A Fire-Star is Born
By Galvatron

Angelica is reading a book when Bobby comes over and reminds her on what day it is -they need to go! They transform into their super hero forms, Firestar and Iceman, before departing. Meanwhile Spider-Man comes across a bank being robbed.

The two robbers don't get very far and are left in webbing as Spider-Man sees his two pals flying through the city. He catches up with them and finds out what they hurry is: they are going to an X-Men reunion today and they know Professor X doesn't want them to be late. Spider-Man wants to go but finds out he can't, this party is for former and current X-Men only. Iceman and Firestar then leave whilst Spider-Man has to think of something to do.

Suddenly somebody hits the tower and sends it crashing to the ground! Spider-Man leaps off and lands back down on the building where he sees a new foe: the Juggernaut! Juggernaut says that with his power he will destroy the X-Men and nothing will stand in his way!

Spider-Man uses his webbing to try and stop Juggernaut only to find it has little effect -Juggernaut just tears right through it. So instead he jumps down off the building and heads into a construction site below.

He uses his web to fire a girder but Juggernaut simply catches it and then crushes it within seconds. It really seems like nothing can stand in his way as he explains that he has come not only to destroy the X-Men, but he also intends to kill his step-brother and leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier -Professor X!

Juggernaut explains how he came to be. His power comes from the gem of Cyttorak -a gem he found in a hidden temple. When he picked it up, he took control of the power the gem contained and it transformed him into what he is now.

Realising that the Juggernaut really is as powerful as he says he is, Spider-Man has another attempt at stopping him, this time by lifting up a cement mixer and letting the cement splatter all over his enemy. The stuff dries fast but as Spider-Man comes in to see if his plan worked, the cement beings to burn.

Cement can't stop the Juggernaut -it just melts off him! Spider-Man leaps to another building to try and think of a new strategy but Juggernaut has has enough of his distractions and reduces the building to rubble, with Spider-Man getting trapped under all the rubble. He continues on to his step-brother's mansion, proclaiming that he and his X-Men are doomed!

At the mansion, the Professor senses that Firestar and Iceman are on the way so Angel goes out to greet them. Angel also introduces them to one of their new members, Storm. They head back into the mansion where Xavier says he is glad the two have stopped by for a visit, even if it is a short one.

Cyclops then calls her over so he can introduce her to another new member they have: Wolverine. Wolverine wants to see something gay says hi and reveals one of his claws, which he uses to pick up some fruit. Storm wants to know more about Firestar and how she dealt with her powers when she was younger. Firestar tells her that it wasn't easy, mainly because of a girl called Bonnie...

One day years a go when Angelica was little she saw Bonnie and her friends making a snowman. Angelica wanted to help them only to get this amazing response from Bonnie. Angelica tried to help anyway but ended up accidentally using her powers (which she has no idea she had) to melt the snowman. She got pelted with snowballs for this and went home in tears. Her father didn't earn a lot of money and raised her by himself, but he taught her to do the right thing whenever she could. It would make her a better person.

Throughout the rest of her childhood Bonnie continued to be a menace. She have Angelica the nickname of "Miss Angelica Jinx" which everyone at school began to call her. But she got over it and began to realise that she had some kind of power. With some experimentation, she saw that she had some power over heat and warmed up a cup of coffee for her Dad. As she grew up she joined the Girl Scouts but so did Bonnie. One day, they had set up a camp site and were trying to start fires when the wood Angelica was using got soaked.

Bonnie laughs and tells her to try and start a fire now. Angelica is careful not to be seen when using her powers and manages to use them to get the fire started anyway without anyone seeing her do it. Bonnie's two friends leave to sit at Angelica's fire whilst Bonnie gets cross because Angelica still managed to make her look bad.

A few years later Angelica went to the prom dance but Bonnie was determined to ruin it for her. As soon as she saw her she went up and deliberately spilt her drink all over her dress. Angelica got angry but in doing so her own drink caught fire and set of the sprinklers -soaking everybody and ruining the dance. Angelica began to think that Bonnie was right: she really was a jinx.

Bonnie was useful for one thing however. Another time, Bonnie saw Angelica walking to school and she ran up and grabbed her book report. She then threw the papers everywhere and then ran off to school. Angelica went after the papers but then saw that the papers hadn't come down to her -she'd gone up to them, she could fly! This ability would come in very useful as one day, when Angelica went to the construction site to meet her Dad...

...only to see he was in danger of falling! Some scaffolding had collapsed and was in danger of falling apart completely. To afraid to reveal her powers to the world just yet, Angelica ran across and got into one of the hazard suits. She flew up and saved her Dad from going splat and returned to him to the ground safely. It took all of her strength but she did it.

