Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie


Hyper Metal Sonic makes no hesitation in starting a mess, burrowing some lava out immediately while Sonic approaches, and turns his attention to him. Sadly, the fight isn't particularly interesting since a large chunk of it is just two streaks of light bouncing across the screen (cost cutting!), but Sonics does say a really stupid line, so all is well.


They take the fight to the air, with Metal crashing his head through Robotnik's ship and getting an eyeful up Sara's dress, which naturally results in hilarity from Sonic's end. Robotnik uses this opportunity to grab Sonic, but ends up missing, tilting the ship and sending Sara spiralling downwards into the arms of Knuckles. Tails then flies in on the Tornado and skims it against Metal, releasing Sonic from his grip and giving Robotnik the chance to use his animal themed missiles!


The rabbit missile streaks forward and gets a direct hit on the Tornado, while the turtle missile has barely even left the ship by that time. Knuckles, meanwhile, has fallen on his ass thanks to the ice and Robotnik's attempt at swiping Sara back is foiled by Tails, who sweeps them away in a snowball thanks to rolling down a cliff. After yet another "lol pervert" joke involving Tails landing on Sara's chest, Sonic and Metal gain the spotlight again.


Not in the most pleasant way, though.


After getting a diving kick on Metal and driving him into the ice, more lava starts pouring through, and with this movie's version of a Scooby Snack, a kiss from Sara, Knuckles is sent to take care of it and directs it elsewhere. Sonic arises from the ice, only to be raised into the air and choked by Metal, allowing Tails to finally make use of his altered navigator and stall Metal, giving Sonic the perfect opportunity to slam him.


Metal is sent flying, and albeit the anti-climatic end, it looks like troubles are over for the minute. Until the President's ship just happens to fly by and crash into the ice near the lava flow with the possible chance of it exploding! The two fly up there to sort it out, only for Metal to knock them out of the sky, and their plans are further foiled by Robotnik flying by and blasting the navigator, therefore preventing the ol' mind screwing up tactic! Looks like a flat-out brawl is the only answer, then.


With Metal in rough shape, the fight goes in Sonic's favour, where he manages to drop a few sneaky attacks on the doppelganger, as well as engaging in a ridiculous whack-a-mole session with Knuckles. Managing to direct his flight path, he sends Metal flying into the shuttle, causing it to explode. Thankfully, using Sonic's emotions, Hyper Metal Sonic retrieves the President and Old Man Owl from the shuttle and drops them to safety, but is still intent on finishing him off.


However, a piece of debris knocks him down near the lava flow, Sonic following him after. Metal slowly crawls upwards and extends a hand to Sonic, but Knuckles pulls him back for fear of being lured into a trap. His hand and Metal's touch, but Metal smacks it aside, and gives him the glowing eye treatment. "There is only one Sonic," he utters, before being engulfed by the lava.

A dramatic moment that's ruined by Hyper Metal Sonic also sounding like a dork.


Everyone gathers on a cliff to look at the scene of destruction, with Sonic feeling sorrow for his robotic doppelganger's demise, though Sara and Tails try to cheer him up, and remind him that he has saved the world, after all. Robotnik shows up again, pulling out a data disc that still has Sonic's data on it, claiming next time he will build an even stronger Metal Sonic, with no weaknesses and pure power, making it unstoppable!


And then turtle missile returns and explodes.


Everyone laughs over this act of idiocy, and Knuckles lugs Sonic on the noggin as payback for during the fight with Metal, and they chase after each other. Robotnik naturally doesn't want his own friend to catch him and joins the hunt, only for the rest of the cliff-watching crew to hop in and want a piece of the blue hedgehog for whatever reason. Sonic decides "screw this, I'm going home" and runs into the screen, landing us with some credits and a pretty catchy tune. Movie over!

Robotnik apparently felt the need to dress in his normal garb to gloat about the Sonic data disc, but Sara never gets her original outfit back, the dirty dog.