Master of Disaster


Professor Ranah is showing Dr. Light and homies "the greatest archaeological discovery ever", which is a bunch of cave drawings. He pushes the eyeball of a green monster thing, revealing a secret doorway, and also showing the viewer this is all being spied on by Wily's Batonton, where he tells Proto Man of his plan to get in there, find the golden chest of Lotos, and gain tons of power.

Ranah reads a stone tablet and tells us of Lotos, who was a powerful spirit trapped in a chest, and granted wealth to the peasant who let him free. However, Lotos was a dick and turned against him, only to be put back in the chest, thus saving the world from a danger with the power that could destroy the world.


The place starts shaking, so Mega Man heads out to bust some heads, starting off with Drill Man's, and then Guts Man's with the help of dynamite. However, Dr. Light and crew aren't so lucky in protecting the tablet, as Cut Man's got his mitts on 'em.


Mega Man tries to retrieve them, and fails thanks to Gravity Man distracting him by nearly crushing the others with a chunk of rock. Since they took the tablets, they don't know where to look to stop them, until Dr. Light saves the day with a photo he took. In no time at all, they arrive at a waterfall, which at the other side contains the lost city. A Batonton warns Wily of Mega Man approaching, so Drill Man and Gravity Man go to sort him out.

Gravity Man fails, as despite his speech that almost sounds like a mad rhythm, he merely causes some rocks to fall down on them and then get blasted in the face. They find Wily, who's just found the golden chest of Lotos, who accidentally drops it, revealing the unimaginable, unstoppable power of ...


... you have got to be kidding me.

Wily's first wish is for those meddling robots to be destroyed, and Lotos sets to it by throwing Mega Man's shot right back at him, and then bringing a tree to life to shake him, Roll and Rush about for a bit before attempting to eat them. Mega wriggles his blaster loose, shoots off all the hands and then fends off some leaf shurikens until all of the trees come to life, leaving no choice but to blast a hole in the roof and fly out, despite the fact I was sure the city was outside. Commercial break plot twists in action, there.

They chase after Wily and listen in to his plan, which isn't your simple "I wanna be king of the world" plot; no no no. Wily's wish is for the city to be under his control. And not the people, but the frigging buildings and bridges and everything. Even doorways are under his control, eating peoples' coat tails.

With all that craziness, the whole city is essentially his fortress, but that isn't stopping Mega Man. It isn't stopping Wily either, who commands Lotos to fight back by controlling the Statue of Liberty to attack them with a flame thrower torch, and when that is quenched, breaks their boat with one of the spikes on her crown. They're dragged into the waterworks, and get into the city via the manhole.


This episode just keeps throwing zaniness after zaniness at us, and doesn't break routine by having them attacked by a car with laser-firing headlights and fangs. It's quickly dealt with, where a random passer-by tells them that Wily's lair is in the Empire State Building, but the crazy ass magic is prevented anyone from entering, so they head back to Light's lab and get equipped with the Land Blazer.

All the bad guys are angry at Lotos; Wily for the fact all his attempts at killing Mega Man fail, and Proto Man for the fact he and the other guys aren't getting any of the action. Lotos gives them a chance, only for Drill Man to be shot in the face, Guts Man to be knocked off a building by a conveniently placed crane and wrecking ball, and Cut Man simply runs from his own blade. Even Proto Man, driving a skull tank, is no match for Mega Man and his Land Blazer.

Lotos is amused by their suckitude, so brings out the big guns: Library griffins. They fare only slightly better than the others, as they kidnap Rush for a brief moment (shocking enough for a commercial break), only to be shot down and replaced by laser-belching buildings. All they manage to do is make Mega Man drive off a walkway and into the ocean, where Mega hits the jet skis in the nick of time.

Back at the lab, Light tells Roll that Lotos can only be defeated in his true form. And that form happens to be a giant, seven-headed, fire-breathing, purple dragon, whose weak spot is on his belly. Mega Man, equipped with the stealth glider, heads into the city, where Lotos warns Wily of the blue bomber, despite the fact he can't see him, so he deploys some skull copters. Cut Man and Drill Man (and wastes one of his three lines in the whole series) have their propellers shot off, and Guts Man smashes his copter apart while trying to find Mega Man.


Lotos is sick of this idiocy, reveals Mega Man, and starts firing at him, all of the shots easily dodged. Mega convinces him to become his true form with some taunting, and he does so with no fuss. To be honest, not a lot happens. They fly along and fire a little bit, Mega Man is blasted into a building and Roll shoots Lotos with garbage, and then he's grasped in his claws, giving him the opportunity to blast his belly.


Defeated, Lotos' spirit returns to the chest, where Wily is frustrated, and then relieved as he still has the chest. Well, up until Mega Man comes in and chases him and Proto Man through a door, and returns the chest to Professor Ranah. Our heroes then look at the city from inside Lady Liberty's head, lament on how you never appreciate your freedom until it's gone, but enough of the morals, Rush is flying the stealth glider! And now he's stuck on the crown of Lady Liberty! The mucky pup.

The episode keeps alternating between decent and dull, with the good bits involving Gravity Man, the Robot Masters and the wacky possessed buildings and cars and whatnot, but the rest is simply uninteresting. I really wish Gravity Man got more screen time, because not only does he have an awesome voice, but he's drawn really good.

3 out of 5 pwned Guts Men.

How can Drill Man fly a helicopter? He's got no hands.