Angelica then flew off and got changed before walking back around the building. Whilst she was glad that her father was O.K. she also knew that she could use her powers to help people. More time passed and Angelica was not only a student but she also ended up getting a job working for the Dean. One day a special cup was put in a cabinet, the cup would be given to whoever won the big football game that was going to be played at the weekend. The Dean gave Angelica the keys for the cabinet and told her to keep them safe.

But Bonnie, who still hated Angelica, learned about this and got her boyfriend, David, to distract her by asking her out on a date. Whilst he was doing that Bonnie slipped in and stole the keys. Later on she got back together with her Dave and told him that they can go on with the next stage of her plan.

The next day everyone finds that the cup has been stolen -and as Angelica had the keys everyone puts the blame on her. Angelica explains that she never left the room apart from when she went to talk to Dave, but he says he never spoke to her. The Dean says he has no choice other than to suspend her. Angelica goes home and finds that she is front page news on the student paper -"Jinx Jones Suspected" reads the front page. Angelica's Dad tells her that she needs to find the real culprit to prove her own innocence. And she knows exactly who that is.

Angelica followed Bonnie and Dave as they made their way back to Dave's house. When they went inside Angelica saw the cup and also found out that Bonnie intended to get Dave to put the cup in Angelica's locker during half-time at the game. She'd then go and tell the Dean and that ought to ruin Angelica's life forever. Angelica returned home to get ready, as tomorrow was going to be the biggest day of her life.

The next day at the football game, everyone took a break for half-time. But things were interrupted when Angelic flew in! Telling everyone that she was Firestar, nobody recognized her thanks to her new hairstyle and face mask. And she had come here to tell everyone that an innocent girl was accused of stealing the cup! She then swooped down and grabbed Bonnie, who admitted it was her who took the cup and Firestar makes her tell everyone through a megaphone just to make sure everyone can hear her.

Firestar drops Bonnie into some mud. The Dean appears and rightfully says that Firestar can't just scare someone into admitting they did the crime, she needs proof. Firestar agrees and heads inside to find Dave about to put the cup in her locker, but he's to late as she grabs him and takes him outside. She drops him into the mud and present the cup to the Dean.

The Dean tells Bonnie and Dave that they are both expelled. He turns around to thank Firestar only to find that she has vanished. Angelica quickly changes and heads to the stadium where everyone apologises to her for accusing her of stealing the cup. The Dean says that by tomorrow he'll make sure everyone knows she had nothing to do with it. Whilst Angelica is happy, she stays behind at the stadium late on in the night, as she doesn't know what to do with herself. Should she lead a double life as herself and Firestar?

Some guys soon arrive to help her make up her mind: the X-Men! Angelica changes to Firestar but Angel explains they are the good guys. Iceman tells her that she is a mutant, like they are, and that is why they all have these amazing powers. They invite her to join the team and train under Professor X, so she can use her powers to help others. She accepts their invite immediately as it's what she has always wanted.

Firestar trained with the other X-Men in the danger room, a combat simulator with many different challenges. She also went out with the team against the likes of Magneto and other villains. Firestar explains that later on Professor X sent her back to college, where she is currently, but she has to stop her story when they hear something rumbling.

Juggernaut has arrived and charges forward, but surprisingly one of Cyclops' optic blasts send him back the way he came and then some.

Storm starts to fly and then blasts Juggernaut with lightning. Iceman makes a huge wall of ice as Cyclops blasts the ground to make a big trench. Juggernaut charges through the ice but falls down into the trench like a doofus. The Professor tells his X-Men that they need to remove Juggernaut's helmet as that is the source of his power (in this universe at least) and so Wolverine has a go at doing that. Sadly he doesn't do very well and gets thrown...

..into wall, where his claws get stuck. Whoever knew adamantium was useless against bricks! Firestar shoots flames all around Juggernaut but even her attacks can't stop him as he charges at Xavier and is about to destroy him when Spider-Man reveals himself to have survived his earlier encounter and saves him at the last moment, leaving only his wheelchair to get smashed.

The Professor is O.K. and he tells Spider-Man to use his skill to get Juggernaut's helmet off. Iceman freezes Juggernaut and whilst he can't move for a few seconds Spider-Man jumps down and gets the helmet off.

Angel carries the Professor down. Xavier uses his mental powers to stop Juggernaut from moving and eventually makes him lose conscious. With the Juggernaut finally stopped, everyone heads back inside where Firestar proposes a toast -the Spider-Friends and the X-Men...friends forever!


The helmet isn't the source of Juggernaut's power, the gem is. The helmet is his weakness if it is removed.

Some of the computers at Xavier's place are apparently just painted onto the walls. Or they are made of stone. Your pick.

One of Juggernaut's screams would be re-used a few years later by Unicron in the 1986 Transformers movie.