Public Service Announcements


Sometime during season 2, Hasbro thought it would be great to have several Transformers public service announcements created. These were mostly the same as the G.I. Joe ones in content (and in dialogue) but just have Autobots replacing the Joes. Sadly, whilst five were created, none of them were ever actually aired on TV, for reasons not entirely known. However, they have been released on several DVDs, such as Metrodome's box set for the first season, and on other media like the Transformers Armada game for the PS2.

SEASPRAY -Wear a life jacket when on a boat

Seaspray's voice is not provided by his normal voice actor here (Alan Oppenheimer) but is instead supplied by Wally Burr.

POWERGLIDE -Don't be sexist

I love Powerglide's absolutely bizarre landing in this.

TRACKS -Don't steal

RED ALERT -Wear reflectors at night

This one gets a lot of lols on the net just because having insane old Red Alert trying to teach kids a lesson is funny enough. But worse yet is the fact that when the kids crash (seemingly on purpose) Red Alert hasn't got his lights on!

BUMBLEBEE -Don't run away from your problems

Teshinator made a video (the one on the right) of this P.S.A. dubbed with the G.I. Joe P.S.A.'s audio. Notice how the lip-synching matches up exactly at some parts! This is the original version of the G.I. Joe one for those interested.