Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie


Arriving from the portal, things aren't quite what they expect; despite being told these are ancient relics, they're in a particularly modern city, albeit with crumbling pavement, moss growing on skyscrapers and an utter lack of life to be found. Finding a lookout point, they then realise that the "relics" are sinking into the ocean, thanks to the robot generator causing disturbances under the ground, so they head on their way ONLY TO BE KILLED


Well, blasted backwards from an energy shot anyway. This is the doing of Metal Robotnik! After gloating for a brief moment and declaring his intent on finishing off the two, he tries doing precisely that, only to fail thanks to their speed giving them teleportation abilities, apparently, so they just warp around while he shoots blindly. Despite relishing in the moment, Sonic claims he hasn't got time to play games with a giant robot, so Tails uses the navigator to find a quick path, and they set off.


Of course, that would only make sense. They feel the need to piss him off with a one finger salute and telling him they'll finish the fight off some other time instead of making a simple getaway.


So Metal Robotnik grows some wings, two jet boosters and the intention of FUCKING THEM UP.


Despite the wings, jet boosters and his gatling gun finger tips, Metal Robotnik continues to fail in every way imaginable. Crushing them doesn't work, they're too quick to grab, and those gatling guns never work in anything, ever. It's only when he brings out the rib cage missiles that he finally succeeds in stalling them, by blowing up the bridge and forcing them to grind to a halt. He looms over them.


"Ha ha ha ha ha! Don't think you're safe yet, I'm well aware that neither of you can swim!"

And the duo manage to grab onto remnants of girders while pretending to drown.

Instead of sounding like every forum goer ever and analysing how this would work exactly in every minor detail, I'd just like to say that although I've never drown in my life (there's always hope!), I don't think one says "I'm drowning!" when they do. Especially when the only help you'd get would be from a giant robot who put them in that situation in the first place.


The two pull themselves back to land, where Metal Robotnik laughs at what a ridiculous trick it was they pulled and how they thought he fell for it, and proceeds to spray glue at them from his ass. Tails gets stuck to a gate while Sonic gets exploded by a number of missiles, grabbing the attention of a familiar face. Fox boy looks like he's about to be schooled, but our spiky blue hero comes riding back on a missile and aims it right up the robot's glue hole, which only helps spray the stuff everything and stick him solidly to the ground. Good going, genius.


Metal Robotnik comes stumbling back with a shattered face and penetrated armour, but aiming to properly kill Sonic this time, even if he is already drowning thanks to the submerging land. Conveniently, Knuckles pops up and kicks the big bastard down while freeing Tails from his glue trap and letting him save Sonic, though his tails are still stuck together, preventing him from his signature ability. Instead, he grabs a stone fragment and uses it as a not-jet-propelled body board and tries pulling him free, while Knuckles continues to kick Robotnik into submission.


Of course, good things must come to an end as Knuckles' perfect streak is foiled by being glued, but convenience strikes us yet again with Sonic suddenly bursting free and sawing the hand that crushes the echidna. With this much damage, Metal Robotnik finally decides that he's losing just by a hair, and makes a getaway. Sonic just cannot accept this, and with the help of Tails and Knuckles (who can fly!) he starts burrowing around inside the mechanical creep, forcing him to explode and land in the ocean.


And out of the wreckage pops not-Metal Robotnik and Sara, the former of which vows revenge and claims the plan-foiling creatures will be meeting a more dangerous threat when they arrive at Robotropolis, while Sonic and Knuckles share laboured dialogue. The sun begins setting, revealing Robotropolis to the three of them, and they set off towards it, Knuckles tagging along simply because he didn't want them going alone. And we're treated to a fadeout that really makes it obvious this was originally two separate videos combined into one. See the Introduction page for details!


Arriving in however long that fadeout was, they promptly head inside and are immediately ambushed by snail Badniks which Knuckles is left to take care of while Sonic and Tails head to the generator, which only has twenty seconds left before exploding! Sonic, the natural showoff, manages to deactivate it with only one millisecond remaining, even though Knuckles offered his assistance, but things don't go quite as planned.


The power to the city goes dead, as expected, but Sonic is encased by a green shield, apparently in pain. Knuckles once again offers his assistance to bust him out, but the entire generator crumbles and breaks before he can, releasing Sonic but also splitting the ground into huge chunks. Tails and Knuckles manage to save him and bring him to steady ground, making sure he's alright. He's doing fine, but judging from the glowing, reactive ball of energy in front of them, it doesn't look like he'll be in that state for long!

See those snail Badniks?

Someone on SWS2B thought they were beta related because of similar enemies appearing in unused graphics. I don't really have much to say about the matter, just thought I'd mention.