Divide and Conquer


The episode starts with the narrator telling us that factories are busy making weapons to take on the new threat - the Decepticons! And at one factory in particular we see what Chip Chase is busy at a computer trying to improve efficiency so twice the amount of weapons can be made.

But because of how much energy is being used to make all these weapons, it interests the Decepticons and soon Starscream and a few of the others attack the factory and get inside, and start to drain energy and put it into energon cubes. Human resistance is no use but Chip says it isn't too late and tries to contact the Autobots.

Optimus Prime and Spike are out trying to find out where the Decepticon space bridge is but report back to the other Autobots saying that they've had no luck. Chip's SOS then comes in to Optimus who informs the other Autobots to meet him at the factory. Optimus then transform and he and Spike head straight there and ram straight into the neatly stacked energon cubes sending them everywhere.

Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp all gang up on Optimus but he somehow manages to evade their attacks and then he beats Starscream down. However due to some stray laser fire one of the factory's computers is in danger of exploding and Prime puts himself in front of it to shield the humans and put them out of danger.

The computer explodes and Optimus absorbs the blast, but he isn't damaged too badly. But the Decepticons then decide to hit him whilst he's down and open fire on the stunned Prime who falls down. The Decepticons then grab all of the energon cubes and fly out of the factory just as the other Autobots arrive on the scene.

The Autobots find that whilst Prime has been badly damaged he's still alive and they all head back to Autobot base. But when Megatron learns of what happened to his foe he has Laserbeak sent out to find out if Prime is really dead or not and Laserbeak get inside the base by hiding on Brawn (told you Brawn sucks) and then hiding above the Autobots who are busy repairing Optimus.

Laserbeak is then ordered by Megatron to finish off Prime for good and he flies in and blasts Optimus straight in the chest causing a chain reaction which makes Optimus explode. After the commercial break though it seems that Optimus is still alive after this and even though his entire chest exploded there's not really and damage to him, but he is losing a lot of energy due to his "cosmotron" being damaged. Wheeljack's got a spare one... at his workshop on Cybertron. Ironhide decides that they must somehow find a way to get to Cybertron before it's too late.

Happy that Optimus is out of the way, Megatron says they can crush the remaining Autobots at their leisure and then contacts Shockwave on Cybertron to find out where the space bridge will be appearing next so they can use it to send all those energon cubes they made over to their home planet. Meanwhile the Autobots need to use the space bridge so they can get to Cybertron and Chip uses Teletraan-1 to find out it's location.

The Decepticons send over a ship full of energon cubes to Cybertron which get their successfully. Ironhide's small group, consisting of himself, Bumblebee, Bluestreak, Trailbreaker and Chip then roll up and are attacked by the Decepticons and are about to be battered by a tree wielding Starscream when Megatron suddenly tells him to let them go to Cybertron as the rain has given him an idea.

Knocking the Decepticons out of the way Ironhide's team use the space bridge and are soon in Shockwave's base and he start to shoot at them, but the Autobots manage to escape by blasting down part of a wall and rolling out to Wheeljack's workshop.

Megatron then reveals his plan and just why he let the Autobots go to Cybertron in the first place: he has three generic seeker robots go out and cause an acid rain storm to destroy the intruders. Meanwhile Ironhide's team reach the workshop and Chip uses several codes to open up the door. Ironhide quickly finds the spare cosmotron and takes it back outside...

...only to walk smack-bang into the Decepticon generated acid rain which wears down all the Autobots and prevents them from getting back to Earth. Megatron watches on with glee and says how great his plan is working out - not only have they destroyed Optimus Prime, but now four Autobots have been defeated on Cybertron and now they can just go over to the Earth Autobot base and wipe out the rest of them.

The Autobots are about to give up until Chip says the line the entire fanbase take the piss out of on a daily basis and Trailbreaker uses his forcefield to shield all of the team whilst Bluestreak fires off his laser cannons to destroy the clouds. The Autobots then head back to Shockwave's base and get past the two Decepticons there and use the space bridge to head back to Earth.

Ironhide's team makes it back OK and they head back to base as fast as they can. Meanwhile the other Autobots see that Optimus isn't going to make it at this rate (Sparkplug really shows faith) and then they all find that every known Decepticon on Earth is heading straight towards them. The Autobots go out to fight them, but they know that without Optimus Prime they won't stand a chance. Only Wheeljack and Ratchet remain behind to guard Optimus Prime.

As thought, the Autobots aren't much of a match and soon enough the Decepticons start to take them all out. Ironhide and the others arrive back and Bumblebee takes Chip back inside the base whilst Ironhide and co. get blasted just like all of the other Autobots.

The cosmotron is given to the two Autobot medics who install it into Optimus Prime. Back outside the battle is over and Megatron asks if anyone in the universe will challenge his might. And a voice then speaks out....

...Optimus Prime is back and tells Megatron he'll take him on and Starscream tells Megatron that he or any of the other Decepticons won't be helping since this battle has to be one on one. The two start to fight each other and Megatron ends up being tossed over the edge of a cliff after Prime rams straight into him and then tears out the ground he's standing on.

With Megatron down Optimus forces him to yield and Starscream, who has been enjoying every second of Megatron squirming, orders for the Decepticons to retreat and to take Megatron back to their base for repairs. Whilst the Decepticons will be back to cause trouble in the future, the Autobots have won for now and they've gotten their leader back.

Some weird stuff happens with Reflector in this episode. When Bluestreak blasts one of them, he flies back and hits another and vanishes. This second one then gets blasted back and crashes into the other one, and also disappears leaving only one of them left. This seems to hint at that there is only one "real" Reflector, and the others are Insecticon-like clones. Incidentally you can always tell which one the "real" Reflector is as he has a circular lens at the bottom of his chest.

Also, there are four Reflectors in this episode, rather than the usual three - Starscream shoves one though the space bridge to Shockwave on Cybertron but there are still three shown on Earth who all get beaten up later on.