Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation


Chun-Li learns of a street fighting tournament in Kabuki Town, and presumes Sadler will be there. Ryu is then told of it from Ken, who claims it was his primary reason for returning to Japan, and Shun wants in on some of that action, even though Ryu states he won't be participating. And then we're treating to another brotherly bonding moment where Ryu shows Shun the correct way of tying a headband, complete with emotional music, dramatic camera angles, mood-setting wind, and dialogue that's meant to be poetic or something, but comes across as a bit much for a fashion statement.

Sakura arrives at the gym, only to find out that Ryu and his crew have just left for Kabuki Town, much to Kei's dismay. Meanwhile, the three of them are having trouble finding the place, so Ken demonstrates how this is so up-to-date by having the internet in his pocket. Shun continues to ask why Ryu won't participate, and claims if one is strong, they have to fight, which causes Ryu to pull that face that's just begging for a lecture to follow it up with.

Thankfully, we finally get some action. Street punks wanna fight Shun until he cries! They do the usual pumping up by walking around them suspiciously, stating how one of them has very expensive sunglasses, and call Shun wimpy. Naturally, this is what causes Shun to pull out the mad kung-fu, kicking people in the face, tripping them, punching them, even overcoming one of them having a knife and a chain, and makes sure to destroy the man's sunglasses. One of the punks gets back to his feet, backing away from Shun, which only provokes more beatings, but Ryu stops him before he can, and then provides his postponed lecture, stating he is not strong, and that is why he fights; he fights himself, he fights against himself. Chun-Li arrives and finds Ryu...


But the movie looks like it's extra nice and has Sakura wander into a bar asking about the street fighting tournament in the town, only for two punks to do the usual punk routine with the threats and dirty words and all that, but what looks like a second fight is cut short by Sakura being a crappy fighter and fumbling her aerial kick. Ken saves her from being kidnapped by kicking them across the bar, and after being asked if he knows the guy with a headband like hers, provides her with Ryu's name.

We're brought back to Chun-Li and Ryu, where the former of them explains what she's up to as they arrive at the tournament, while Ken and Sakura look around for the latter. While Dan gets his ass kicked by Vega, Ken finds out that registration has ended, much to his dismay and allows Sakura to be a total asshole.


The next fight is Shun versus Zangief, and thanks to some really wacky perspective, Zangief looks like a bus. Shun gets off a to a good start, only to be pounded into the ground by the Russian wrestler, which provokes the Dark Hadou inside him, also drawing in Ryu. However, before it can be unleashed, he's grabbed and squeezed for a bit by Zangief, only for Ryu to run in and save him, which then causes him to be beaten senseless by a few spinning pile drivers.


The Dark Hadou is sparked again, and Shun looks like he may go bad, only for him to be Zangief's target again. Ryu, however, fully gives in and charges a fatal Hadoken, but Ken snaps him out of it, allowing him to miss his target and hit the wall, blowing away a third of the building.


Sadler, watching the whole event, expresses desire to own this power for himself. Sakura has broken her leg, so Ken carries him to safety, and Zangief, too stunned to move, ends up on a collapsing piece of floor. Ryu, having saved Shun, questions him on where he learnt of the Dark Hadou, and is told that his father used it.


Ominous foreboding!


A new challenger enters what remains of the ring, and begins battling Ryu, whose moves prove ineffective against him. Ken carts Sakura off to safety, while Chun-Li adds a Kikouken into the mix, only for the warrior to bounce it back at her, and Ryu's Hadoken is given the same treatment, although he evades it. The stranger fires another laser, only for Shun to throw himself in the way of it, which naturally makes him a mite distraught!

He succumbs to the Dark Hadou for, what, the third time now? and charges up another Hadoken, marching forward while avoiding his lasers, getting up close and personal, and vaporises the warrior, blowing up the building again.

Chun-Li checks on Shun and finds that he's merely unconscious, while Ryu worries that he is going down the same path as Akuma, when suddenly, helicopter attack! It fires at Chun-Li for a bit, until some people drop down on cords, swipe Shun and return to the chopper before Wallace can stop them. Chun-Li informs Ryu that Shun is still alive, but not without an obligatory slap, and Ryu falls victim to the shouting loudly for the one who is missing cliché.

Zangief doesn't speak any lines at all, only grunting and groaning.


The warrior looks a lot like Andore from Final Fight, oddly enough.


I'd like to note that the animators made sure to draw Zangief's heaving crotch bulge in his undergarments.

I'm unsure if I should call the animators mucky pups for including it, or call myself that for noticing it. =(


When Sakura sees Ryu at the tournament, she looks really hilarious.

It's a totally different style!

And she looks like a Lemming!