Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation


Ryu stumbles down a lonely path, only to be beaten up by punks simply because he bumped into someone who was urinating, unwilling to defend himself, and is left in a heap. Chun-Li sees him and takes him back to her office, where they discuss the Dark Hadou, and find that's what Sadler was after, hence Shun's kidnapping, where we see him restrained in a device, being shocked and screaming for mercy.

And what better way to follow up an emotional part than with meta-humour! Ibuki wasn't even about at this time, you silly spoons. It could've been passable if Player 2 was someone not featured in the movie, like Hsien-Ko. We see this is just Sakura playing a WonderSwan in her hospital bed, and is being checked upon by Ken. There's the usual serious discussion about Ryu's condition, and Ken suggests to her not to enter the martial arts until she's certain she can cope with it, but what's amusing is that when Ken enters, Sakura throws the WonderSwan away, and when Ken picks it up, both fighters are still playing. Either Sakura has mad psychic skills, or she was trying to learn tricks from the demos. See, there are times I try to make excuses for the production crew instead of nagging about it.

Rose meets up with Ryu again, who talks more about the Dark Hadou and the darkness that is crushing Shun and whether or not Ryu can lift it from him, and then he explains to Chun-Li that if he keeps on fighting, he'll just be consumed by the Dark Hadou, so he must go see someone. However, his absence, the broken window due to a stray Hadoken during Rose's meeting and Chun-Li's tagging along with him all lead Wallace to believe of a kidnapping, while Sakura just ponders over what fighting is. Ryu arrives on a small island with Chun-Li, to meet up with a man to solve his problem.


All they find are a broken-down gym, and lots and lots of disturbing wooden structures with tormented faces. Despite nobody being around, Ryu can sense him, and his presense is made clear by the movement and destruction of several structures. It is Akuma, who pressures Ryu into following in his footsteps, while he denies this rather violently by jumping around and kicking things. Akuma tells him that a true warrior should have all of his powers at the ready, which naturally means Ryu must give into his Dark Hadou. He manages to overcome this, and rather randomly, asks Akuma if he has a family. "Where I walk, I walk alone" is his response. Akuma then vanishes, while Ryu reflects on where his path will lead him.

Ken then pops up, explaining how he got to this obscure island in the middle of nowhere by saying "I knew you'd be here," and questions Ryu on whether he believes he can defeat Akuma, who let the Dark Hadou fully overcome him. Ryu gives no response, and this leads into a fight between them, causing Chun-Li and Sakura, still at her hospital bed, to wonder why Ryu fights and tries to become strong. Their fight ends, and Ryu repeats to Ken that he wants him to kill him if he fully succumbs to the Dark Hadou. Ken nods.


We pop over to Professor Sadler for a moment, who laughs over how if he has the Dark Hadou, he will be totally unstoppable, and proceeds to do a mad scientist laugh. And immediately after, we're in the plane carrying the fighters to Sadler's tournament, featuring a fair amount of cameos, and leads to a discussion between Ken and Chun-Li, about their reasons for coming, while Chun-Li talks about her father and




Thanks to Sodom being an ultimate badass, he almost kills himself and everyone on the frigging plane in a game of chicken. Ken doesn't appreciate this showcase of pure guts and calls him a loser. GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN.


They exit the plane and look about what's meant to be the lab, and see several people walking around brainlessly, acting like small children, which can only lead to a Star Wars quote. Sadler announces to them that the competition to win the prize money will begin, and everyone gets geared up.

Birdie wins the first fight against Dan Hibiki, and is escorted into a building by two guards, who imagines he's just being taken to a dining hall, but ends up being sent to a cell and locked in as knock-out gas seeps in. Ken is naturally suspicious just from the look of the building and plans to sneak in.

Sadler then makes it clear to the viewers at home that the tournament is just to take their various data, and combine it together with the Dark Hadou to bring the world to its knees. Ken's plan of sneaking in isn't all that sneaky, as he just wins a fight, and while being escorted in, Chun-Li and Ryu follow and knock out all but one of the guards, and demand answers. He explains what we all know, and also that the fighters they found when they came in were those that had their data sampled. Horrific.


Ryu senses Shun's chi, and goes off to look for him while Ken and Chun-Li rescue the other fighters, and hear that Birdie is in another cell, where they find him chained up to the same device we saw Shun in earlier, crying out for them to escape while they still can.

The fighters in the tournament are Dan Hibiki, Adon, Birdie, Sodom, Dhalsim, Rolento, and Guy, but only those first four get speaking lines. You'd expect Dhalsim to at least have a minor contribution, but no.

And for the interested, the fights are like so: Dan vs. Birdie, Sodom vs. Ken, Guy vs. Dhalsim, and Adon vs. Rolento. The first two are the only ones with winners, them being Birdie and Ken.


The bad guys still look like the second player from Forgotten Worlds. Must be eager for pain and joined another bad guy group.