work with Razorclaw when it means saving their lives. He can triple change into a helicopter and a car.

Created by an intelligent Grimlock as one of the Technobots, Strafe can transform into some kind of spaceship as well as become a limb of Computron.

Steeljaw is the last of Blaster's cassettes, and being another animalistic Transformers, works alongside Ramhorn on their missions. Daniel likes him, apparently.

A member of the Protectobots, Streetwise can become the left leg of Defensor and also turns into a police car, making up for the deceased Prowl. If Streetwise ever actually appeared much, that is. That's the best view you get of the bastard.

Superion is the combined form of the Aerialbots, and as usual with the Combiners, is more brawn than brain.

Swerve is part of the Mini Vehicles and takes part in the first big fight against Trypticon, but like everyone in that fight, doesn't actually do a whole lot. He does survive getting stepped on by Trypticon, though. His transformation is that of a pickup truck.

The last of the Dinobots, Swoop is a missile-firing pteranodon and probably the least grouchy of the group on any matter. He doesn't exactly appear much, and never without the other Dinobots.

Tailgate is one of the Mini Vehicles, and was present during Trypticon's attack on the Ark, but his presence was nothing major. He can transform into a Pontiac sports car.

Ultra Magnus, after a brief, unsuccessful stint as Autobot leader, is still high in rank as essentially second-in-command to Rodimus. He provides a more level-headed view to Rodimus' more brash or pessimistic mindset, and actually gets into more escapades than his superior, which is mildly crazy. Both Galvatron and Cyclonus have rivalries with him, and he transforms into a truck cab with a missile-launching trailer.

A frequent participator in the wars of season 2, Warpath mostly hangs out inside Metroplex with the rest of the Mini Vehicles, acting as their leader and being a good buddy to Powerglide, but doesn't get into many antics. He turns into a tank.

Wheelie is companion to Daniel and Blurr, and sometimes hangs out with Ultra Magnus, though if he appreciates that if unknown. The Secret Files of Teletraan-2 says he "always provides advice in rhyme," which is correct for all but the "advice" part, which I'd say is debatable. Ultra Magnus saves him from Combaticon-inflicted death, which is unforgivable. He transforms into a Cybertronian car.

Wideload is one of those Throttlebots that take part in rescuing Optimus Prime but don't actually do anything. He turns into a car.

Amusingly, one of the Throttlebots won't appear until season 4, Rollbar, who doesn't even get the slightest cameo during the rest of his posse's appearances.

Leader of the Junkions and overall friendly fellow, Wreck-Gar is always more than happy to help out his Autobot chums, whether it's merely reporting to them stuff that's crashed on Goo, assisting them in fighting zombies or repairing fallen comrades. He gets turned into a pawn of a trans-organic beastie, brain-washed by Quintesson-planted subliminal messages and hit with the Hate Plague, so he's a tough little guy. He transforms into a motorcycle.


Decepticons / Destrons

When the Terrorcons come together, they form Abominus, a combiner that doesn't appear to have any unique skills, and aside from the typical brute strength, no real reason for them to use it at all. He can be beaten by intense vibrations, being shot in the chest and maybe even a kick in the shin.

Astrotrain is treated terribly well during this season; first he's beaten up by Devastator for attempting to munch on an energon cube, then he helps in no way at all during Galvatron's attempt to blow up Cybertron, and then he gets possessed by Starscream and dropped off on Cybertron to be shot down by the Protectobots. Poor sod. Being a triple changer, he can become a robot, an old-timey train and a space shuttle.

Combaticon member Blast Off transforms into a space shuttle and forms the right arm of Bruticus. He steals the Death Crystal powered bazooka from a Skuxxoid, but ultimately his part in the plan is overshadowed by the Predacons.

Blitzwing remains with the Decepticons when Galvatron is missing, but is wary of the Quintessons that arrive and try to get them to be their underlings, and proves it to the Autobots that all Transformers are in danger. In the process, he's banished from the Decepticons and is offered a place in the Autobot ranks, but declines, never to be seen again (except in animation cock-ups). If things went as they were meant to, he would've taken Octane's place in Starscream's Ghost. He transforms into both a tank and a jet.

Blot transforms into some kind of two-legged panther thing as well as one of Abominus' limbs when the Terrorcons all come together.

A member of the Constructicons, Bonecrusher can transform into a bulldozer and forms the left arm of Devastator.

