Blaster Blues


Spike, Carly and Blaster are out at a rock concert where the music is loud and totally jammin' but Spike says that it is a shame that the other Autobots can't hear it. Blaster has a plan for this however. Meanwhile at the Autobot base, Optimus Prime and Sparkplug are watching their newest ally, Omega Supreme - a giant Autobot who says that he is always prepared after Prime tells him to prepare for target practice.

Suddenly loud music blurts through Teletraan-1's speakers which everyone except Jazz hates, and they all have Blaster to thank for it. As they try to deal with that the next thing we see is an observatory.

Inside this new location are several scientists and reporters, and one of the scientists is giving a speech on how his new voltronic galaxer machine which he intends to use to send out messages in a hope to contact other forms of life across the universe. However, Megatron, Starscream and Thundercracker show up with the intent to take this machine, so Starscream blasts the roof. The scientists send out a distress signal that Teletraan-1 picks up but it is difficult to listen to with the amount of noise Blaster is making. Prime finally gets him to shut up and when they learn of the Decepticon attack, they roll out for the observatory.

Megatron takes the voltronic galaxer and then he and the other Decepticons leave. A few minutes later the Autobots arrive but they find that they are too late -the Decepticons have already gone. Optimus asks the scientist why the Decepticons would want his machine and he tells them that he doesn't really know unless they planned to use it to intercept radio transmissions. Prime them promises to get it back and the Autobots head back to base.

Prime sends out several Autobots to try and find the Decepticons or the machine but none of them are having any luck. That is, however, until Cosmos and Blaster are sent out into space to check the surface of the moon. They find a Decepticon base there so Cosmos lands near to it as Blaster starts to record what is being said inside.

Megatron is explaining his plan to use the Earth's radio airwaves for his own evil purposes when he sees Cosmos outside the base. Astrotrain is sent to capture them and he easily achieves this by using a tractor beam to bring the Autobots back, where Megatron finds out that Optimus must have sent them here to try and ruin their latest scheme.

The two Autobots are then welded into place by Astrotrain, with Blaster being used as a transcrambler whilst Cosmos' energy is used to power the set-up. This activates a radio black-out which soon has devastating effects on the Earth as every airport across the globe goes haywire with planes trying to take off and land on the same runway and the like.

Other problems include trains using the wrong tracks leading to dire consequences and the Autobots having to go and help a load of people trapped in their cars in a snowstorm as the weather warnings couldn't be broadcast. Megatron then starts to talk saying that the people of Earth will soon have a new leader to piece back together their planet for them. Whilst he is talking Cosmos and Blaster try to think up a plan to stop the Decepticon leader.

Meanwhile Optimus is at an airport trying to guide planes in when he is attacked by Thundercracker, who sends him sprawling. Back on the moon, Megatron says he will only give back the airwaves if all of the Earth's energy resources are given to him - be it electricity, gas, you name it, he wants it. However, Blaster manages to over-ride the signal, so instead of hearing Megatron the airwaves are broadcasting rock music.

Spike and Carly are in Powerglide and when they hear the music, and hear that it is the same as from the rock concert they went too earlier, they realise that it must be Blaster. Carly uses a computer to find out where the music is coming from and they learn that it is the moon, but Powerglide doesn't have the energy to get there. He knows someone who does, however, so after picking up Prime they head to Omega Supreme.

Unable to contact the base, Omega says they will just have to go and rescue their friends on the moon now and has everyone, including the unconscious Optimus Prime, get onboard. Omega then blasts off with his four passengers and heads towards the moon. Meanwhile, Megatron finds out that Blaster is messing up his broadcast and is about to destroy him when there is an explosion and he sees that more Autobots have arrived.

Omega drops off his passengers and then transforms to his giant robot mode and demands that Blaster and Cosmos are released. After grabbing and throwing Megatron, Astrotrain then tries to take him on. Meanwhile Megatron recovers and starts to attack the still offline Optimus Prime, but he comes back to life just in time to avoid being blasted to pieces.

Prime then gets up and starts to fight Megatron, but inside the moon base Blaster and Cosmos are now all alone and free to do what they want, so Cosmos blasts the machine linked to the voltronic galaxer. This sets off a chain reaction which causes a big explosion and soon, the base is no more.

Omega emerges victorious over his opponent when he grabs him and then throws him into space. Prime also triumphs over Megatron be throwing him to the floor, and the Decepticon retreats. The Autobots then head inside the ruins of the base and rescue their friends, where an idea is discussed to make a new Autobot base here. Prime sees to agree but lectures Blaster on when and when not to use his transmission power but soon Blaster is back to playing loud music, much to Prime's annoyance.

This episode is a good one for showing the wacky size changes of Transformers, as Blaster is seen riding comfortably in Cosmos, but later on Blaster's robot mode is about twice as tall as his little Autobot buddy.

Despite Prime wanting to get the voltronic galaxer back, Cosmos blows it up near the end of the episode. And nobody seems to care.