Ultimately, there are barely any characters in the movie, what with it only being an hour long, and there's only four or five of them that regular appear, plus it's hard to get anyone mixed up with their generic personalities, but this is just here to keep up with completion, y'know. And to have unfitting comparison images.


Sonic the Hedgehog (voiced by Martin Burke) has an attitude and he's either faster than sound or merely more than anything around, depending on what verse of that song you consider canon. He also has the hots for Sara, cares little for the elderly and likes to get the world endangered thanks to listening in on conversations he shouldn't have been.

Tails the Fox (Lainie Fraiser) can fly thanks to being gifted with two ass extensions, and speaks like he's got an eternal nose cold; he's also a technical wiz kid and built his own plane and landing strip, taking inspiration from the Tracy family, though he can't explain crazy robotics without confusing us all.

Knuckles the Echidna (Bill Wise) is the guardian of the Master Emerald and the sole remaining echidna in the games, but is merely a hat-wearing treasure hunter in the movie, similar to Rouge from Sonic Adventure 2, minus the sass and the heaving rack. He's also one of the few characters that doesn't get into embarrassing sexual antics with Sara.


Old Man Owl (Charles Campbell) is a senile old coot who nearly kills himself informing our heroes of the President wanting to see them, and is left to look after the place while they set out. After a run-in with Metal Sonic and pulling mad dance moves, he's inexplicably brought along to the battle scene and nearly dies again. He's crazy!


As ruler of the Planet Freedom, Mr. President (Edwin Neal) doesn't exactly invoke the image of a great one, what with him giving in to the threats of terrorists, and then nearly killing himself after flying to a battle scene for no reason at all. He's also content to let his daughter hang out with a videogame playing mad scientist.


Sara (Sascha Biesi) is the cat girl dressing daughter of an obese elf man, romantically interested in a pintsized blue thing that's apparently a hedgehog, happily obliges to marry a terrorist after being supplied with a wedding dress, and is frequently groped by him along with a snot-nosed fox boy. God damn it, Japan!


The president's lackey shows up to give Mr. President visual contact with Sonic's house, provides him with that after saying his sole two words of dialogue, and that's all he does. He's also a crazy looking elf guy, meaning Planet Freedom is weird.

Scientist extraordinaire Dr. Robotnik (Edwin Neal) aims to conquer Planet Freedom for his own unexplained desires, building Hyper Metal Sonic as a way to sort out the real Sonic and also cause some good ol' fashioned mayhem, and has a thing for females who aren't at a legal age of consent. He does have some awesome expressions to make up for that, though.

Hyper Metal Sonic (Gary Dehan) is the robot equivalent of Sonic, knowing everything there is to know about him and even sharing his emotions and feelings, though doesn't really express that outside of giving him jollies when seeing Sara's undergarments. He dies a lot less embarrassingly than in Sonic CD, and the "hyper" title was presumably added to fill the Japanese syllables (me-ta-ru so-ni-ku). Just a hunch!


Metal Robotnik isn't so much a new character as one that's made out to be; Robotnik claims this metal clone of him threw him out of the Land of Darkness, but it's just a giant mech he controls from inside. It shits glue!