The left leg of Bruticus and bearing a tank transformation, Combaticon Brawl takes part in a random attack with his buds on Cybertron with no ulterior motives behind it. That's admirable.

Breakdown is a member of the Stunticons, and not only does he form the right leg of their combined form, Menasor, but he can also transform into a Lambourghini Countach.

The gestalt the Combaticons form when they come together, Bruticus is often portayed as strangely small in his season 3 appearances, and in one episode is Galvatron's right-hand man in place of Cyclonus, strangely.

A member of the Terrorcons, Cutthroat transforms into a kind of bat beast, and his toy has a ridiculous command base mode which the cartoon thankfully excludes. He forms one of Abominus' limbs.

Created by Unicron from the remains of Skywarp, Cyclonus is Galvatron's right-hand man and the one he hates slightly less. Although a minion, he's no stranger to coming up with dastardly schemes himself and makes no hesitation in abusing Scourge and the Sweeps to make it happen. He transforms into a sleek single-seater space ship.

Dead End is the resident pessimist of the Decepticons, as well as member of the Stunticons. His claim to fame is believing the Decepticons are doomed to a slow death before the Quintessons arrive, and not much else. He can transform into a Porsche and the right arm of Menasor.

Devastor, the combined form of the Constructicons, doesn't do as much as he used to. He gets clobbered by Menasor, Ultra Magnus and Broadside, and when you can be beaten each time by only one person many times smaller than you, it's just a little embarrassing to your reputation.

Despite looking like he gets munched on by Unicron in the movie, Dirge is alive and well in 2006, even after being punched and exploded by Ultra Magnus and having a grave marker in the Decepticon crypt. He helps save Cybertron along with Thrust when they disable the Starscream-possessed Trypticon, allowing Unicron's head to be blasted back into space. It's a long story. He transforms into an F-15 fighter jet.

Although the only flight-gifted member of the Predacons, that doesn't mean Divebomb is exempt from being beaten to a pulp in every fight by Sky Lynx and others. As well as being part of Predaking, he transforms into a falcon.

Drag Strip transforms into a six-wheeled race car and forms the left arm of Menasor, meaning he's a member of the Stunticons. I think it goes without saying that he doesn't do an awful lot.

After being rebuilt from Megatron and left in a plasma pool for months, Galvatron's mind has deteriorated into utter madness, leaving him unpredictable, incomprehensible and rather amusing to watch. He has rivalries with anyone and everyone, creates such ridiculous plans as blowing up Cybertron with death crystals, and almost has his brain eaten by giant ants. Despite this, he respects Optimus Prime's act of saving the world, and temporarily calls off their hostilities afterwards. He transforms into a large cannon.

Brutish and always ready to start a fight, Headstrong's name is pretty fitting. As a Predacon, he can form any limb of Predaking and can transform into a rhinoceros, though despite his stubborn nature, he's loyal to Galvatron, even when he's any size he wants to be.

Hook forms the shoulders of Devastator and is a member of the Constructicons, turning into a crane. He doesn't complain about Soundwave's personality this time.

The leader of the Terrorcons, Hun-Grr can transform into a two-headed quadruped that can breathe fire, and forms the torso of Abominus.

Laserbeak was the very first of Soundwave's cassette forces seen in the animated series, and got into plenty of spy missions in the first two seasons, but with the arrival of Ratbat, Laserbeak is more-or-less relegated to cameos. And he isn't even seen inside Soundwave anymore, he's seen with the Combaticons. Poor Laserbeak.

A dump truck and lower torso to Devastator, Long Haul is a Constructicon, and a particularly unimportant Constructicon at that, judging from his minimal presence in this season.

Menasor is the combined form of the Stunticons, and is only seen like twice in this season. He does get to clobber the Constructicons over an energon cube, though.

Mixmaster is a member of the Constructicons, forming Devastator's left leg as well as a mobile concrete mixer.

Motormaster is the leader of the Stunticons, and forms the torso of Menasor, but he doesn't actually do an awful lot. He turns into a truck.

Octane's a dick. His first act of dickery is hiding in Carbombya with Trypticon and making his own energon, and is promptly banished because of that, resulting in him getting in cahoots with Starscream to overthrow Galvatron. Then he walks off-screen and never appears again. Being a triple changer, his modes are that of robot, truck with an oil tanker trailer and a Boeing 767 jet.

