War of the Dinobots

by Ragey


Chip Chase and his scientist buddy Jeff are having a grand old time looking to the stars with their space observatory telescope thing, when Chip sees what Jeff brought him here for: A meteor that's giant, headed straight for Earth, and apparently pretty weird. Just to be on the safe side, the Autobots are called in to make a plan and save the Earth from potential disaster.

And we're not even a minute in!


Chip informs them that the meteor will land sometime tonight and is pulsing with magnetic energy, making it a prime target for the Decepticons, so they'll have to get there before them and also bring the Dinobots along just for some brawn on the team. The Decepticons, meanwhile, are replaying footage of their last embarrassing defeat at the stubby hands of the Dinobots, Megatron claiming it was because they lacked strategy and ignoring the fact that they're frickin' fire-breathing robot dinosaurs. Thus, he sends Soundwave out to find a flaw in them to take advantage of.

He arrives in the abandoned city where the meteor is expected to land, overhearing the Autobots' discussions and Spike just sounding stupid before the meteor hits, destroying an empty mill in the process. Optimus blasts a fragment of the meteor off for Wheeljack to examine at the ark before rolling out, leaving the three Dinobots to guard the meteor from any Decepticon activity.


Optimus mentions to Spike how proud he is of the Dinobots on the way back, saying how he'd like to have two more built (how specific!), so Chip starts choosing dinosaurs for consideration when they arrive back, ending up with a stegosaurus and a pteranodon. Ratchet and Wheeljack approve of these choices and set to work on building them immediately, while Sparkplug demonstrates just how uncultured he is.

Back in the city, Soundwave initiates a brain scan (also used in Roll For It!) to see what the Dinobots are currently thinking: Slag wants to fight enemies, Grimlock feels he is stronger than Optimus Prime, and Sludge obeys whoever is the strongest, though Megatron words this all a little more negatively. He aims to use those flaws to turn them against Optimus Prime and then make them help in extracting the energies from the meteorite, having a merry old chuckle before setting out to put those plans into action.


Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp pester the big lugs for a couple of minutes until Megatron arrives, claiming he does not want to fight and they are superior to him, but they are also stronger than Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots. After waiting a year for the Dinobots to slur out a response, they accept this position of superiority and now serve the Decepticon cause! The jets also fly off with the meteorite to sap it's energy elsewhere.


Meanwhile, the two new Dinobots are nearly finished when Wheeljack contacts Optimus Prime, demanding Chip and Trailbreaker to come with him to his lab, as the meteorite fragment is bursting with unstable energy and is likely to detonate! Trailbreaker saves the day by covering it in a force field, restricting the range of the explosion; Chip believes that if the entire meteorite is going to follow the same routine, the entire Earth could be in danger!


Prime sets out to the meteorite as the Autobots finish work on the new Dinobots, going outside to showcase them. Snarl, the stegosaurus, wields a gun sword in his robot mode, while Swoop, the pteranodon, has missiles! And with those abilities, they mop the floor with the Autobots during their test run. Prime, meanwhile, arrives at the city to find the meteorite and the Dinobots missing, but is shot with laser fire before he can contact his crew.


Slag reveals himself to be the perpetrator, claiming he isn't so fond of his old leader anymore, and neither are his two homies, and they proceed to kick his ass into next week. Prime is reluctant to fight them, but he barely scratches them when he finally does, even when he throws a brick wall into Slag's face, and is eventually brought to his knees. Being warriors of true honour...


They just shoot him again.

With Prime seemingly dead in a ditch, Slag is intent to melt him down, though Grimlock stops him for reasons beyond his own understanding. They instead carry him out of the ditch, contact Megatron about Prime's defeat and fly over them to give him this token of their superiority.

The Decepticons, meanwhile, are filling energon cubes with the meteor's contents, Starscream believing it all to be a bad idea as usual and getting mocked by his leader, only for the Dinobots to arrive with their leader. Megatron questions them why Optimus is still alive, leading Grimlock to claim they'll demolish him when the time is right. Starscream, once again, is doubtful he'll ever bother, and gets a shot in the chest from the Dinobot in reply. Too weak to do much of any use, Optimus tries to warn Megatron of the meteor's explosive state, only to get laughed at in his face.


Back at the Ark, Chip worries for Optimus and how he isn't answering their calls, only for Wheeljack to inform them that Teletraan-1 has found the new location of the meteorite, ready to blow and everything, but they aren't quick enough to get there. Of course, all they have to do is hint at who can, look at them, and Swoop and Snarl take to the skies. Meanwhile, Megatron gloats over what a great energy source the meteorite is, when






Starscream doesn't have time to be sassy before Swoop and Snarl arrive on the scene, the three converted Dinobots told to teach them a lesson in pain, both sides receiving equal amounts of beatings. Prime and Starscream, however, are paying more attention to the unstable meteor, which looks ready to blow!


Showing great courage in the face of danger, the Decepticons make a hasty exit and leave the Autobots to their doom, while Prime leaps and shoves Grimlock out of the way of the exploding meteorite. Though the chunk that Wheeljack examined actually exploded, this one seems to just send chunks flying all over the place, starts a few earthquakes and rockslides while blowing Megatron and discoloured Starscream out of the sky.


With the danger passed, Grimlock realises that Prime risked his life for him, even though he tried to kill his former leader, and begins badmouthing Megatron about how he tricked them into doing bad things. Instead of being wise and pulling the "well that's a matter of opinion" card, the leader of the Decepticons realises he's dealing with robot dinosaurs here, and makes an official exit.


The other Autobots arrive on the scene and are delighted to see their leader safe and sound, while Grimlock apologises to Optimus Prime for being such a bad egg, and was merely jealous of his leadership skills. Optimus blows the whole thing off like it were nothing, and they all roll home for some rest and recuperation.

So much for an Earth destroying meteorite am i rite


I know, I know; Transformers is full of errors of every kind, but Mirage is shown among the crew when you see the overhead shot of them arriving at the lunar observatory, and just vanishes after that shot, though Hound is coloured like him a couple of times.