The Ultimate Doom, part 2


Cybertron is now in Earth's orbit as most of the Autobots and Decepticons see their home planet for the first time in millions of years. Sparkplug explains to Spike how the Decepticons have done it and asks his son to join him in helping the Decepticon cause, but again he refuses. As the two sides resume fighting each other Megatron tells Soundwave to use his audio disrupter waves...

These waves are able to stun the Autobots but due to them being broadcast everywhere the Decepticons can't fight any more either. Wheeljack and Brawn notice that the humans are no longer trying to fight them either and are instead running away, seemingly freed of Arkeville's mind control device. Arkeville notices what is going on and just decides he'll have to get more slaves. The only human not to run off is Sparkplug, who gets a ride on Skywarp before the waves hit him.

As the Autobots clear out Megatron is about to give Thundercracker his orders when Starscream gets whiney saying they could have just crushed their foes there and then. Megatron isn't in the mood for being told what to do and threatens to destroy him if he doesn't shut up. At the Decepticon base Arkeville us busy putting a hypno-chip into a slave and then tells Megatron he needs more people so he can have more slaves.

As more humans are captured by the Decepticons, Arkeville soon has more slaves and starts to put them to good use by collecting energon from all the disasters happening across the Earth as a result of Cybertron being in the planet's orbit, for example, electricity from lightning storms is collected. Meanwhile the Autobots feel the wrath of the disasters and an earthquake has Bumblebee hanging onto a ledge which Spike also ends up falling into.

Laserbeak then jets in out of nowhere and takes Spike and as Bumblebee tries to climb out, he slips and falls. Now you'd think the Autobots wouldn't fire at Laserbeak as they might hit Spike, which is exactly the reason given in Transport to Oblivion but here, Bluestreak doesn't seem to care and starts taking pot shots.

Laserbeak drops Spike, who somehow lands in Hound. Spike takes the Autobots back to where Bumblebee was and Hound uses a machine I could make several rude jokes about but I won't to find their friend, and Windcharger uses his tractor beam to pull Bumblebee up. With that little problem out of the way the Autobots head back to base.

Megatron has Skywarp filled up with energon cubes and puts Sparkplug in the cockpit which doesn't go down well with Arkeville as he doesn't want his slaves sent off Earth as he can't control them. But Megatron says that the computer Arkeville uses to control their minds has been duplicated on Cybertron, so it isn't just his computer any more. As Arkeville leaves the room, he reminds Megatron that their agreement is that he will get the Earth when the Decepticons are finished with it. Megatron agrees to this but as Arkeville leaves he quietly says "what's left of it!" before start to laugh.

More disasters happen across the planet and whilst most of the Autobots can't battle the elements, Wheeljack knows who can - the Dinobots! Soon Grimlock, Snarl, Sludge, Slag and Swoop are all called out and Optimus orders them to go and try to stop things from being destroyed. After some consideration Grimlock leads the Dinobots out to start their mission.

Optimus finds Spike worrying about his father and why humans are working for the Decepticons but they don't have much time to talk it over as an explosion inside the base is heard as Wheeljack finds out that the volcano their ship is stuck in has become active again! Most of the Autobots run outside and turn around to see...

...Ratchet, Huffer and Windcharger being blown out of the base. Skyfire transforms and saves them all whilst Ironhide heads back inside and stops the molten lava from spewing by covering it up with a large amount of rocks. This makes it safe for the Autobots to head back inside as Wheeljack hopes that the Dinobots are doing well in their efforts to stop the natural disasters.

And it's at this point we see how the Dinobots are getting on as they attempt to stop another tidal wave by blocking it off. They all start to make trenches and place down lots of tress to try and stop the wave and it works, as when the wave hits the debris the Dinobots put down stops the wave from wiping them out.

Later on Optimus Prime has somehow found out that Sparkplug has been taken to Cybertron*, and when Spike is told this he demands to take Skyfire there to save his Dad. Optimus eventually lets him go, along with Wheeljack, Trailbreaker, Ironhide, Brawn and Bumblebee, to try and rescue Sparkplug and find out how the Decepticons are controlling humans. Soon they all board Skyfire who takes off and heads straight to Cybertron.

Skyfire lands on Cybertron and all the other Autobots get out to plot their plan of action. But Spike being the dum-dum that he is wanders off and falls through a trap door so Bumblebee and Brawn head down after him as none of the other Autobots can fit.

The Autobots are separated and Brawn leads Bumblebee and Spike through some corridors and eventually they end up inside a Decepticon base complex where they find out about the hypno chip and how the chip is used to control humans. Brawn contacts Wheeljack and says how they've found out about how the Decepticons have gotten humans to work on their side but then...

...Sparkplug comes into the room and sees Spike, but he no longer sees him as his son, but just an intruder and before Spike or any of the Autobots can stop him, Sparkplug runs across to a switch and activates an alarm. And that concludes part 2.

The subtitle for this episode in it's script is "Search".

*It's not revealed who exactly told Prime this. Maybe it was Ultra Magnus!