Nightmare Planet


While running through a crazy, dream-like environment, little Daniel runs into a huge demonic jack-in-the-box, as well as a giant cackling witch, but the most frightening thing of all is a Galvatron who dwarves the child more so than usual, able to squish him under his boot with barely a smudge.


Sadly, this turns out to be a nightmare from Daniel (a skyscraper sized Galvatron would be badass), and Rodimus is there to comfort the poor child who claims he's had this dream several times before. All Rodimus can do to help is suggest he dream the Autobot leader in to fight the giant Galvatron, and Daniel gets himself some sleep. Spike thanks Rodimus for helping them out, and the two of them get themselves their own rest, while an ominous tentacle protrudes Danny's privacy.

Rodimus, Ultra Magnus and Springer, meanwhile, are on the prowl of an electro-magnetic disturbance, but they don't get far before the Predacons attack, and the Autobots get their asses kicked thanks to not being able to see them through the fog. The Predacons then form Predaking for no reason while several horror movie monsters approach; the little guys' bullets don't do a thing, but Predaking's blasts appear to just make them grow super huge.


When it looks like everyone involved is dead meat, a purple dragon flies down and toasts the monsters into muffins, but also flies off again with Razorclaw and Springer in it's grasps. They can't even take that in before a giant witch appears and threatens to cast a spell on them all, and then a giant coming in and picking up Ultra Magnus and Divebomb and planning to eat them for breakfast.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the Quintessons have actually crafted Daniel's dreams into reality somehow and that's why all this crazy stuff is happening, with the demons of his imaginations overpowering our heroes. Or something.

Springer and Razorclaw are taken to a spooky castle's cell, where a princess that looks suspiciously like Carly is chained to a pillar, and the roguish Autobot is the one kind enough to release her. She explains that the evil dragon locked her away here, and her father the king will provide heaps of gold as a reward for her safe return, much to Razorclaw's interest, but Springer promises to do it for no reward. The princess also mentions that a magic lance hidden in the castle is the only weapon that can destroy the dragon, so yeah, that'll be helpful too.


Meanwhile, the witch begins casting it's spell, but due to terrible accuracy she ends up turning the giant into a frog, releasing Ultra Magnus and Divebomb, while Rodimus realises that they can't harm the monsters but the beasties can to each other. A bucket of water appears before Rodimus, and knowing what to do with it thanks to talking TV with Wreck-Gar, picks it up and hurls it at the witch, causing her to melt. The Quintessons, monitoring Daniel, realise that he's resisting their contraption and is helping his buddies out in any way he can, so they increase the power of the device to try and prevent it.


The next danger our heroes face is a bunch of huge snakes leaning out of a pit and capturing them all, though a biplane dropping a bomb on them is what saves the day, and the pilot is even kind enough to fly low enough for Ultra Magnus to grab on and get himself out of the pit. They then decide to stop just fumbling their way into more hazards and focus on rescuing their friends. The Quintessons up the power of their machine even more, realising that Daniel is still providing help, at the risk of damaging the machine, but they claim it's for a good cause.


While Springer and Razorclaw make an escape plan, Tantrum immediately gets himself into a nest of robot-eating plants and Ultra Magnus saves the day with some kind of giant perfume bottle with a hose or something that causes the plants to rock out. Proving Ultra Magnus' belief that the area they're in is a nightmare gone mad, dancing alien clowns appear out of nowhere and actually manage to beat the snot out of all of them; and until they find the clue to defeating them, all they can do is provide sucker punches to their fat faces!


We cut back to Springer, who now has the magic lance and is battling the purple dragon, his escape plan going completely unmentioned thanks to sneaky writers. The other guys, meanwhile, are entering a warped hall of mirrors, where the mirror forms reach out and start trying to rip their heads off, and Divebomb, the one who can fly, falls down a trapdoor and doesn't bother escaping. Headstrong sees Galvatron and is happy to see him, until he grows in size and starts trying to crush them to death.

A giant Rodimus Prime enters the scene and delivers a blow to his face, releasing his captives, while a really badly animated fight scene takes place, ending with Galvatron being thrown straight into the sky, and it's only now that Rodimus realises they're in Daniel's dreams. Back to Springer, the lance is knocked out of his hand and Razorclaw is unwilling to help, but after being told to help Springer to save himself by the princess, allows himself to be the Autobot's steed while he makes that dragon blow up real good. With that problem solved, the princess offers to lead them to the way to their comrades, via the yellow brick road. Groan.

Since Rodimus knows what's up, he starts calling for Daniel, meaning the Quintessons' experiment has kind of cocked up, though they can still achieve a minor victory by setting the machine to "overlord" to destroy the subject in the name of science. The princess arrives to Rodimus and the others, telling them the journey back to Daniel will be pretty perilous, and that's an understatement; it involves ghosts, giant bugs, rainbow tidal waves...


Dangers that are all averted by Daniel fighting against the machine's highest setting. However, it's only temporary, as they all start sinking into quicksand seconds later, but Daniel busts free of his constraints with the helmet still on, and somehow gets his imagination into the Quintesson chamber and uses them to battle them.


However, by the time they arrive, all Rodimus can do is pluck Daniel away from the exploding machine, eradicating the Quintessons nearby. The Autobots reflect on what happened, with Rodimus informing Springer that the princess was all in Daniel's mind, while Razorclaw proposes a fight with them, but they can't form Predaking thanks to the damages they took from the plants, so they just make an embarrassed exit.


The Autobots take Daniel home again, where he wakes up violently and screams for Rodimus, who's sitting nearby. The child tells him he had the same dream again, but this time he did what he was told and brought in the giant Rodimus, who won the battle. Thus, his fears are over for now, and the Autobot leader claims he'll no longer be scared of giant Galvatrons or snake monsters.


"Hey, how'd you know about the snake monsters?"





Daniel has a really sucky imagination.


Since there's so little to talk about here, all I can really mention is that Rodimus frequently gains red eyes throughout the episode, which is pretty wacky.