The Quintesson Journal


Two races on the planets Xataxxis and Lanarq have been engaged in bitter, senseless war for generations, and it's up to Rodimus Prime and Spike Witwicky to sort it out; their first suggestion for the two races is to shake hands and sort it out like mature people. So they shake hands and start shoving at each others' heads.

Meanwhile, Predaking is flying about in space when he senses a strange reading below, a Quintesson frequency, so after alerting Cyclonus he heads down to check it out. Perceptor also senses the reading as well, so tells Sky Lynx to go and check it out, but since he can't find a place to land, he drops Outback, Blaster, Steeljaw and Ramhorn down to get a closer look.

The group don't get far before being attacking by vines that attempt to trap them, though Steeljaw and Outback's lasers help save them from a sticky end, and they eventually find the canister the reading has been coming from. Sky Lynx, who's been tracking from above, prepares to land but ends up nearly making their mission a failure, crashing into a tree and almost flattening their item, but Outback saves the day again with more laser firing.


Touching the canister, Outback accidentally triggers a projection from it, revealing a Quintesson journal about their commercial and secret projects, though they don't get far into it before the Predacons finally arrive and start trying to kill them all. They don't exactly achieve a whole lot, however, as they form into Predaking and merely make themselves a bigger target for Sky Lynx, and they don't even get to see the canister before the Autobots escape with it.

They don't get far before they run into Cyclonus and the Sweeps, but they don't even get to achieve anything either before the Autobots are sucked through a warp gate by a Quintesson ship! The Quintessons weaken them all and throw them in a cell, taking the journal for themselves and preparing to do pretty nasty things to Sky Lynx.


Outback knows how to get out, thankfully, and that involves being an utter bastard to their Sharkticon guard. He offers him an energon cube to keep him strong, but since the electronic bars are in the way he's forced to turn them off, and is met with an electro scrambler to the chest. He then grabs the canister while the others board Sky Lynx (where apparently the nasty thing is simply keeping him in his current mode while in the Quintesson ship), and they bust out with relative ease...


Only to run into a Decepticon ambush! Predaking busts a huge hole in Sky Lynx, sucking the Autobots and the canister out into space; Cyclonus grabs the canister and after a bit of bickering with Predaking, Galvatron punches his comrade in the gut and orders a retreat.


Back at the peace conference, the two races argue enough to end up back where they started with their actions speaking for themselves, while Rodimus and Spike make it clear how they're just not really doing anything. The two races enter their chambers and begin contact with the Quintessons, asking when their ultimate weapons will be dispatched, the villainous creatures replying they've had some turbulence but will get them over shortly.


The Decepticons land on an uncharted planet to examine the canister's journal, Galvatron getting it running again by throwing it against a boulder, though hearing it talk about installing pollution generators to supply mechanic vegetation to replace the destroyed real kind isn't exactly what the emperor of destruction was wanting.

Bashing it some more, it then skips ahead to manipulation of the war between Xataxxis and Lanarq, giving them ideas of screwing up the peace conference between the two, though the Autobots inexplicably arrive and start firing away, though during the scuffle a Quintesson ship lands and takes off with the journal, again, so everyone stops fighting to chase after.

Back at the peace conference, not only has it erupted into an all-out brawl with several injuries, but their respective battleships are battling as well, each side begging to get their ultimate weapon from the Quintessons soon. The Decepticons begin attacking their ship, an Allicon guard suggesting they use one of the ultimate weapons to finish them off, but they simply opt to escape through the warp gate.


While the Quintessons try to plan a way to have both planets survive long enough for them to get paid, Sky Lynx begins tearing up the walls of the ship for the journal to float out, and with it in his grasp, he sails full throttle for the peace conference. Rodimus attempts to calm the fighting with those that aren't dead or wounded, and manages to get them sitting down face-to-face again.


This only allows them to start firing at each other with lasers and resume the brawling, but Sky Lynx busts in with the canister and shows them the light, the projection showing that the Quintessons sold them every weapon and warship the races have had over the generations, making a tidy sum over the whole mess.


The Quintessons butt in via communication screen to congratulate them on only realising now, and tell them that their ultimate weapons are already armed and set to detonate on collision with their respective planets. Seeing one of their ships pass by through the hole in the wall Sky Lynx made, they set out through it to stop them.


All it takes is two bursts of laser fire from Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus to end the ship sailing out of control and into an asteroid, completely obliterating the ship and all aboard. Finally enlightened of their misdeeds, the two races of Xataxxis and Lanarq agree that they're not big fans of each other, but they don't like war a lot either, so they reluctantly agree to be on semi-peaceful terms; the Autobots, meanwhile, just realise what a grip the Quintessons had on the war, and how it could've ended without the journal answering all.

The Predacons are portrayed in a rather negative light in this episode; they're right by the planet when they sense the journal's signal, but it takes them much longer to reach it than the Autobots, who were far away when they were told to get there and were attacked by those vines things. Then their attacks against the Autobots and Quintessons prove to do absolutely nothing, Razorclaw even slamming face first into the ground while chasing Sky Lynx, and then he and all the Decepticons just vanish after the Quintessons escape through the warp gate.


Considering either Xataxxis or Lanarq have rather Middle Eastern/old-timey Russian architecture and one of the races speaks with an almost slightly vaguely Chinese accent, I'm guessing this is another Thief in the Night style jab at Cold War style unfriendly international relationships between countries. Hurf.


For being a recoloured Brawn, Outback sure does get treated like the cat's pyjamas.