In space, the Decepticons are on the lookout for a kind of material that the Autobots have already found, no doubt planning to use it for villainous schemes, when they find them and launch an attack upon the Autobots. Galvatron, however, seems more insane than he normally is, pushing and shoving his allies out of the way to get a hand in himself, and responds to Cyclonus' suggestion of strategy with a fist to his face.

Thanks to this lack of strategy, the Sweeps are demolished pretty easily, and their attempts to help their leader are also met with physical harm. Galvatron is intent on crushing Ultra Magnus with his bare hands, but is thwarted both times rather embarrassingly, allowing the Autobots to flee before the mindless fighting destroys the land they're on.

The Decepticons return to Chaar, where the Stunticons are told of Galvatron's mindless thoughts and are none too happy about it, threatening to destroy Cyclonus if he doesn't do anything about it. A holographic Quintesson appears by him and suggests that he take Galvatron to Torkulon, a planet that helps in curing such illnesses of the mind, but lets him find his own way of getting the crazy fool there.


Naturally, this is all a Quintesson trick to try and rid themselves of the most unpredictable of their betrayers, while Cyclonus informs Galvatron that Autobots are taking some R&R on Torkulon and this is the perfect time to strike. They arrive to find nothing, Cyclonus claiming that they must've sensed their arrival and gone into hiding, so his crazy leader goes in search of them.

He climbs several small towers made of spiked rocks, asking where the Autobots are, but only meets aliens that babble mindlessly to themselves, believe him to be their mother and lick him, or claim they have no head.


The Torkulons arrive near Cyclonus and see Galvatron arguing with a tyrannosaurus rex, making it clear he is the one he wants treated, and protect themselves from him with an energy wall while asking for a complete history of his health, previous bouts of irrational behaviour and so forth, before stunning him with a laser and enclosing him in another of the spiked rock prisons.


While the Torkulons move his cell elsewhere, Cyclonus is the left to agree with the service contract, sign all kinds of cheques, and basically do the paperwork. Even as an enemy to peace you can't escape it!


Galvatron's cell closes around him until it becomes an entrapping web, allowing the Torkulons to get a scan of his innards and note that his mental capabilities are pretty irregular to say the least, though Cyclonus simply wants to know if this will actually help his commander. After the scan is made, the emperor of destruction is taken...


To a quiet place where he can talk about his problems. Galvatron hasn't really much to say aside from thesaurus entries on the word "demolish", leading Scourge to think that this treatment is really rather idiotic, though Cyclonus remains optimistic. After venting vaguely on his anger towards the Autobots and everything, he busts from his web and tries to strangle the doctor, only to be stunned again.

The Torkulons then try putting him in psycomatic reintegration, where patients are sat down peacefully at a table with various external objects with the intention of rebuilding them, in the hope that doing so will also rebuild their inner psyche. Galvatron, naturally, ends up making a pistol and starts firing aimlessly while screaming for freedom, only to be stunned again.

With that option a failure, Galvatron is given a more powerful therapy which involves the patient being tied in the web in a massive stage while creatures bring their problems to life via acting. Having a bouncing legless alien bob up and down while waving it's arms and wailing is pretty accurate, though Galvatron is more frustrated with the noise it makes and busts out again.


The webs try to reclaim him while the Torkulons use the stunner again, though they discover that he's gained a tolerance to it by now. Cyclonus is informed that aside from more radical therapies, there's no way they can cure him of his madness, so prepare him for "maximum intervention", which is said to cure every problem of his, including being Galvatron in the first place!


This cure involves the Alia, giant bug things from inside the planet that eat the minds of their incurable patients, something that Cyclonus didn't exactly want to go through with, but he and Scourge are also trapped by the webs before they can stop the treatment. The doctor threatens them by claiming the Alia can do the same to them if they don't hold back.


The Torkulon explains that the Alia power the planet by feasting on the damaged minds of their irresolvably barmy, as they crack them open and install linkage to the planet's core to power it; however, in doing so with Galvatron, the whole place starts cracking from his utter insanity!


With the webs going kaka, they start entrapping the wrong people while weakening the ones on the patients, allowing Galvatron to be freed and smack the apologising Cyclonus for taking him here in the first place. He orders his troops to follow him as he knows how to take care of everything.


When the planet entered his mind, he entered the planet's as well, so he knows very well what it's weak spot is. Cyclonus just thinks he's still crazy, following him down to a deep cavern filled with more webs and flashing colours, but are firing at a large glowing core...


It turns out he was right! The webs wither and die, the Alia collapse and the Torkulons lie weakened, all to Galvatron's delight. Cyclonus informs him that the Torkulons will rebuild their planet, albeit taking centuries to do so, which leaves Galvatron disappointed that it'll only take mere centuries for them to get back into shape. He's reminded of more pressing matters, such as the Autobots and Ultra Magnus, which cheers him up as he and his troops return to space, hoping to finish them off for good by now, leaving the Torkulons to be tortured by their patients.

Just like in season 1's Roll For It, Soundwave speaks his only line without the flange, sounding like Dr. Claw.


Even in the 2006 that features giant robots, flying cars and intergalactic relations, mental health treatment is still as shoddy as ever.


You've got to admire just how cocky the Quintessons are in this episode; they lead Galvatron to a planet that'll destroy him, yes, but they don't even bother trying to prevent his survival by bribing the Torkulons or anything, they just sit back and believe him to be out of the way.


The fact that Galvatron made a fully functional laser pistol from just spare parts is awesome.