Megatron's Master Plan, part 2


  With all of the Autobots now off the Earth, the Deceptions are left alone to rule the planet. But instead of taking it straight away Megatron decides to play around a bit and decides to join the "Decepticon Day" celebrations which were organised by Shaun Berger. Sparkplug and Chip can't believe what is happening. They know Spike is still out trying to prove the Autobot's innocence, but he has his own problems.

  There's then the best scene in Transformers ever.

Meanwhile in space, the Autobots are on the way back to Cybertron but Ironhide is getting frustrated as they didn't do anything wrong. Outside the ship Cosmos is leading the cruiser on but back inside Cliffjumper decides they still have time to change course and Optimus agrees to go back to Earth so they can sort out the mess they got into.

  But they then find out that they cannot change course. And to every Autobot's horror, Hound finds out that they are actually on a collision course with the sun! The ship begins to melt as it gets closer and closer to the sun and Cosmos heads inside to try and change course but he can't do it.

  As the ship gets closer and closer to the sun, Megatron and the Decepticons are watching and Megatron is pleased when the cruiser finally blows up, meaning all of the Autobots on it are no more. With that out of the way Megatron reminds Berger that they have a press-conference to attend and they all head back to the city.

  Meanwhile, Spike shows the mayor his evidence and the mayor sees that the whole thing was a Decepticon trick. But before they can do anything about it Megatron and the other Decepticons start the press conference and Megatron reveals to the humans that he will now conquer the Earth and plunder it of all it's energy resources.

He then orders several Decepticons to wreck havoc in the city, with the likes of Ramjet and Thrust destroying buildings and attacking people. Megatron then goes on to say that this city will be the first to fall under his rule and many more will follow. Berger begins to go crazy saying that it is the end and that he saw the Autobot ship explode with his own eyes.

  And soon all humans in the city are put to work gathering energy for the Decepticons, who simply most of the time stand around doing guard duty. Like Astrotrain.

  Back in space, the Autobots live! Thanks to Trailbreaker using his forcefield to keep the entire team together and Cosmos pulling them along. But yet another disaster strikes as it turns out that Teletraan-1 has Cosmo's course still locked-in meaning the Autobots are still heading towards the sun! But back on Earth Chip decides to go pay Teletraan-1 a visit and manages to escape on a truck, despite setting off an alarm.

  The trucker makes a stop at a restaurant and that is where Chip gets off since the Autobot base isn't that far away. He makes it to Teletraan-1 but gets distraught when he finds out that Megatron sent the Autobot cruiser into the sun! He then tries to find out of Cosmos is still alive but before he can find out something crashes through the base.

  Thrust arrives and silences the computer and tells Chip that they miss him at the factory, so he takes him back. Chip tells Spike that he never should have gone to the Autobot base as now Teletraan-1 has also been destroyed but Spike kind of says that it doesn't matter as it would have been useless without the Autobots anyway. Way to boost morale Spike.

  Soundwave then picks up some external energy readings as the Decepticons see that some jet fighters are on the way. Their attack goes badly though as many are destroyed by the Decepticon jets.

  Starscream warns that if any further rescue attempts are made then the Decepticons will destroy the entire city. Meanwhile Megatron tells Spike and the others how great the Decepticons are and that they will soon take control of the entire planet, but everyone then hears some noise outside and the Decepticons rush out to see...

  ..Autobots. Lots of them. Nearly all of them actually, and they soon start a laser battle which they quickly win and cause the Decepticons to retreat. It turns out that when Thrust blasted Teeletraan-1, it meant that Cosmos could change course and bring the team back to Earth.

With the humans in the factory saved, the Mayor begs Optimus and the other Autobots to stay on Earth whilst Berger says he'll make amends, but Optimus just tells him that he'll face justice and he'll have to hope that it will be fairer to him than it was to them. With the Autobots now the good guys again, they roll out back to base.

This part had several extra scenes added to it as the original script wasn't long enough to fill an episode. So scenes like Chip going to the Autobot base and Cosmo's revealing he's still on the way to the sun were put in at the last minute.


Trailbreaker never speaks, let alone be seen in any way other than a silhouette at the centre of the force field.