Onslaught is the leader of the Combaticons, and forms the torso of Bruticus. One of his attacks makes Spike late for a peace conference, which is astounding levels of villainy. A missile truck is what he transforms into.

Overkill, a new addition to Soundwave's cassette forces, is ejected when Primacron calls for all "primitives" to come to him, but doesn't actually appear after that.

The combined form of the Predacons, Predaking is an expert hunter and target seeker, using his animal instincts for all kinds of rotten mischief. He also carries a big ass sword and fire lasers from what's supposedly his face, but that doesn't exactly help in Sky Lynx easily beating him in every fight.

Ramjet is one of the Seekers and was a frequent participator in the pre-movie wars. However, he meets a quick and fanfare-lacking end in The Five Faces of Darkness where Ultra Magnus punches him into a wall and he explodes. He shows up in crowd scenes, but considering he specialises in ramming into things, I think it makes a good ironic end for him. He transforms into an F-15 fighter jet.

Rampage is the second feline in the Predacons, a tiger, and also forms the right arm of Predaking. He isn't given a large amount of personality.

Ratbat, being a newer toy, more or less lynches off of Laserbeak's former role of spy and dirty stinking rat. Unlike Laserbeak, he isn't portrayed as nigh-invincible, and gets a good honest whipping a few times. It's all good.

One of Soundwave's cassette forces, Ravage frequently worked alongside Laserbeak in the movie and before, but his role as a tracker is mostly taken up by the Predacons.

Razorclaw is the leader of the Predacons and is frequently Galvatron's combiner-group of choice, using their animal instincts for all kinds of mischief. He's forced to cooperate with Springer against his will in Nightmare Planet, which is really the most characterisation he gets. He forms the torso of Predaking and transforms into a lion.

Rippersnapper is the most violent of the Terrorcons, if that's even possible, and forms one of Abominus' limbs. He turns into some kind of crocodile thing.

Rumble, sadly, does not participate in many battles, and instead merely acts as crowd filler, often drawn as the same size as the guy he sleeps inside. That's weird. He can transform into a cassette.

First half of the Battlechargers, Runabout is a fast-talking, fast-thinking Decepticon who's never seen without his buddy Runamuck. He transforms into a sports car.

Runamuck is the second Battlecharger, and is shot by his own compadre when Starscream possess Runabout. Poor Runamuck. He transforms into a sports car.

Scavenger is one of the Constructicons, and like the rest of his team-mates is often only seen as crowd filler among the Decepticon ranks, doing little of significance. He transforms into an excavator and the right arm of Devastator.

Scourge and his look-alikes, the Sweeps, are loyal toadies to Galvatron, but not as loyal as Cyclonus, often being forced into the role of henchmen to him as well, making them pretty row on the ranking ladder for being brought about everywhere. Despite those mishaps, Scourge managed to get himself run-in with Starscream and his attempt to revive Unicron, and briefly rebelled against his leader with the power of the Matrix, but never amounted to much either time. He transforms into a space craft.

Scrapper is the leader of the Constructicons, and takes part in the construction of Trypticon and not much else. He can form Devastator's right leg and transform into a loader.

Although having a dull robot mode, Sinnertwin's true moment to shine is when he transforms into a big two-headed yellow thing. Why he has a robot mode at all is beyond me, as that's the whole highlight. He's a Terrorcon and forms one of Abominus' limbs.

Slugfest isn't exactly a shining example of how to introduce a new character; he appears in Call of the Primitives when Ravage and Ratbat are forced out by the call of Primacron, and then doesn't take part in the episode. He transforms into a cassette.

Part of Megatron's inner-circle before the Battle of Autobot City, Soundwave is only occasionally seen in season 3, primarily being an operator of machinery or supplier of cassette spies, though he does get a chance to shine in Carnage in C-Minor where he acquires harmonic power and continues his rivalry with Blaster. He transforms into a tapedeck.

Being vaporised promptly after gaining leadership over the Decepticons, Starscream is more than a little bitter over that, and somehow back as a ghost, makes use of Cyclonus' body and Octane to help get back at Galvatron. After that plan was foiled, he teamed up with Scourge and Unicron to get himself a body again, and that too was foiled by being blasted into space and tumbling out of control. He shows up again in Beast Wars, though.

