The Ultimate Weapon

by Galvatron


In a small town full of windmills, a bunch of terrorists suddenly attack and start to wreck the place for no real reason, but the Autobots see this happening on Teletraan-2 and the Protectobots are wondering why the humans are always fighting each other. Rodimus says that they're not helping either and then tells them to get to it, so they head off to put an end to the fight. As Rodimus and Ultra Magnus arrive at the scene, Magnus says that he was a little rough on the Protectobots but Rodimus says that things have been real tough lately.

Blades sees another skirmish ahead of him and goes to get a closer look, but is then shot down. As he goes down the other Protectobots transform and Hot Spot thinks that that move had "Decepticon" written all over it, and sure enough, Galvatron is there, along with Cyclonus, Predaking and some of the Combaticons. The Autobots take cover and fire back as a battle happens in the now ruined town.

As the two sides fight each other, First Aid finds the damaged Blades and says that he's going to have to take him back to Metroplex for immediate repairs. As he heads off, Galvatron tells Rodimus that he now has an ultimate weapon, and that he'll soon show it to him and the rest of the world. Before Rodimus can get any more information about this, the Decepticons head off back to Trypticon as the Autobots think about what this new ultimate weapon could be.

Back at Metroplex, First Aid has pretty much fixed up Blades, but he just needs to rest and re-charge himself for now. The alarms then go off which means that there is an intruder inside and heads off to find him. It's Swindle, who is busy messing around in one of Metroplex's control panels, and he takes what he was sent to get -the transforming cog. First Aid finds him and demands that he puts it back, and Swindle can't believe that he's trying to talk him out of it.

Swindle then shoots at him and sees that he won't fight back -First Aid says that he's a pacifist and that he doesn't believe in fighting, which Swindle finds funny and continues to shoot, saying that he doesn't believe that there's a Transformer alive who won't fight for his life. Eventually First Aid goes down and Swindle now gets to leave with the cog, meaning that Metroplex is stuck in city mode - forever! He heads back to join the other Decepticons but tells Galvatron that he wants a quiet word, and goes on to tell him that he'll only hand over the cog for a good price as the Autobots would pay him dearly for it.

Galvatron isn't in the mood for games and blasts Swindle, who then hands over the cog, and is told never to defy him again. Later, Galvatron and Trypticon move out and Trypticon wants to know where Metroplex is so he can smash him, and Galvatron says that he's leading the way to Metroplex, who will be unable to fight back now that they have the transforming cog.

Back at Metroplex the Autobots are busy repairing the areas Swindle managed to damage as First Aid explains that he wanted to stop Swindle from taking the transforming cog, but he couldn't. The others tell him that they know how he feels about fighting but First Aid thinks that this doesn't change anything and because of him, Metroplex is in danger. He then says that he doesn't fit in with the other Autobots and leaves, which Rodimus Prime isn't happy about as it makes him think that he can't even keep the Autobots together and that he isn't fit to be their leader.

Teletraan-2 then finds out that Trypticon is heading towards Metroplex, so Rodimus gets the Protectobots and Aerialbots to roll out and find the Decepticon wrecking a train. A one armed Defensor is forced to save it when he drops it, and he manages to slide it across the ground. With the humans saved, Rodimus tells the Aerialbots to stop Trypticon.

And to do this Silverbolt flies straight down into his mouth and shoots him a couple of times, and then flies back out, with the resulting explosions being more than enough to damage the giant Decepticon and forcing him to retreat. Galvatron tells all of the other Decepticons to head back, but then yells at Rodimus to not forget that he still has the upper hand. The Autobots then remember about his so-called "ultimate weapon" but then move onto the more urgent matter: Metroplex's transforming cog. They need to go and get it back but only First Aid knows how to install it correctly, so Hot Spot goes off to get him to re-join the Autobots. Meanwhile Rodimus, Magnus, Spike and Daniel go off on a mission of their own.

Daniel and Spike pose as workmen who are delivering replacement parts for Trypticon, but they have a run in with Vortex who doesn't believe them. Vortex then wants to know the truth a picks up Daniel's vehicle, not realising that it's Rodimus Prime coloured differently, and shakes it about a bit and causes him to fall out, but Ultra Magnus saves him. Rodimus then takes out Vortex as he and Magnus go back to their usual colours and see Galvatron and the Stunticons heading towards them, so he tells Spike and Daniel to go get the transforming cog whilst they deal with the Decepticons.

As the Decepticon group run past, Spike and Daniel open up a side panel on Trypticon and head inside, where they find his own transforming cog. Spike takes it and the both of them run out to meet back up with the Autobots, only to bump into Cyclonus first who tells them to stop dawdling and fix Trypticon for the great glory of Galvatron. As they run out Cyclonus then sees that someone has stolen Trypticon's cog.

As the Autobots leave, Galvatron tries to put Metroplex's transforming cog into Trypticon instead and it works, but not 100% as Trypticon cannot control his transformations properly, but he still believes that he can crush Metroplex. So the Decepticons head off to find the Autobot city and see him in a field, but he can also transform to robot mode as Rodimus has put Trypticon's cog in him, but he also can't control his transformations either.

And this proves to be a big disadvantage for him because Trypticon seems to have learnt how to cope with his new cog and starts to take him down. Meanwhile, First Aid has started to work at a scrap yard and has put everything back together for the robot cap wearing owner of the place, as Hot Spot arrives to tell First Aid that the Autobots need him as he is the only one that can save them now.

They head back to where Metroplex and Trypticon are fighting, but with Metroplex's transformations still in a mess he isn't doing that well. Rodimus welcomes First Aid back, only to be told that he hasn't said he's definitely joining the Autobots but he'll do his best here, and Blades flies him toward Metroplex. He lets go and gets inside him and starts to work on fixing up the transforming cog properly.

After meddling around with certain circuits and parts connected to the cog, First Aid gets the thing to work properly and Metroplex transforms fully into his robot mode, and then throws Trypticon deeper into the marsh where he sinks. But Galvatron is still around and says that if the Autobots won't surrender, he'll use his ultimate weapon and destroy the world.

Galvatron then pulls out the device, and tells Rodimus again to surrender or there won't be an Earth left for the Autobots to protect. But the Autobots know that he must be bluffing or he would have used a weapon of such power ages a go and Rodimus just walks toward him, ignoring Galvatron's orders to stay back. Galvatron then throws the device to the ground, and it explodes, as he tells Rodimus that they'll be another time for this and then retreats. Rodimus thanks First Aid for doing such a great job and he realises his worth to the Autobots, and Rodimus then thanks everyone else as he was feeling miserable and not feeling worthy of being the Autobot leader, but now he thinks that he's proved himself and will go on to lead the Autobots.

Galvatron's device looks remarkably like the key to Vector Sigma, only coloured black.

Why do the Decepticons let human workers repair Trypticon? Isn't this kind of thing a job for the Constructicons?

Also, Cyclonus doesn't recognise Daniel, even though he had him held hostage previously.


The Metrodome DVD makes the cock-up of the century.

Glavatron's Bluff? They will pay.