Roll For It

by Galvatron


With Megatron seemingly destroyed after the events of the previous episode, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons and he, Thundercracker and Soundwave head towards a dam. After smashing though a glass window to get inside the Decepticons scatter the humans and easily blast back the small police force that try to stop them.

Starscream then starts to make some energon but before they can really do anything Optimus Prime and a few Autobots show up and give the Decepticons a good kicking, including Bluestreak simply driving straight into Soundwave and then blasting Starscream. The energon cubes the Decepticons made are also destroyed in the fight and the three Decepticons retreat.

Megatron meanwhile is still alive and is with Shockwave on Cybertron, where the two of them see that Starscream's leadership has been nothing more than a dismal failure. Megatron tells them that he is going to be returning to Earth shortly and they will attack an anti-matter research facility. After Shockwave says goodbye[1], Megatron uses the space bridge to get back to Earth.

Back on Earth Spike, Bumblebee and Chip Chase - the wheelchair bound computer expert who's friends with Spike - arrive at the facility which Megatron was talking about earlier. However, as they have a guard get them past the large security doors by using a code, they don't notice that Reflector is watching them and takes pictures of the guard as he enters the code, and then Reflector transforms and flies off.

Inside the facility the small group meets up with Dr. Alcazar, who developed the anti-matter formula with the help of Chip. He gives Chip a special disk which contains all of the anti-matter data and also lets his computer hook up with the one at the facility. And with that they depart and head back for home.

As they head back they see an object at in the sky which starts to shoot at them, it's Laserbeak! But thanks to Bumblebee driving being up to scratch they avoid becoming roadkill and hide out in an underground parking lot and escape. Laserbeak heads back to Megatron, and because of his failure Bumblebee will no doubt contact Optimus Prime and alert him to the fact that the Decepticons are near the facility, so Megatron orders for their attack to start now. Meanwhile Chip returns home to warn Dr. Alcazar about the Decepticons.

Meanwhile Starscream and Soundwave are repairing Thundercracker in a hangar by stealing parts from other planes, but then Prowl and Bluestreak arrive having followed them under Optimus' orders. Soundwave then ejects Ravage and with the Autobots outnumbered 2:1 Prowl gets blasted pretty quickly and Bluestreak is attacked by Ravage.

The other Decepticons approach the facility and Reflector lets them all inside. Chip's warning to Dr. Alcazar gets to him just as the Decepticons destroy a wall and Megatron demands the anti-matter formula, but he's too late - Alcazar send the formula to someone else and doesn't have it anymore. Megatron says he'll find out who this someone was soon enough. Of course, Chip's the guy who has it now.

Back at the battle things aren't going so well for the Autobots -Bluestreak beats down Ravage but Prowl gets blasted again and is so damaged that he has to link up with another computer through the Internet and finds Chip's PC. And then Chip someone gets to control Prowl himself, and has him do a load of stylish dodges and turns to avoid Decepticon laser fire. And then what does he get him to do?

Smash open the cockpit of a plane.

Fire off all of the plane's missiles.

Which miss the Decepticons completely and obliterate all of the other planes in the hanger. And you thought Autobots were meant to be the good guys.

Starscream and co. are cowards though and fly off whilst Megatron finally finds out where the anti-matter formula has gone, so he contacts the three Decepticons to go and get it. Soundwave sends out Ravage who smashes into Chip's home, but Chip memorizes the formula and then destroys the disk which is was kept on. Ravage doesn't care though and brings him back outside to Soundwave.

The Decepticons take off and take Chip to the facility just as the Autobots arrive. Rumble warns them that if they try anything, Chip is doomed so they all back off whilst the Decepticons head back in. Behind the facility Optimus gathers the other Autobots together and devises a plan.

Inside Megatron finds it amusing that Chip has tried to hide the anti-matter formula inside his "primitive brain" and has Soundwave somehow magically extract it, which he soon does. And with that out of the way Chip is no longer and use to them and they now have what they wanted in the first place: anti-matter.

