Dinobot Island, part 2


After an extremely brief re-cap of what happened in the previous episode, Megatron looks over the tar pit and sees that the Dinobots are gone, and says that they will be free to drain this island's vast amounts of energy. Starscream's warnings about it making the place unstable fall on deaf ears and the Decepticons continue to take energy, although various parts of the island begin to get nasty, such as a volcano erupting in Starscream's face. Starscream thinks that Megatron's stupidity may lead to him getting the chance to become leader of the Decepticons.

Meanwhile, the Autobots have no idea what has happened on Dinobot Island and are instead finishing repairs to their base after the Dinobots trashed parts of it in the previous episode. As that is done Sparkplug wants to know where his son is but all the others know is that he went to the library to get out some books on dinosaurs. Teletraan-1 then blurts into life and Wheeljack tells the others that there seems to be some kind of time warp in the city... near the library! Optimus gets together some Autobots to head out.

The Autobots don't yet see that barbarians and woolly mammoths that have emerged from the warp, but Hound traces an Autobot signal from beneath a pile of rubble and Sideswipe clears it to reveal Bumblebee and Spike. With their friends saved, Hound then gets more readings and realises that the source of the energy they have been reading is close by.

The Autobots see the mammoths and barbarians and the only thing they can do is gather them all up and then force them back through the time warp before it closes. And since these people from the past can't hope to hurt the Autobots they don't put up much of a fight, and the mammoths are stored into Prime's trailer. He then heads towards the warp and lets everyone out and soon the barbarians and mammoths are gone.

Back at the Autobot base, Prime's group returns and have bought Chip along with them to try and find out what made that time warp appear, and Beachcomber and Perceptor offer their assistance. Chip finds out from Teletraan-1 that not one, but two new time warps have appeared, which Prime and Wheeljack aren't happy about but they'll have to do something about it.

Seaspray is sent out with Cliffjumper and Tracks to a time warp in the sea, where they find a big pirate ship about to board a smaller boat, but the Autobots stop them from doing so and then push the pirate ship back through the time warp just before it closes.

Prowl, Red Alert, Jazz and Inferno are sent out to the location of the other time warp where they find a group of cowboys causing havoc with a group of bikers, but they are soon on there way back to their own time thanks to most of the Autobots scaring them with laser blasts and then Inferno shooting the group with water, making them go back through the warp.

Chip finds out that all of these time warps seem to be somehow caused by Dinobot Island - and things start to get worse as the volcano at the Autobot's base is re-activated, so Prime gathers together a team of Autobots and they all grab some jet-packs and head out to see what is going on at the island.

At the island, Megatron is still demanding more and more energy even though the stability of it is getting more and more in question, but he still doesn't care and refuses to listen to Starscream's warnings. Meanwhile, the Dinobots aren't dead and free themselves from the tar pit by using their fire breath and lasers to get out, and then they see that their island seems to be worse for wear so they all decide to go and trash the Decepticons for revenge.

Elsewhere the other Autobots find the Decepticons are start fighting one another, with the biggest fight being between the tanks of each side, Blitzwing and Warpath. As they are fighting the island seems to be getting less and less stable as the Dinobots find the real Dinosaurs and Grimlock gets them to follow him and the others to the main battle.

The Autobots are losing, but then the Decepticons come under attack from the dinosaurs and are quickly overwhelmed, with the first thing Dirge does is nearly get eaten by a T-Rex and all of the other Decepticons share similar fates. With his forces battered Megatron says that this battle has been lost and they all beat a hasty retreat.

Prime then thinks that there still might be a way to save the island and everyone opens fire on all of the energon that the Decepticons have left behind, destroying it and releasing some kind of purple mist that covers the entire island.

This apparently does the trick and Dinobot Island is restored back to normal, with all of the real dinosaurs gone. Optimus then says that the Dinobots have proved their worth and that they can control their power and that they can now all return back to base.

Starscream's leadership quest is never mentioned in anyway again in the episode after he first talks about it.

Again, like in the previous episode, there are a few new characters who appear out of the blue here.

It isn't explained in either part how this mysterious island got there in the first place. It is mentioned by Galvatron in the season 3 episode "Thief in the Night", which is set at least 20 years after this episode.