Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation


This work commemorates the 10th anniversary of Street Fighter II.

After being informed of that, we're provided with a few shots Akuma, Ryu and Gouken between the credits, before the walls of a gym blow open. It turns out to be Ryu, who is questioning the evil energy inside him, and thinks of Akuma.

Elsewhere, we pop on over to a city where Sakura and her buddy Kei are talking about stupid crap, such as Sakura's desire to go to America and win a hotdog eating contest, while Ryu looks at the ocean in thought, pondering over the evil deeds that Akuma did.
Back at the gym, an old man is sweeping away leaves when a young boy appears. When asked if he needs any help, he excitedly explains that he's here to see his older brother, provoking the old man to laugh in typical non sequitur anime fashion.

Back at the docks, Chun-Li and her partner Wallace are pounding punks, and a guy grabs a kid as a hostage, only for Ryu to hop in, kick the guy's face in and hand the kid to Sakura to look after. Another bad guy pops a few caps at him, all of the missing, and then funks up his shit. Another guy grabs his gun and is about to fire, but is given an aerial kick to the face, collapsing his ass to the ground. Chun-Li is awed.


Back at her office, she's typing up her report, and is thinking over who the mysterious man was that helped her. Thanks to the magic of government computers, she finds his profile, and reads up about his defeat of Sagat, the Muay Thai champion. Wallace enters, while Chun-Li closes the document, causing the embarrassing "haw haw you're looking at men in their undies" assumption. He then tells her that the punks they pounded were working for Shadowlaw, who are funnelling money to Professor Sadler, a biologist who is gathering fighters from around the world for unknown reasons. Chun-Li completely ignores the subject and believes her father will be there.


We hop back to Ryu, who is wandering a forest path with a bucket of water, when a card falls from a tree and lands him in a bizarre location where clones of a woman are everywhere, whom he tries to punch. When the real one appears, she zaps him with energy and informs him that she is here to foretell his future. "You will soon meet someone who will shape your destiny. And through that meeting you will be changed. Will you grasp the light, or be swallowed by darkness?"


Ryu asks her for her name, and is told it is Rose; he is given a card that can supposedly summon the devil (although the card looks more like it says "the meal" than anything), and warbles on about people overcoming suffering and grasping their heart's desires and all this crap that nobody really cares about because bloody hell her breasts are huge. She then urges him to become more powerful, only for her to look alarmed and the card to disappear, followed by Rose vanishing and landing Ryu back on his path in a daze.
Hey hey hey, it's Ken! They greet each other and the blonde haired companion notes Ryu's out-of-his-head look, while the card floats down to the steps below, with Rose continuing on, saying she was interrupted, and invokes mystery by uttering "will he become the trump card, or...?" Cryptic.


They arrive at the top, where it turns out Ken was there to pay his respects to his master, along with other business. Ryu then gives a sob story of how Master was like a father to him, as he never knew his real parents, and everything he knows he learnt from Master. Ken, noting Ryu dropped his bucket of water, says he'll go get some water and prances down the path like a girl. Ryu, all on his own, begins having the Dark Hadou possess him again, with images of Akuma persuading him to let in; Ken returns, only to find Ryu face down in a crater, with the only person nearby being a small child.


After pulling a wacky face, he realises this is Ryu's younger brother, Shun, and everyone is now back at the gym, where Shun shows Ryu a photo of him and his mother. Ken, ever the womaniser, comments on her looks, while Shun states he used to live with his mother in Brazil, where she would frequently tell him of his brother living in Japan, and how he had to be left with Gouken after he was born. That was the last thing she left him, as she died six months ago, before she could ever meet Ryu. So Shun came in her place.


Cue emotional zoom-out.

Shun hangs out with them for the rest of the day, and the next day they train at the beach. And by train, they punch the air. Ryu's little brother explains that he trained in martial arts after learning his brother did, and goes on to mention his father, but then turns silent. Ken tries to force some information out of him, but the most they learn is that he's still alive before Ryu drops the subject. Shun asks if he may spar with Ryu. He accepts.


Elsewhere, Sakura is still looking for Ryu after seeing him save that kid from earlier, and is running around town for him. Ryu and his homies then have dinner on the roof of the gym, eating the incredibly exotic meal of pork and beans, while Shun further laments about the times he had with mother, remember how mother would look towards the setting sun and pray for tomorrow to be a good day for her, for Shun, and for the Ryu she never got to know.

At night, Ryu once again succumbs to the Dark Hadou, and both he and Shun disappear in the night. Ken, senses the evil chi, and runs off to find them; Ryu is found stumbling around in the woods, and fires several Hadokens at Ken, who realises it is the Dark Hadou that Master told them of, and provides Ryu with a punch in the gut to snap him out of it. Shun arrives on the scene, only for Ryu to warn him not to come any closer.

Ryu is then recalled the warnings of Master to him, how their fighting style was originally made for killing, and the tale of Akuma, who let the Dark Hadou fully take over him, kill his master, Goutetsu, and fights for the pride of the kill. Ken pops in to check up on him, and Ryu wishes for him to be the one to kill him if he fully succumbs to the Dark Hadou. Ken gives no reply.

Strangely, all of the punks Chun-Li and Ryu fight at the docks look exactly the same, except for slightly different colours. And they all bear resemblance to the Player 2 of Forgotten Worlds.