In 1995, Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X2 had been released, bringing new elements to both of the series. And then came the Mega Man cartoon, which ran for two seasons, was met with disgruntled fans, and didn't seem to acknowledge any of the games released after 1993.


Dr. Light, an acclaimed scientist who excels in the world of robotics, was the first man to create robots who could act like humans, whom he named Rock and Roll. When his former colleague, Dr. Wily, went a bit mad and started pinching and reprogramming his robots, Rock was modified into a super fighting robot: Mega Man. And thus, each episode Wily comes up with yet another scatter-brained scheme to conquer the world, only to be foiled by Mega Man and his robot dog, Rush. It's harmless cartoon fun.


However, the Mega Man cartoon is automatically associated with awfulness in most communities, although it does have a few vocal appreciators, which sadly can't be said for the Street Fighter cartoon. It is also given more attention than the Street Fighter cartoon, where most sites merely have a section going "there was a Street Fighter cartoon. I never saw it, but heard it's balls," Mega Man has been given both an episode guide at The Mega Man Home Page, and a number of imagery to find at The Mechanical Maniacs' gallery.


The problem I see is that the Mega Man community care too damn much about storyline and canonicity and other such rubbish only nerds care about when writing fanfiction. Even the episode guide at the MMHP is guilty of this, where The Strange Island of Dr. Wily and Bro Bots are rated highly purely because Proto Man is working with Mega Man; and entertaining ones like Incredible Shrinking Mega Man are rated lower than Robo-Spider simply because the latter has an element from the games, that of the blue bomber copying the spider's data like he does when getting a Robot Master's weapon. Mega X, one of the best episodes in the entire series, is ranked low just because X's minimal personality is portrayed wrong.


Quite simply, the cartoon is your typical cartoon affair, and it really is quite enjoyable. It just got it's reputation from the naggings of those who take everything seriously.



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Season 1 images

[Mega Man 1] [Rush 1] [Roll] [Roll & Rush] [Rush 2] [Mega Man 2] [end]

Season 2 images

[Rush 1] [Mega Man 1] [Mega Man, Rush & Roll] [Mega Man 2] [Mega Man & Rush] [Roll]


[Mega Man: leaving 1 | leaving 2 | returning]

[Roll: leaving | returning]

[Rush: leaving | returning]




Despite this, the MMHP is the best Mega Man site I've seen. I mean, it actually has gameplay information!