Megatron's Master Plan, part 1


The recently elected mayor of Central City is at the grand opening of a new solar power generator and he thanks Shawn Berger, his opponent in the election, for donating it. Berger is watching the opening on TV and says that this is just the start of his "donations" and he then sees that the Decepticons have come having taken his bait.

Starscream's group transform and land with the purpose of taking all of the energy from the solar power generator but Dirge says that there isn't any, and the Decepticons soon find out that it was a trap set up to lure them in as several tanks rush out of the structure and open fire. The mayor sees that Berger has taken the law into his own hands again and goes off to call the Autobots as Starscream returns fire.

Berger's group of tanks are destroyed and Berger himself then gets even more angry when he sees that the Autobots have arrived, and he can't believe that they dare to interfere as he thinks he had everything under control. The Autobots soon find the Decepticons and blast them, so Starscream gives the orders to retreat.

With the bad guys defeated, all of the humans in the area start to cheer for the Autobots and then the mayor runs over and says that he would like to honour the Autobots at City Hall, which Optimus accepts the invitation to. Berger switches off his TV and says that the Autobots are getting in his way, and then tells his guards to leave so he can think.

As he thinks that he must find another path to glory, he picks up an object from his desk, not knowing that it is actually Laserbeak until he transforms before his eyes and then takes him out of his own tower and up into the woods outside the city. Laserbeak drops him off near the edge of a cliff and several more Decepticons appear, including Megatron.

Berger demands that the Decepticons don't hurt him but Megatron says that he and the other Decepticons actually want to help him, and he then goes into his story that the Decepticons are not actually evil - they are good, but have been made to look bad by evil Autobot propaganda. Berger doesn't believe him but Megatron says that he will show him proof and that if he sides with them, Megatron will let him gain control of the city.

Berger gets greedy and says that he wants two cities but Megatron just agrees to this and then drops him off into Dirge, who takes off. With Berger gone Megatron lets Soundwave know what he really thinks of Berger and then they begin their plan. The next day, Berger is in a big helicopter with a camera crew and has been instructed by Megatron to hover over an oil field.

Berger sees a group of Autobots appear and gets the cameras to start filming as the group start to steal oil to make into energon cubes, and they seem to be pretty happy about it! None of them can really believe what they are seeing but Berger realises that what Megatron was telling him is true. Ironhide then sees the helicopter and wants to go and destroy it but Optimus says he'd rather do that.

But Megatron leads a squad of Decepticons to save the day and they get the evil Autobots to move out with Megatron saying that today will be the day that the people of Earth learn the truth about the Transformers. As Berger's helicopter moves out a stray laser blast knocks one of the cameras off, Dirge wants to make some home-movies but Megatron says they must return it as it contains valuable evidence.

Meanwhile, the time has finally come - it is Autobot Day! And all of the Autobots are rolling out to city hall so they can be honoured by the mayor himself. As they reach their destination some of them transform and head inside where the mayor starts his speech. However, inside the TV studio where the speech is being filmed, Berger makes the crew play a special tape.

What the TVs are suppose to be displaying is footage from the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons at the solar generator, but instead, Megatron appears and says that he has gotten some footage that shows what the Autobots are really like. This footages shows that the Autobots have made the Decepticons evil and that once they have defeated the Decepticons, they'll conquer the Earth next.

This footage instantly makes people stop loving the Autobots and even though they try to tell them that it is a hoax the mayor orders them to leave. The Autobots head back to base where they begin to think that humans are jerks when suddenly, a whole army of tanks drive up to the base from Berger, and even the mayor has arrived to tell them all that they are under arrest!

As the Decepticons head out to the Autobot's trial, Spike is already there and says that there must have been something wrong with that footage, and he goes off to try and find out more before the Autobots are sentenced. He reaches the TV studio and checks through the entire tape and sure enough, he finds that the "Autobots" at the oil field were actually Decepticons in disguise! Before he can get this information back to the judge though, he has a visitor.

But it is too late for Spike anyway as the judge reaches a verdict: the Autobots are found to be guilty! And their sentence is for them all to leave the Earth forever immediately. As it turns to night the Autobots are forced into a large spacecraft that Berger's corporation has supplied and Optimus thanks Chip, Sparkplug and Spike for all their help over the last couple of years and he says that they may return to Cybertron. A few minutes later, the ship blasts off and soon leaves Earth's atmosphere.

Megatron and Berger then go back to the Autobot's old base and Megatron reprogram's the ships flight plan so that it is on a direct course with the sun - and soon, the Autobots will become one with oblivion!

Usually, Soundwave is the robot the Decepticons need to make the actual cubes for energon cubes, but Starscream, Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet all manage to do it by themselves here.

The original UK video release of these two episodes were merged into one super-long episode instead.