Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie


The ball of energy continues to crackle and hum, and when it dissipates, Hyper Metal Sonic stands before his fleshy counterpart. Everyone makes sure to point out the obvious, and Robotnik's laugh is heard in the distance as blue fire inexplicably forms in the air and zoom to one corner, where Metal Robotnik's tattered remains rise again.


Of course, this is all relatively pointless, as the robot drones lifting it up are crushing as it topples over, splitting in two and crumbling to pieces, revealing Robotnik and Sara again, the latter of which who explains to them that the generator and Metal Robotnik were all part of a diabolical plan and she wasn't aware that's what the machine was. Robotnik is much more blunt about the topic than he was before, happily stating this is where the spiky rodent will die. Before he can receive a fat lip, Metal Sonic stops any approach while the egg-shaped villain explains that the green shield was actually copying Sonic's life data, transferring it into Hyper Metal Sonic, therefore making his creation complete. And thus, everyone slips away quietly while the two Sonics duel.


I think it should go without saying that in anime, whenever one encounters a new threat, they get their ass handed to them with no struggle at all, and that hasn't changed here. After a brief pummelling, Metal grabs Sonic and drags out through the ceiling of the building, where Tails attempts to follow after, though Knuckles convinces him not to since there's no chance they could scratch that thing at all, or even catch him for that matter.


Meanwhile, Robotnik is flying away in his tiny little ship with Sara captive and wishes to show her just badass his creation is, who is now fighting Sonic on the cliffs and clubs him into the depths with a rotating kick. After a serious moment of pausing, Metal's HUD lightens the mood and Robotnik is beyond delighted at how Sonic will "no longer be a pain in my egg!"

Tails and Knuckles return through the warp zone to get the Tornado and return home, much to the echidna's confusion.


Back at Sonic's pad, Old Man Owl is enjoying his night relaxing on the beach, only for Sonic to return home unexpectedly. Needless to say, his nearsightedness eventually realises this isn't Sonic, and we hear the ever foreboding scream. Meanwhile, Sonic awakes in a forest, remembering that he's meant to stop Metal, while the President watches in horror at the ruined cities around him, believing this to be the work of Metal Robotnik.


Tails and Knuckles arrive back, seeing the place totalled and also blaming Robotnik for the mess, and go to check up on Old Man Owl. He's doing A-OK, albeit with wacky fashion sense, claiming Sonic arrived last night and forced him into his favourite slacks and flew away. "He flew away? Metal!"

After briefly checking up on Robotnik to see him admiring Metal's destruction, Tails is looking inside the navigator Robotnik gave him, claiming that it and Hyper Metal Sonic use the same kind of parts, so with some tinkering could be used to their advantage. He then waffles a bit more on how the mixing of Sonic's life data into Metal's has given him the knowledge of the blue hedgehog's likes, dislikes, personality and whatnot, and the fact he arrived at South Island to give Owl his clothes can be explained by him reacting to Sonic's thoughts. In simpler terms, they are experiencing the same things, like two people with the same mind, or twins as Tails puts it.

Robots are confusing.


The President is receiving reports on all kinds of attacks, along with blurry photographic evidence of a blue, spiky, hedgehog-like perpetrator. He puts Sonic's house on the communicator, only to get a dancing Old Man Owl and rather pissy Knuckles talking, and can't get a straight answer as to Sara's whereabouts or what happened to Metal Robotnik.

Elsewhere, Robotnik has provided Sara with wedding clothes, his reason being whenever the Land of the Sky is completely obliterated, they'll be the only ones left!


It's a fairly jolly landscape for a decimated dimension.


Put yourself in Sara's shoes and think about it.


The President has the matter explained to him with the help of Tails, and Knuckles provides his street smarts by stating Metal's target will be in the Northern hemisphere, where streams of lava lie under the ice and if the ice were to be punctured, the lava would flow outside and melt the ice, stripping the planet of it's backbone and hurling the continents into space, where'd they would disintegrate into nothingness. Science!

Of course, if they were to tell Sonic this, Hyper Metal Sonic would also know, and it just so happens that Sonic pops up at the President's palace, heard every word and just doomed the entire world. Good going, jerk face. If it's any consolation, as soon as the President hears the news that "Sonic" has been seen heading to the north, the real Sonic heads there too to stop him. With the Tornado fixed up and the navigator adjusted to tamper with Metal's memory banks, Tails and Knuckles follow after. Time for the battle of a lifetime, perhaps!

I really do think it goes without saying how disturbing it is for Robotnik to be marrying Sara. It's one thing to simply be marrying her, but the fact he's looking quite intently at her breast feeding a child is just plain privacy invading.