Due to being more story-orientated than the cameo-heavy Street Fighter II movie, Alpha doesn't have a massive set of characters, focusing mainly on Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sakura and the new character Shun, though there's still a fair amount of side characters to give fans a decent supply of cameos and whatnot.



Ryu, the wandering warrior, begins experiencing the Dark Hadou, a force that swallows him up with deathly intent to his fighting, and he naturally doesn't want any of this to happen to him, so sets about finding a way to rid himself of it. He eventually does!

Ken Masters, the more American of the two companions, simply pops up to pay his respects to his deceased master but also to compete in the fighting tournament, but is sadly booked out. That doesn't mean he can't kick some ass, though!

Detective Chun-Li is assigned to the case of Professor Sadler's wild antics, but is also hoping that she'll encounter her lost father along the way, but merely gets dragged into Ryu's anxieties and troubles, which I'm sure was a barrel of fun. Amusingly, she never wears her Street Fighter Alpha outfit, but her clothes always feature a similar design.


Shun just shows up in front of Ken and Ryu, smiles, and claims he's the latter's younger brother, much to their disbelief. He once fought for money to help his ailing mother, but after she died he merely fought for the thrill of it, experiencing the Dark Hadou, which his father used, and then kind of dies and leaves questions unanswered.


Professor Sadler is the new villain of this adventure, and creates a fighting tournament to bring together the world's best fighters, aiming to suck them dry and insert their powers into his own body, making him the most powerful man there is. Why exactly he does this is lost among his maniacal laughing.

Sakura dreams of being like Ryu, hounds him all over the place and learns from his words of wisdom, but ultimately doesn't do an awful lot thanks to getting her legs busted.

The evil Akuma slaughtered his master in cold blood and let himself become fully acquainted with the Dark Hadou, essentially making him pretty damned heartless. Ryu comes to him for answers on the Dark Hadou and his history, but merely tries to make him accept the Dark Hadou too before leaving.

In a nutshell, Rose supplies Ryu with an extra life in the form of a card, which allows him to subsequently double charge his Hadouken. It's a bit more fancy in the actual movie, but that's what it is, really, simplified.


Sadler's cyborg, named Rosanov in the credits but said nowhere in the film, is one of those guys who can beat you up real easily and take a severe pounding, but one really powerful attack is all it takes to send him out of commission. It takes Ryu two of them for him to be killed for reals!


Wallace is Chun-Li's detective partner, and doesn't do an awful lot aside from think she's looking at naughty pictures, the dirty dog.


Gouken is Akuma's master, who ended up being killed by him, and is only seen in a second-long zoom-in and is only mentioned in past tense.

Shun's opponent in the fighting tournament is a hideously inconsistently sized Zangief, who unsurprisingly beats the crap out of both him and Ryu, and manages to survive the entire building being destroyed, though what happened to him after the floor gave way is unkown.

Birdie gets into an argument with Adon on the plane, beats Dan Hibiki in the tournament, and is then gassed, jailed and has his power sapped, and continues to be beat up by the cyborg before disappearing when the place collapses. Poor Birdie.

Sodom nearly kills himself and every warrior on the plane by driving his truck in front of it. Ken then beats him up.

Dan Hibiki can't catch a break; he gets stabbed a lot by Vega during the first tournament, yet somehow makes it to the second one where he gets choke slammed by Birdie, though he supposedly manages to make it out of the place okay afterwards.


Kei is Sakura's school buddy, who doesn't really approve of anything she does. She appears in the games, but I couldn't be bothered finding a decent image.

Adon argues with Birdie, fights with Rolento, and that's it.

Guy faces off against Dhalsim, and neither of the two say a word.

Rolento demonstrates his lack of pupils in a close-up, but just like a majority of these fighters, doesn't so anything else.

Dhalsim, who you'd think would be important what with the story being about Ryu's inner struggles and so on, doesn't have any input at all. Shame.

Vega slices Dan up real good, but doesn't make it to the final tournament, strangely.