Although member of the Combaticons, Swindle isn't exactly a team player and thinks more for his own benefit, even stealing Metroplex's transformation cog and refusing to give it to Galvatron without payment of some sort. He got blasted in the face and realised asking for payment isn't always a good idea. He transforms into a jeep with a mounted gun.

As the name implies, Tantrum isn't exactly the calmest of the Predacons and is often seen causing a ruckus alongside Headstrong. He transforms into a bull and one of Predaking's limbs.

Thrust is still operative in 2006 and mostly seen with his fellow Seekers, but the most he contributes is saving Cybertron from certain doom, assisting Dirge in disabling Trypticon from attaching Unicron's head to the planet and allowing the Autobots to launch them back into space.

The Decepticon city to rival Metroplex, Trypticon is a giant dinosaur with a laser in every orifice, a city that's barely ever used thanks to being submerged in the ocean most of the time, and a battle station that's used in one episode. Despite being pretty darn huge, he can actually fly. That's nuts.

The last of the Combaticons, Vortex is a helicopter and doubles as the left arm of Bruticus. He doesn't do an awful lot.

A member of the Stunticons, Wildrider can become a Ferrari and form the left leg of Menasor. He's none too happy about the Decepticons being down and out after the loss of Galvatron, but doesn't talk much afterwards.



Admittedly all of the Decepticons except Buzzsaw and Reflector are present, so this is really a bit of a cop-out.


Megatron: Megatron is seen in a flashback during The Return of Optimus Prime where he and the former Autobot leader are scrapping it out in a laboratory. Unlike the Marvel comics, there's no Megatron versus Galvatron action here.

Insections: Kickback, Shrapnel and Bombshell are seen a few times in crowds, but don't actually do anything at all. Shrapnel gets a line in Fight or Flee coming out of Soundwave's mouth, which is more of an error than a true appearance.

Thundercracker: Not exactly a cameo, but he's mentioned by Octane during his visit to the Decepticon crypt after bumping into his marker, which is more treatment than any of the absent Autobots get. He doesn't come back from the dead to make people regret undooming themselves, sadly.



And here's the more boring guys.

Ruler of the Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya, Abdul Fakkadi is a power-hoarding, money-hungry stereotype that has no qualms with working with Decepticons to increase his wealth, and doesn't exactly appreciate cruise ships going near his border. After being overthrown by Galvatron, he supposedly promises to be less of a jerk and he and his country are never seen again.

Introduced in the second season and absent from the movie, Carly is now Spike Witwicky's wife, and barely appears at all now. She does follow Daniel to an alternate dimension in Madman's Paradise with the help of Ramhorn and Steeljaw, which is pretty rad, but otherwise she does diddly squat in her four or so appearances.

Daniel Witwicky is the new kid on the block, the son of Carly and Spike and buddy of Wheelie and Grimlock, of all people. He gets three episodes all focused on him but doesn't exactly dominate the other storylines, and only gets to drive Wheelie once.

Captain Marissa Faireborn is a member of the Earth Defence Command and first appears to help Wheelie and Blurr deliver the transformation cog to Metroplex. Afterwards she only meets the Autobots once more intentionally, the remaining times merely by accident, and proves to be a pretty good fighter, even if she is a sucker for moustached dickheads.

The dastardly Quintessons are revealed to be the creators of the Transformers during the five-part story arc that begins this season, and are frequently taking part in insidious plans to dispose of their rebellious creations once and for all, making alliances with the Decepticons and brainwashing the Junkions to further their goals. Ultimately, they're chased off to the far reaches of the galaxy at the end of the season and aren't seen again.

A Skuxxoid is either a generic race of aliens that are frequently hired by the Quintessons and Galvatron to do their dirty work, or just one guy that they all come to for that kind of thing. Never the less, Skuxxoids aren't exactly great workers and rarely ever accomplish their task properly or without complaining about it.

After being saved by his own son in the movie, Spike continues to be a friend of the Autobots, mostly hanging out with Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee whenever possible, and also assists in saving all Transformers across the universe from being shut down by the Quintessons. That's wild.

His exploded head becoming a new moon orbiting Cybertron, Unicron isn't completely out of the picture. Admittedly, he's mostly used for decoration in space scenes, but in Ghost in the Machine he uses Starscream and Scourge as his pawns to connect himself to Cybertron to make it his new body, but is blown back into space again. If he had a body, he'd transform into a planet, but good luck to him on that one.