The Secret of Omega Supreme

by Ragey


A rocket launches from Earth and lands on an asteroid, moving it closer to Earth before the passengers exit; the Constructicons! Hook contacts Megatron and informs him that the first batch of ore will be teleported down in two hours, but Megatron goes "screw that" and decides to send Astrotrain to fetch it, while letting Soundwave in on today's plan that the ore will make him unstoppable. What's new?


Cosmos is on space patrol and catches sight of the asteroid mining, and alerts Prime to what's going on before returning to base. Cosmos claims he could distract the Constructicons while Powerglides leads an all-out assault, but Prime isn't going to go through with any attack until he knows what's going on, and sends Cosmos back into the nebula to get solid info. Prime suggests they all just sit and wait until they get a reason to strike, and heads off to see Omega Supreme.

Prime gives Omega the low-down on the asteroid mining and how it could be a new fuel for the Decepticons, but on mention of the Constructicons Omega goes into a tangent about what bastards those two-tone builders are. Prime disapproves of the big guy treating the mission like a personal vendetta, and asks to know what went on between him and the Constructicons.


Omega complies and cues a flashback. Being built as one of Cybertron's Guardian Robots, specifically to guard the Crystal City, and there he met the Constructicons and they got along like several houses on fire. However, Megatron was watching one of their meetings, and along with him he had a peculiar device...


The Robo-Smasher!

The Robo-Smasher was used to build up the ranks of the Decepticons by forcibly reprogramming those that weren't ones, and since the Constructicons had built entire cities by then it was only naturally for them to be Megatron's target.


After a nasty run-in with the Robo-Smasher, the reprogrammed Constructicons informed Omega of the capital city being under attack and claiming they'll guard the Crystal City for him. Needless to say, it's only when he arrived at the capital did he realise there was no attack, and when he arrived back...


The place was decimated.


The Constructicons made themselves scarce after seeing Omega approaching, and knowing this was Megatron's work, the Guardian Robot vowed revenge. And he did so by blasting a hole in the ground and shoving all of the Constructicons into it.


Of course, if that was all he did then it would've been a very half-hearted revenge plot. He followed that up by reprogramming all the Constructicons back to their normal selves and asking them all to return home, hoping they could rebuild the city. Upon arriving, the Robo-Smasher lay in their way once more, but while Omega Supreme was defending his chums...


The Constructicons formed Devastator, a new form that Megatron had given them all, and made no hesitation in throttling his former buddy and allowing the Robo-Smasher to leap upon him and set about reprogramming him. He managed to battle off Devastator and removed the Robo-Smasher, but doing so destroyed the machine and rendered him unconscious.

He was alive, still his normal alliance, but changed. Since then he has felt only outright hatred for the Constructicons, following their star ship that they escaped Cybertron on for millions of years before finally arriving on Earth, where the Constructicons had reunited with Megatron.

Prime's pleased to hear the story, but tells Omega not to do anything until he gives the word. Omega obeys.

Meanwhile, it's only now that Astrotrain heads off to the asteroid and gets the ore shovelled into his storage bay, which allows Cosmos to sneak up and nab a piece without anyone noticing, taking it back to Prime. Optimus, however, tells Cosmos to get his ass back up there so he can track Astrotrain's return course to Earth, what with him being fully loaded by this time, and the poor little guy has no choice but to obey.


While Cosmos plays errand boy, Prime calls Perceptor in to examine the ore, but they just use Teletraan-1 to discover that the ore is high in energy and it's origin is unknown. Knowing what it's all about now, Omega Supreme is sent off to the asteroid to kick the Decepticons off it, but Teletraan-1 finishes the analysis and informs the Autobot leader that the asteroid ore is organic. It's alive!


As the Constructicons prepare the second batch for Astrotrain's return, Omega Supreme flies in to try and ram them down and fires lasers everywhere, not exactly achieving much. Prime calls the big guy to tell him to just shoo away the Constructicons and leave the asteroid alone, but Omega disengages his communications system as he hurls a boulder at his enemies.


The Constructicons fly out of its path and pelt him with laser fire, but he manages to get the winning side again and prepares to crush one beneath his claw, but instead hits the ground and splits the entire asteroid in half, but unleashes some giant thing!


The bird monster completely ignores everyone around it and flies straight for Earth, prompting Scrapper to query Omega Supreme; does he follow the monster and save Earth, or try and kill the Constructicons? The latter option is chosen.

Cosmos alerts Prime to where Megatron's ore refinery is, while Teletraan-1 informs him about the big giant doom-bringing bird monster heading towards San Francisco. The Autobots roll out to the city, but Teletraan-1 also alerts Prime to how the asteroid is both the monster's egg and food source, and Omega Supreme is the only one that could get it back there. Zoiks!


Powerglide, Ironhide, Beachcomber, Tracks and Smokescreen head out to stop it, chasing it down from the Transamerica Pyramid to give it a dose of smoke and laser fire, but all this does is make it moody and shoots down Powerglide.


Devastator and Omega Supreme land in an ice-laden valley and keep up the fight, but Omega gets an easy victory by throwing the combiner against a wall and firing at the ice until he's buried under rubble. However, Prime shows up to stop his reign of destruction and informs him about the bird monster, how he's the only one that can lure it back, the one that hatched it and the one responsible for it's mess. If he doesn't do anything, San Francisco will suffer the same fate as the Crystal City, so Omega decides Prime's suggestion is wise.


Overhearing this, the Constructicons escape the rubble and alert Megatron of the bird monster and what the asteroid means to it. He gets the idea of converting the energy generator for the ore into a long-range blaster and using it to destroy the asteroid, leaving the monster to go on a mindless rampage across the Earth!

Yeah, this is one of those plans that you just feel Megatron's doing simply because he has the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Beachcomber and Tracks aren't having the best of times in San Francisco, looking like they're about to made lunch by the alien...


Until Omega saves the day! He whisks them away safely and battles the beast, getting it flustered and following him before landing on the asteroid, which only increases Megatron's joy; devastating the earth and destroying Omega Supreme!


That plan is foiled by the console being blown up by Optimus Prime, sparking a fire fight between him and the Constructicons. Meanwhile, Omega Supreme gets the monster to reach the asteroid...


And the rest is simple. The monster eats the rest of the asteroid, is contented, and then flies off into deep space.


Having saved the earth, Omega Supreme and Optimus take some quiet time to gaze at the evening sun. Optimus thanks Omega for not screwing up completely, and laments that what the Constructicons did that long time ago just wasn't cool, hoping that someday the Guardian Robot will regain his emotions and learn that revenge isn't all there is to life.

Yes, that's Sideswipe with Megatron in the second image. He changes to Soundwave once the camera angle switches.


Optimus Prime mutters "what the devil's wrong with him?" when Omega refuses to answer his new orders on the asteroid. I mention this because it's almost like Han's "I'll see you in hell!" line from Star Wars in terms of being out of place. Slightly, maybe.