Thief in the Night


Trypticon is having a merry old time marching around a large city, stomping on gas stations and roaring heroically, only for Metroplex to show up and tell the city-sized dinosaur to get lost. After getting a few missiles shot into him, Trypticon is then thrown into snowy territory, revealing that this is a video that the Autobots are watching. Teletraan-2 is told to fast forward to the part where Trypticon is finished off forever, but the computer tells them that yes, Metroplex hurled Trypticon into the ocean and never surfaced, but he wasn't gone for good.

Meanwhile, Broadside and Seaspray are searching about for Trypticon's remains, and although they don't find him, they do spy several huge footprints in the sea bed heading East. In that direction, near the African nation of Carbombya, a cruise ship is also having a merry old time only to be attacked by missile, which they believe to be coming from Carbombya...

But are actually from Trypticon, who's a bit delusional from his surfacing and believes the cruise ship to be a strong enemy, though Octane shows up and sets him straight again, telling him to conserve his energy and takes him someplace he can get back to good health. Which happens to be Carbombya, thanks to it's oil making the finest energon in the galaxy, apparently!


Abdul Fakkadi, ruler of Carbombya, doesn't take too kindly to the two Decepticons living in his country. His minions remind him that they have warded off fanatics and imperialists, but it doesn't help that they're hogging all the oil, using a hundred barrels of oil to make one energon cube, and Trypticon drinks fifty of those things an hour. Meanwhile, Octane is busy making energon cubes from the oil, claiming in six months they'll be powerful enough to leave and take over the Decepticons, despite the fact he promised he'd leave in a week.

Fakkadi shows up and declares the two Decepticons banished from his country, giving them until tomorrow evening to get out or the Autobots will be brought in to exterminate them. Octane weasels his way into staying longer by claiming he'll make Carbombya into a paradise, bringing up the subject of gold, an item that interests Fakkadi but would require all the gold in the America to persuade him to let them stay longer.


Elsewhere, Octane and Trypticon steal all the gold in America.


Fakkadi is very pleased with the Decepticons' thievery, but only extends their stay until the next crescent moon with Trypticon on a ration of a thousand barrels of oil a day, claiming if they don't like his offer then the Autobots will be brought in.

The Autobots, meanwhile, are at where Fort Knox once was, while Grimlock notices a pile of energon lying nearby that Octane left.


Perceptor examines it to make sure it isn't a trap, while Grimlock mentions he's sensing dinosaur transform static from it, suggesting that one of the Dinobots stole the gold vault. Perceptor doubts it, though Metroplex claims there's no point in denying anything without verifying first.

Meanwhile, Octane continues to dream of himself and Trypticon being the new leaders of the Decepticons, but mentions that Abdul wants a new palace for his kingdom.


So they get him a new palace for his kingdom!

Galvatron arrives at Carbombya, wishing to punish Octane for stealing Trypticon from him and ruining his plans, but Octane claims that he's actually made Trypticon stronger than ever before, thanks to the oil-made energon he's crafted. Galvatron is offered to sample one for himself, and...


Galvatron approves!


Meanwhile, Six-Gun, Scamper and Slammer are interrogating the Dinobots and Sky Lynx (who apparently has dinosaur transistors in him so he counts, even if he is a kind of freak of robotics) about who swiped Fort Knox and the Taj Mahal, but it doesn't really get far before Perceptor runs in and claims all the Autobots are certainly innocent, as the energon is a Decepticon formula, made from oil in Carbombya; and since Trypticon is the only dinosaur transformer big enough to carry all the buildings, he's definitely the man they're after.


Broadside alerts the others of Trypticon surfacing right in front of him, the Aerialbots being dispatched to attack while Abdul Fakkadi complains to Octane about the rest of the Decepticons in his country. Octane offers to get him the Moscow Kremlin as his base of political operations while he and the Decepticons control the oil, though Fakkadi believes this is just making him a hostage in his own country.


Trypticon puts down the freshly stolen Eiffel Tower, turns into a battle station and begins firing at the Aerialbots, who've been listening in on the whole conversation inside, and shoots down Air Raid, though he manages to not crash and explode into the ocean somehow. The fight is called off abruptly for the Decepticons to get themselves more energon.

Over in Russia, the Autobots are enjoying a good ol' folk dance by the locals, when Trypticon reaches in from the fog and swipes the Kremlin!


Metroplex, who had been caught in a blizzard in Siberia, shows up just in time and demonstrates his lack of respect for private property by machine gunning Trypticon even with the Kremlin in his grasp. The Decepticon city merely throws it at him and makes a runner, while the army come in and start blasting Metroplex, believing him to be the Kremlin thief. Thus, the leader of the Soviet Union bans all Autobots from their country.


Rodimus tries to explain that Trypticon was the one who swiped the Kremlin, but since Metroplex was seen with the Kremlin, India has also pointed the blame on him for pinching the Taj Mahal, which makes Grimlock an unhappy bunny. Abdul Fakkadi, meanwhile, urges the Autobots to invade his country to boot the Decepticons out, but Galvatron ends his broadcast and throws the citizens of Carbombya into a cell.


Galvatron announces his plans of using the "super energon" to power themselves and destroy the Autobots, but those very people show up and destroy their oil converting machine, while Metroplex plucks the oil tower from the ground and hurls it into Trypticon. The big lug also falls on top of the Taj Mahal, but the Autobot city carries him over to a convenient cliff and hurls him into the ocean.


With nothing to counter Metroplex's immense power, the Decepticons make a hasty retreat while the Autobots free Fakkadi and the citizens of his country. Abdul is more than happy to be rid of the Decepticons, and offers them to join his army, but all they want are the regional buildings back again and his word of honour to swear that he will never work with the Decepticons again, which involves lots of zoo animals to swear upon.

This is the episode that made Cliffjumper silent and got Teletraan-1 destroyed. =(


As you can see in the first image of the last row, there's at least three Rodimuses and two Blurrs, along with either a second Perceptor or Ironhide, but they're all really just discoloured Dinobots.