There's a new night club in New York - the "Dancitron", which according to Raoul's friends is the hippest place in town. Raoul doesn't share their opinions though and says that they have their own music and so start jamming. However, their music attracts the attention of Furg, a worker at the Dancitron who doesn't want them playing their music. They don't want to listen to him but when his gang appears the trio decide to pull a Michael Jackson and beat it.

As they are on the run things don't look good when Furg's gang manage to circle them, but before they are beaten up two Autobots arrive to save the day: Tracks and Blaster. The pair instantly disarm the gang by shooting their weapons to scrap.

They then use scrambler waves to send the punks packing but Raoul isn't impressed with their help as he believed that he could have taken them all on by himself. Tracks says they've been sent down to investigate any more Decepticon activity and he found it a bit weird when he saw a guy in a business suit attacking with the other gang members. The Autobots learn about the Dancitron club and wonder is that has anything to do with it.

Moments later the Autobots are in the Dancitron and take a look around and at first find nothing of interest apart from a lot of noise. Tracks doesn't like it but Blaster does, and they then find a huge sound system near the back. Three girls run up to the pair and ask to dance with them so Blaster goes off for a boogie whilst Tracks declines.

Above the dance floor, Starscream and Soundwave are watching and have seen the Autobots enter their club. Soundwave wants them to be destroyed immediately but Starscream says no as they don't want the Autobots to know about what they are doing here, so they'll have to think of another way to get rid of them for a while. A little later on, Raoul and his friends are on the way home when the driver of the train they are in flips out and starts to smash the controls up!

Meanwhile Tracks and Blaster have left the club and Tracks says how strange the humans inside it were - there were many wearing odd clothes like dressing gowns, business suits and the like instead of what your average rocker would wear. Before discussion on that can continue thought they see the out of control train and go after it. Blaster leaps from Tracks to the train whilst Tracks himself transforms and attempts to slow the train down to a halt.

Blaster moves from carriage to carriage and sees the engine, which he destroys and finally stops the train. Inside one of the carriages the Autobots find Raoul and co. and they all head to the cabin where they see that the controls have been smashed up and the driver has done a runner.

Tracks is convinced that this must have something to do with the Dancitron so he and Raoul head back to the club whilst Blaster tries to find out any more information from Teletraan-1. On the way to the club, they see something bizarre - oddly dressed people working on the construction of a building, despite it being one o'clock in the morning. Again, Tracks thinks it must be something to do with the club but before they can delve any further they come under attack by the workers and have to leave.

Meanwhile Raoul's two friends, Poplock and Rocksteady, and just hanging around with nothing better to do when a guy walks up and gives them free tickets to get into the Dancitron. Elsewhere Blaster has logged into a Teletraan-1 terminal and finds out about how his scrambler waves may be able to help get to the bottom of this mystery. As he heads back to the club, Tracks is already there as he tells Raoul to wait outside as he goes in and tosses the doorman to the side.

Inside the club he finds Raoul's friends who tell him that they've found something. He heads up some stairs, opens a door and is almost immediately under attack from Decepticon laser fire. He jumps back down as the door shuts and Starscream calls out, saying that there is no escape and he will never leave the club alive.

Soundwave then starts using something called ultra sound which does something to the music being played in the club and makes all of the humans become like zombies, which all run to Tracks and try to destroy him. As this is going on Starscream reports to Megatron, saying that all is going as planned.

Blaster arrives at the club and sees Raoul, and tells him that something must be going on to do with hypnosis inside. They both go in and Blaster starts to search for the source of this ultra sound he can hear whilst Raoul works out that the music must be what it is that is hypnotizing people so he shoves some napkins in his ears to block it out.

Taking another look round, he finds Tracks chained to the massive stereo system and the music is shaking him apart! He tries to cut the chains but the dancers on the floor stop dancing and instead try to stop him. Meanwhile Blaster finds the source of the ultra sound and sees that it was Soundwave behind everything, but Starscream is also in the room.

As the two of them fight each other, Raoul is taken down from the sound system and has his napkins removed so he starts to hear the music. Before losing his mind though he gets to a bucket of water and splashes his face with it, and then chucks the rest over his friends which breaks the ultra sound's power. He then gives his friends napkins to block out the sound with.

They then activate the sprinkler system which frees the other people in the club, and with them out of the way the group free Tracks. Starscream sees that the plan has failed and so leaps out of a window but Tracks follows him. Soundwave also sees that the game is up and attempts to flee, but...

...he instead ends up getting into a fight with Blaster. Soundwave uses his sonic powers to throw his Autobot counterpart around and he is tossed into the sound system, which falls apart. This gives Blaster an idea however and he uses the sound system to amplify his own sonic powers and not only make Soundwave fall but also cause the entire building to crumble.

Meanwhile Tracks is after Starscream and thanks to some rain, the human workers at the building are gone so the two fight it out there. The sky chase does not last for long though as Starscream damages himself in a crash and is forced to retreat. Blaster then arrives ready to do some more demolition and by using the same sonic powers he had earlier, the building begins to collapse and is soon a complete wreck.

Back in the hidden Autobot base in Sparkplug's garage, Tracks thanks Raoul and co. for their help but they have something in mind already to be rewarded for. The next day, Blaster is being used to pump out music as the trio lost their original boom box and they need to raise money for a new one. Tracks tells Blaster to cheer up as they should have enough cash for a new one in two or three days but Blaster isn't sure he can hold out for that long!

This episode must have the smallest cast in an episode of Transformers ever, with just two Autobots and three Decepticons. One of the few from this season not to have Optimus Prime in it, either.

Raoul has a slightly different skin colour than when we last saw him.

Track's third mode, the flying car configuration, is toy-accurate in this episode (pretty much), unlike how it was in "Make Tracks".

The image on the left is from this episode, the one on the right is from "Make Tracks". Track's normal car mode looks a lot more like the toy in this episode too.