Resident Bongo


In the vastness of space, a human-piloted space shuttle makes its return voyage to Earth... or at least, it seems to, as it just flies around in random directions for a fifteen seconds until it is attacked by a laser beam. A laser beam from a flying fat fiend! Space Bongo assaults the shuttle with laser fire, prompting it to make an emergency crash landing in the ocean...


Where the two pilots are subsequently laser'd to death by the floating Bongo.

Bongo, satisfied with this needless slaughtering of human life, flies back into space... only to be laser'd in the butt! He will not stand for this (because he's in space, see) and roars back to Earth...

... crashing into a giant stone face in the jungle, spawning an army of human-sized Bongos! And they hunger for one thing: Donuts.

Meanwhile, one man is happily living his life roaming his jungle house aimlessly, when a strange sound is heard from outside.


A stampede of Bongos! They swarm his house like flesh-hungry fiends, and he tries to crawl into his roof space for safety... only to fall off like an idiot and get eaten alive. Through unexplained means, his two friends run halfway across the village to check on him, and solemnly leave upon discovering him dead.


And then he gets up.



He eats his two friends, and we have to assume these two friends have a surplus of passports that grant them access to some nondescript city, as the army of Bongos swamp there, munching every slow-moving citizen in their path. Some of the Bongos kill themselves by running into walls.


Suddenly, a new figure enters the scene - a man with a gun! Using this strange and mysterious device fuelled by volatile powder and tiny metal objects, he destroys one of the Bongos, but another begins chasing him. He pumps it full of lead, but it's not dying! At least, it doesn't die until he shoots it like eighty billion times (where the Bongo rather kindly stands still for the entire duration).


Back in the jungle, the poor sap who got mutated into a Bongo (who we'll dub the Billy-Bongo) is harvesting more Bongos to grow bigger and stronger!

Meanwhile, two cops are making out on the side of their car when they are attacking by two Bongos, whose combined strength is so immense that the car explodes.


The city is diving into chaos - Bongos swarm around their prey by various means, either by running there or hijacking taxis, often killing each other in the hunger-fuelled frenzy! Oh, the humanity!


At the police station, the chief suggests they should probably try and do something about this; his subordinate still doesn't think it's a big deal, even after being shown the chaos happening right outside the station. The chief slaps him and tells him that they need to act now - and fast! - but the subordinate kicks him in the face in retaliation, accidentally knocking him out the window.

That convinces him that something must be done. Rather than call in the army, they discover that one random person managed to kill a couple of the Bongos, so they haul him in. He doesn't want to be a hero, but when Bongos storm in and kill the subordinate, he decides "why the hell not."

After assumedly assembling a group of fellow vigilantes who want to stop the Bongo threat (serious emphasis on the assumedly part - we're never told who these new guys are or what their plan is), they commandeer an ambulance and take it to the airport (we can only assume it's the airport!) and then use it to fly to where the Bongo threat originated... by crashing the plane straight into the cliff.


They land unharmed, and have to cross a rickety rope bridge. That's the least of their problems, though - flying Bongos are dive-bombing them! One poor sap gets knocked off to his doom, but on the second go-around the crew start blasting them out of the sky with pistols and rockets.


Another member of the crew is jumped by a Bongo, but our unnamed grinning hero kills it before it does any more damage.

Ignoring the fact there was still one other guy alive, our hero treks it alone, and discovers the humongous Billy-Bongo! It gives chase as well as a giant, morbidly obese monster can...


And the two end up back at the cliff face where the threat started. Our hero climbs up higher and attacks the beast from this vantage point with his trusty rocket launcher; when it climbs upwards to swat at him, the Billy-Bongo gets a face full of missiles, causing it to tumble back down to the ground...


... with a mountain-shattering kaboom. Our hero is blasted right around the face of the earth...

No, seriously, right around it.


... until he arrives back in the city by crashing straight into a building.


The End.

The movie owes more homage to other 3D Movies such as the George Productions series (which I definitely recommend checking out if you're into dumb 3DMM stuff) and When Bongos Attack than Resident Evil, though the director, Todd McInerney, does say in the credits "this movie was inspired by the hit Playstation games Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 by Capcom (awsome [sic] games)". Make of that what you will.


Seriously, none of the characters are named. The hero is just credited as "Hero", and who I assume is the chief of police is credited as "cop kicked out of a window."


You can download the original .3mm file here, or you can just watch it on YouTube like a boring person.