Street Sharks


Quick intro: Four teenagers are turned into anthromorphic sharks with attitude thanks to the crazy Dr. Paradigm, who then believes it to be a good idea to start taking over Fission City with more half-man-half-aquatic-creatures, creating himself three useless imbeciles who he puts his trust in next to his daily city-conquering contraptions. Basically the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if it were made in the 1994 and somehow even more hip, using lingo like jawsome and gene-slammin'.

CHARACTER briefing:

Ripster is both the leader and general tech wiz.

Jab likes to weight lift and play video games.

Slammu is big, dumb, and a whale shark.

Streex is pulsating with what was considered cool in the '90s.

Their resident human partner is Bends, who supplies them with new toys vehicles to advertise.

The aforementioned Dr. Paradigm who also goes by Dr. Piranoid and turns into an ugly beast when he's moody.

And then there's his minions (dubbed Seaviates) Slobster...

and Slash. The only real personality they have is their speech impediments.


Sky Sharks


There's yet another power outage in Fission City, and the ever helpful Guy in the Sky is there to supply his jargon-filled report on the matter, blissfully unaware that the electrics crew below have found the power lines and see giant teeth marks in them, even though it was located ten feet below the surface. The television report blames the Street Sharks for this, but like so many school children they moan about this in their hideout and believe it to be the work of Piranoid's lackeys, and head on over to get a real inspection.


Judging from the previous outages, they arrive at the power station via a shark dive and believe it to be the next target, and are promptly knocked away from below by some kind of eel thing, which proceeds to suck all the electricity from the torn wires. With electricity being a bad thing to play with, our heroes merely wonder what the thing is, only for Streex to be blasted with a few mini-eels from the creature's hands. Jab and Slammu try a Shark Attack (running forward with giant mouths) and just receive the same treatment.

With the eel having sucked the electricity into it's backpack, it makes a getaway while the power generator explodes for no reason. Returning to the surface, they have an inconsequential conversation before shark diving again to follow the eel, only to end up going nowhere, believing the attack they were involved in was a decoy.

Meanwhile at Piranoid's lab, the mad doctor is awaiting one of his late minions to return, only for the eel to show up, apologising for his sluggishness and provides him with a from his energy pack containing ten million volts of electricity. Piranoid slots it into a machine that, when filled completely with energised crystals, will be his greatest masterpiece, nonchalantly insulting his creation while remarking that he isn't all that bad, prompting a flashback!


A dishevelled man approaches the mad doctor, claiming he has no family nor any possessions and then randomly announces "but no one hates the Street Sharks more than me!" This prompts a flashback within a flashback to a previous episode where the Street Sharks and their new gene-slammed shark buddy who's a rocker (long story (well only about twenty two minutes long)) are fighting Piranoid's goons in the man's hotel, eventually causing the whole place to collapse thanks to their antics.

Returning to the first flashback, the hotel owner came to supply his body to the science lab, but Piranoid claims he can fulfil his destiny, and proceeds to do so by gene-slamming him with a moray eel and an electric eel, dubbing him his most spectacular creation yet ("next to myself, of course.") and naming him Repteel. The eel monstrosity is eternally in his debt, and is more than happy to help him with his war against the Street Sharks!


Back to the present, Repteel is supplied with another crystal and sent to collect some ball type thing for Piranoid, while over at the Street Shark hideout Bends has built a jetpack and a hover jet thing for Jab and Streex, to assist them in their mission to find out what Dr. Piranoid is up to with all that energy Repteel is sapping for him, along with communicators that also double as devices that detect the eel's presence. After two minutes of them roaming around the city in their fancy vehicles and not doing much of anything, Streex finally detects the sinister slithery subordinate and plans to break his nose...


Only to end up crashing into a lamppost after the commercial break. He and Repteel get into a scrap, the eel using his projectile mini-eels while the shark wields a pipe and garbage can lid as a shield, only for a bus of university students to stop by to watch the fish fight. Punishing them for this idiocy, Repteel tears out a utility pole and drops it on the bus, trapping the morons inside while giving him the opportunity to sock Streex against a parking metre.


