Surprise Party


Daniel is wondering the disturbingly dark and quiet technological surroundings, with no one around besides himself and his worries. Entering the crudely scrawled control room and flipping a few switches for no reason, dark figures rise around him, closing in to...


Surprise birthday party featuring all of Daniel's best friends! And Warpath!

Daniel is surprised his pop remembered, what with him being busy with the first Cybertron peace conference and all, but Wheelie is the one explaining so I didn't bother listening to how Spike managed it. Galvatron, watching the events via his magic screens, is disgusted at the Autobots wanting to spread peace throughout the galaxy, and an explosion occurs in the shuttle bay shortly after, so the party's cancelled to check up on it.

Turns out Spike's prediction was an understatement; the whole city's being attacked by the Combaticons, and the Autobots are having a hard time driving them off. Wheelie drives in to get up close and personal, only for Vortex to blast them and leave him vulnerable to an attack from Brawl, though Ultra Magnus leaps in and takes the blast for him; the Combaticons flee, leaving the shuttles destroyed and fans disappointed at Wheelie surviving the onslaught.


With the shuttles destroyed, Spike will need them fixed in time for the peace conference tomorrow, and Ultra Magnus tells First Aid to stop fixing him and get to work on those shuttles, an act of selflessness that impresses Wheelie and Daniel. While the two of them and Magnus see to how they can help out in the damage, the two kids continue conversing and suggest they make a surprise party for Ultra Magnus on his birthday.

But since it's meant to be a surprise, they can't ask him when he was made or else he'll know what's up, so they head on over to the conference building to ask Perceptor of his date of creation. The microscope man simply tells them to check the hall of records for it, where a moustached robot starts checking for any info on the big cheese.


Turns out the information isn't available in the hall of records, but is on an artificial storage asteroid that the Autobots built before the great war, with a tracking device to make them know where it was, but the device failed so the data aboard was never retrieved. The robot does, however, give them the coordinates of where it was last sighted, with the knowledge that they'd never be able to reach it without a shuttle, and who'd give them one of those?


No one, obviously, but that doesn't mean they're incapable of stealing a garbage shuttle, so they set out to find that storage asteroid. What they were incapable of, however, would be to prevent Galvatron seeing the ship on his screen, and making plans to ambush it!


Before they can do that, the two dipwads drive themselves into a meteor shower and promptly lose control of the ship. Wheelie does manage to make a crash landing on solid ground and the two survive, somehow, and look on the bright side of their dire situation. Meanwhile at the peace conference, Spike asks Ultra Magnus where Daniel is, believing he isn't lost, but he lost track of time researching his school project.


The two kids are attacked by space snake things that clamp onto Wheelie's body, though they manage to lose them by driving into a cave. Inside, they find a door with Autobot markings, meaning they've found the lost Autobot records! However, a bad command alerts two sentry robots to them and begin firing, forcing the two to make a quick escape.

That decision only leads them into the path of more flying space snakes, but the limited space means they can't shake them off and leads them to believe their goose is cooked, though the sentry robots arrive and conveniently shoot off all the snakes without damaging Wheelie. Not so conveniently (for them) is the fact that the sentry robots are still intent on killing the intruders, and prepare to fire...

Only for Cyclonus and Scourge to destroy them all, which isn't exactly convenient either, and they force an answer out of them to what the area is precisely. With the knowledge gained, the Decepticons start the asteroid's thrusters and set it on a collision course with Cybertron, but since Wheelie and Daniel are still aboard, the Autobots cannot destroy it without threatening the children as well.


Meanwhile, Spike communicates with Daniel via the communications screen, hearing the good news about the storage asteroid, but also seeing that he's not alone with Cyclonus and the Decepticons aboard, who explains his evil scheme to him, Magnus and Blaster. Meaning that there's the aforementioned destroy-asteroid-kill-Daniel option, or the let-asteroid-destroy-Cybertron-and-ruin-peace-forever option. Things aren't going well!


While Daniel and Wheelie are thrown in a cell, Sky Lynx drops Ultra Magnus off to the asteroid and the two are immediately bitten in the ass by the space snakes, but by exploding the garbage ship they're no longer a threat. Cyclonus hears of the two intruders and dispatches the Sweeps to them, while Wheelie decides to stop being an idiot and rams his car mode through the door.


The Sweeps are quickly taken care of and the kids arrive safe and sound to Sky Lynx and Ultra Magnus, the latter of which enters the asteroid to bust Cyclonus' chops and tells the flying guy to get the children to safety if he doesn't return in half an hour. The Decepticon is found in no time at all, and the two begin scrapping.


Cyclonus has the upper hand in the fight, though Wheelie has something to do inside the asteroid and drives on in without Daniel or Sky Lynx. And that something is to activate the "AUTO DESTRUT SEQUENCES", the announcement of which sends Cyclonus packing, while everyone escapes safely in Sky Lynx.


With the danger averted and Spike getting his son back safely, he demands answers to what they were looking for on the asteroid. Daniel reluctantly explains their idea for a surprise party on Ultra Magnus' birthday, and the man himself says how he doesn't remember that; with no answer at all after today's events, Spike suggests that they designate today as Magnus' birthday, and the party they'll throw tonight. Everyone agrees, wish Ultra Magnus a happy birthday, laugh, and Wheelie ponders why he didn't think of this before. Groan.

Thanks to some colouring mishaps, it really looks like Hound has returned and changed alliances in a few shots...

But it's really just Swindle. Darn that Swindle!


Rodimus Prime is completely absent from this episode...

Except for two motionless doubles of him standing by the stairs of the peace conference. The Matrix works in disturbing ways.