Resident Evil


A cold breeze blows through the empty streets, and there is nary a soul in sight amidst the windy city. A lone police car drives by before settling next to a street vendor's stall - also barren. The driver, Detective Laura Ranquist, surveys the scene. "I wonder where everybody is?"


Suddenly, glass cracks, and unearthly moans emanate from an alleyway - the dead are walking! Despite the fact she's got freakin' SKELETONS and MUMMIES chasing after her, the policewoman merely asks herself "what's wrong with these people?" Even the dogs have it out for her. The tiny, knee-high, adorable dogs.

After pimp-slapping the dog to death, Laura has had enough and begins packing heat, totally exploding the zombies with a single bullet. Despite being very ammo-conservative monsters, she deems it wise to high-tail it into an empty cafe...


Well, empty if you don't count the girl hiding inside. Laura, who explains she's only in the city because there were "strange occurrences" reported, begins querying the survivor. The girl, Elza Walker, is a university student and outside of saying "they told us it would be okay," offers no vital information. Suddenly, skeleton attack! Laura explodes it with her peashooter and the two escape, heading towards the police station.

Thankfully, the police station is just across the street from the café (what convenient geography!) so they run for it, blowing up whatever zombies block their way. More of the flesh-eating bastards are inside, so Laura throws Elza a gun, who despite having no training with firearms manages to kick serious ass (with bullets). A staple of action movie storytelling, or a homage to Resident Evil 2? You decide!


They discover a fellow survivor, Detective Charlie Potter, next to the corpse of his comrade Bobby Hersch, who explains what happened at the police station - they had started work on a chemical steroid named the G-Virus to create the "ultimate super solider" [sic], but some punk called Wesker not only stole it, but poisoned the city's water supply with it. Bobby and Charlie were the only ones who could stop his plans for world domination, but since Bobby's just a big fat corpse now, it looks like it's up our three heroes.


Venturing back into the city, the three are attacked by a hugeass mutant rat. Rather than forcing her to go through some puzzle involving dumping a power generator into a pool of water or anything like that, Laura just shoots it a bunch of times in the face until it keels over. Unfortunately, Elza made the unwise decision of hiding in a building during the scuffle, and is dragged away by zombies before the others can rescue her. The door locks them out, and with no other option, Charlie and Laura are forced to leave her behind as they make their way towards Wesker's base of operations.


Being a man of class, Wesker chose a spooky ol' castle as his hideout, complete with atmospheric monster roars. There are two locked passageways, one of which is hidden in the fireplace, but a quick investigation of the grandfather clock unlocks them. Laura suggests they split up and return to the hallway in half an hour; Charlie gets the short end of the stick by having to crawl through the fireplace.


Laura's path leads her to the chemical lab, where a bright green sample of the G-Virus is just sitting on a counter, incredibly visible. She is rewarded with more skeleton zombies to mow down with her god-mode pistol.


Unfortunately, her next discovery is less fortunate - Charlie is found strapped to a table, and Wesker strolls in, claiming responsibility for this act. He claims he just wants to help the two of them, but Laura isn't falling for it, determined to get him sent to the electric chair for his crimes against humanity. Wesker scoffs at this - he's a master of disguise, he can get out of anything! Besides, he's got an ace up his sleeve...

Elza is in cahoots with him! Yeah, she's been tricking Laura this whole time (not that she actually did much, mind you), and she starts grappling with her before getting a bullet in the heart for her troubles. Wesker decides to up the ante a little by giving her a more emotionally stirring opponent...


A G-Virus infused Charlie! Laura uses this opportunity to blow Wesker away, but Charlie is on the rampage. Laura, refusing to fight her ally, is determined to find an antidote... and as luck would have it, there's an antidote just sitting on the floor in the corner of the room.


She applies the antidote by throwing it at him, which seems to do the job just fine - Charlie returns to normal no worse for wear. He's curious to know what he missed, and Laura says she'll explain it to him later.

Once the dust settles, the two meet up with an FBI agent outside the mansion who claims that even if Wesker did survive about fifteen bullets to the chest, he won't be getting his hands on the G-Virus again.


Agent Wesker!


Wesker's plans for a world-conquering army of zombies wouldn't exactly fare well if they all just explode after a single bullet wound.


As limited as 3D Movie Maker is, I've gotta give props to mczee_3d for being able to set up some nice sequences. The frequent use of establishing shots are quite notable, I feel - how many 3D Movies do you know that make use of them?


You can download the original .3mm file here, or you can just watch it on YouTube like a boring person.