Grimlock's New Brain


A new energy generator has been installed on Cybertron, and Ultra Magnus is more than happy to tell the audience about how it works, and Grimlock is the one relegated with the task of turning it on for the first time. The dim-witted Dinobot tries two emergency switches and is about to turn a dangerous valve before Rodimus runs in and resists the urge to club him over the head with Wheelie by pointing him to the right switch.

The energy starts generating perfectly, though Grimlock is a little miffed that everyone thinks he's shares the mind of a plank. Meanwhile, a Skuxxoid and Slizardo are sneaking about the internal workings of Cybertron with a jar of purple liquid, surely up to insidious doings, especially when they're hired by Galvatron. Sky Lynx and Cosmos, elsewhere, are heading back to Cybertron, after hunting some Decepticons and wishing they were there for the ceremony.

Cosmos begins smoking and shaking, and it doesn't take long for Sky Lynx to do the same, both of them crashing into the generator. Cosmos gets up with minimal damage, but Springer attempts to fly Sky Lynx to the repair bay, only for a purple beam from the generator to shine on him (and he completely ignores it) that causes his transforming controls to go haywire. Blaster attempts to radio Ultra Magnus, but he can't transform either, completely ignoring the whole purple beam shining on him as well.


Teletraan-2 informs them that a computer from deep inside Cybertron has funked up and is screwing up all the transforming action, and they'll have to leave Cybertron forever if it isn't fixed soon. Perceptor provides Rodimus a tracker to find what they're looking for, who takes Ultra Magnus, Kup and Grimlock down with him, who promptly destroys the tracker and throws it off a cliff in frustration. When will Rodimus learn?

After Rodimus gets moody with him, Grimlock walks off in a huff to find it himself, while Kup is ordered to stay with him and make sure he doesn't get slaughtered by the defences down there. Rodimus and Magnus keep on searching for the core, but the Autobot leader starts to react to it's presence by losing control of his transformations, saying he can't go on. Meanwhile, Grimlock finds the core! Kup has no idea what's going on all of a sudden, so the Dinobot goes to destroy it and help him.


However, in the process of tearing out wires, Grimlock gets a surge of energy but suffers no apparent consequence, up until Kup asks him how he did it: Grimlock gained super intelligence from the surge, and therefore, a better grasp of the English language. Elsewhere, Rodimus and Magnus are going to be skewered by a giant skewerer!


Grimlock saves them by finding the security disabler, but before he can get a genuine thanks with having his former intelligence insulted, they find that Ratbat has been spying on them and makes an exit to Galvatron again. The Skuxxoid and Slizardo from earlier return to the Decepticons and demand money, but the emperor of destruction tells them that since the Autobots shut down the master computer, their anti-electrons have been disabled and the mission is a failure. Since anti-electrons are rare, this is a major setback, but the aliens claim that they can be found in Unicron's brain.


After Grimlock dismisses the simplistic pastimes of his fellow Dinobots and lays the verbal smack down on Perceptor by explaining what happened to the computer generator core whatever, Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge and the Terrorcons arrive at Unicron to get the anti-electrons and hope that they don't accidentally awaken him.


The Dinobots bother Grimlock again and hope to go hunting with him, but he wants to use their backs as tables to balance shuttles on while he builds them, so they go off alone. Grimlock then keeps the plot rolling again by telling the Autobots about the anti-electrons coming from Unicron's brain, who arrive there only to get shot down by an anti-electron cannon!

The Autobots make a crash landing, much to the dismay of Galvatron, though it gives the Terrorcons the chance to shine by completely kicking the Autobots' asses, especially when they can barely control themselves thanks to the anti-electrons around them.

Grimlock appears to abandon them in the middle of the fray, though he actually enters a factory to find a heap of junk and scraps lying around, and uses them to make his own Transformer, Nosecone. After the usual "are you my father" discussion, Nosecone is ordered to transform and burrow a way to Unicron's brain. Meanwhile, Cyclonus and Scourge accidentally awaken Unicron while getting anti-electrons. Whoops!


Since Unicron's defences are back online, newly-created Strafe is ordered to take care of them, and does so with the greatest of ease. Meanwhile, the Autobots still aren't doing well!


Grimlock finishes up on creating his Autobots, dubbing them the Technobots, which includes Scattershot, Strafe, Afterburner, Lightspeed, and Nosecone.


After they set about defining their one-dimensional personalities, Grimlock makes Scattershot their leader and tells them to help the Autobots, and Scattershot's first action is to destroy the anti-electrons Cyclonus is carrying. They set about roughing up the Terrorcons, showing off their fancy alt-modes (well, except for the car. How many of those are there already?) while the Autobots are confused to seeing the newcomers yet relieved to have more fighting on their side.


The Terrorcons merge to become Abominus and send the Technobots fleeing with their tails between their legs back to Grimlock, who informs them that they can also merge to form Computron. The Dinobot then puts on a silly helmet and transfers his intelligence into his combined creations, reverting him to his usual self but providing them with enhanced abilities.


Computron arrives to duel with Abominus, and defeats him by intense vibrations, disengaging the Decepticon combiner's components. After doing that, he fires upon Galvatron, and that's all it takes for them to retreat.


With the day saved, the Autobots fix up all the computer crap that the Decepticons screwed up and welcome the Technobots to their forces, thanking Grimlock for his work, who's sitting in the pool with his fellow Dinobots, believing it's better to be dim-witted but happy rather than smart and boring.


This is apparently worth a cheering.

For being new toys, the Terrorcons sure are portrayed as pretty crappy.


Computron is short.