Outside again Rumble is the only Decepticon around and he's on guard duty, so Hound creates a distraction by using his holograms to make a boulder roll around out of nowhere which shifts Rumble's attention away for a few moments, letting Bumblebee sneak past him and inside the facility. Mirage then starts saying things which again distract Rumble who gets confused and wonders what's going on and where these mysterious voices in his head are coming from.

The Autobot's rescue attempt may have come to late though as Megatron uses the formula to create anti-matter energy, which he instantly starts to use to fill up some energon cubes. As this is happening, a voice from behind them is heard and Megatron sees many Hounds - Megatron just starts to shoot everywhere but no one knows which one is the real Hound so the shots pass through the holograms and blow up the wall behind them.

As the Decepticons are busy Bumblebee and Spike arrive and rescue Chip from being killed by Thundercracker, and Bumblebee transforms and takes the two humans with him as Hound and Mirage follow them out of the facility, despite the Decepticon's attempts to stop them.

With Chip now safe, Optimus transports a load of Autobots in his trailer and batters down part of the outer wall, and then lets everyone off to attack the Decepticons. But just as the Autobots arrive to where Megatron is, Megatron throws just one anti-matter powered energon cube at them which causes a massive explosion.

With the Autobots battered by the power of the explosion Optimus orders an immediate withdrawal from the facility, and the injured Autobots transform and rollout back to base. Ratchet and Sparkplug start to fix up everybody but they all know that Megatron and the Decepticons will be here any minute to finish them all off for good.

Chip's all upset that Megatron got the formula because of him, but Wheeljack comes along and tells him that it wasn't his fault and that he's got something he's working on that Spike and Chip can help him out with. Meanwhile Teletraan-1 picks up the Decepticons on radar, so the Autobots head outside and start firing upon then.

But since the Decepticons are all powered-up with all of this anti-matter energon they have created, the Autobots can't do much other than take hits. With this is mind some of them remain back to put Wheeljack's invention into work.

Optimus thunders along in his truck mode and then Brawn, who is hiding in a ditch, uses his strength to propel Optimus straight into Starscream, knocking Megatron out of his hand. Skywarp then picks up Megatron and is about to shoot Spike straight in the head but Chip rolls along and attaches the device Wheeljack made to Skywarp.

The device starts to work and Teletraan-1 takes over Skywarp's systems, who can't control himself anymore and starts to shoot at Rumble. The worst news for Megatron yet is that as this happened, the computer also managed to overload the anti-matter energon inside Megatron, who drops all of it... straight onto the rest of the Decepticons. It explodes and all the Decepticons are defeated.

And so Megatron has all of the Decepticons retreat, as the Autobots start to celebrate and Optimus Prime welcomes Chip to join their crew. The end of the episode has Megatron moaning that one boy ruined his entire plan, but soon revenge and victory will be his.

This may have been the first episode Akom animated. You can always tell when it's an Akom episode because the animation is extra crappy.

This episode is one of the most famous in the entire animated history of Transformers:

One of the most memorable mistakes is that when Soundwave congratulates Ravage for brining Chip to him, his voice sounds just like Dr. Claw because it hasn't been through it's sound processing.

There's then the matter of how much damage the Autobots - the supposed good guys - do to human stuff:

[1]The part where Shockwave says goodbye to Megatron makes it look like Shockwave might have it in for him, but this is never touched upon in the series again. Which is a shame to me as Shockwave never gets to do much other than be Megatron's bitch.

There's then the matter of Chip, who may be from the future and have super powers. His computer is quite simply amazing for 1984, as it has life like graphics, can connect to the Internet and lets him control robots with ease. And Chip himself manages to memorise the entire Anti-matter formula by just looking at it once. And then, of course, there's this:

He manages to tear apart a floppy disk with his bare hands, and rip it apart as if it was tissue paper. Can YOU do that?