The other Street Sharks arrive at the scene, Jab, Slammu and Streex pummelling the bad guy with projectiles using a ridiculous amount of repeated footage and way too many announcements of "feeding frenzy!" until Repteel decides to simply get his ass out of there. After freeing the kids from the bus (who are actually called kids, despite being university students), Ripster realises that Jab has followed after Repteel's signal via the sky, and they should be doing the same.


Jab follows the signal on the communicator, finding that Repteel has discovered the secret government stealth lab that they keep denying exists, and is going to tear his way in from below. And what's worse is that the security defences are firing at Jab, completely ignoring the creature inside that's just uncovered what Piranoid ordered: The world's most advanced super computer!

Jab flies in through the hole Repteel made, only to get blasted aside while security officers enter the room, and instead of focusing on the big eel thing with the backpack and the world's most advanced super computer in his claws, they fire upon the giant hammerhead shark. Makes sense. Jab flies through the hole in the roof that Repteel escaped through...

Only to somehow fly into range of a Seaviate piloted helicopter, which somehow has Repteel inside, even though he was just in the base a second ago and can't fly. Repteel and Slobster argue over who gets to blast the shark, allowing Streex to fly in on his jet and blast them. After firing heat-seeking missiles that take five seconds before flying into walls, Repteel re-energises the weakened helicopter with his projectile eels and they make a getaway via smokescreen.


This happens to jam the radar of the sharks' devices, but doesn't exactly mean a whole lot thanks to Jab simply ploughing through the mist and through the door of their chopper, thanks to the smokescreen jamming their own radar, and wrestles with Repteel for a bit before falling out of the helicopter and landing with no injuries at all.


Repteel refuses to give up now, firing more mini-eels, but Jab gets sick of this shit and simply slams him with a tree. Ripster and Slammu arrive with a net to capture the freak, while Streex lands down to report that he lost sight of the helicopter in the smokescreen, meaning they still have the super computer.


With the villains gone for today, the Street Sharks pop on over to the police station with Repteel and allow the police chief, who happens to be a good buddy of theirs, to lock him up in an ultra reinforced steel originally intended for our misunderstood heroes. Laughing the matter over like good pals, the sharks leave and head on over to Humongo Burger to contemplate Piranoid's use of the super computer for all of four seconds, believing it'll be trouble in store for them in the future.


And just to prove it is, here's Piranoid himself to verify! Marching forward to the computer we saw earlier with the super computer, he claims this will his greatest creation yet, smiling to the camera stupidly while he reminisces on his previous concoctions, one of which actually became an ally to the Street Sharks, but let's ignore that for the moment because this is devious.


"My masterpiece! Ah ha ha ha ha! My most spectacular creation yet!"

Oddly, Killamari () is shown among Piranoid's flashback creations and is a regular like Slash and Slobster once he was made, but is completely absent from this episode aside from the flashbacks. I guess they didn't want him to distract from the new toy.


There's some really choppy animation in this episode, but what's new? When Repteel first strikes, he bursts out of the ground and there's only one frame for the Street Sharks being thrown aside, and it actually took me a few viewings to realise that Repteel jumps through the window when the SWAT guys burst in, instead of just inexplicably ending up in a helicopter.


Six flashbacks in one episode that isn't a clip show must be some kind of accomplishment.


Look at Jab here.

They wanted kids to buy toys of that ugly tree victim?

Well, actually I did. And five other toys. I'm a terrible person. =(


Just to spoil the surprise, the masterpiece at the end of the episode is SharkBot, who was a really crappy villain because it was a robot. Robots are cool, but when the theme of the show is meant to be half-man-half-fish, why bring a robot in? It didn't have personality and was essentially a god-modder, but thankfully SharkBot was totally destroyed like four times before the new out-of-place theme became time travel, that was also used four times before I stopped caring.