Night of the Living Monster Bots


Wily, as kooky as ever, is making his "greatest creation ever" in a very Frankenstein fashion, and is waiting for his "spine-tingling shipment" to arrive: A robotic mummy. The poor bloke delivering it thinks it's for the British museum, but when the mummy breaks out of the van and starts shooting lasers, he runs to Hampton Village, where people in Victorian era clothes and similarly old terms say the man's a nutter, only to have the mummy plod on in and start blasting everything. It turns out that Wily's plan is to film his robots' rampages and sell them, making billions, and any city that doesn't pay up the requirements will their location as the next rampage. They've got lots of footage of the mummy's antics, so step two of their plan: Go to London and get Evelyn Ray, the movie actress.

Over there right now, Dr. Light and his robots are talking to an inspector, who's talking about the monster attack, and shows them a piece of titanium alloy found at the scene, so they immediately blame Wily for it. They go to catch a taxi to Hampton Village, only to find Evelyn Ray, who is nearly run down by Cut Man's bad driving skills. Mega Man saves her, and she says she was waiting for a taxi to Hampton to shoot a movie, so they ride along together. Cut Man and Guts Man chase after them, although they don't do much more than cut off the roof of their taxi before being hooked on a crane and dragged into the air.


Evelyn gets off at her stop, which is your typical large castle, and leaves without much of a goodbye. Our heroes then notice the villagers wielding pitchforks and torches, marching towards the mummy bot. Mega Man butts in, kicking it about and eventually throwing it into a lake. However, that's not the only monster bot Wily has up his sleeve ...

A werewolf bot. It fires it's claws around for a bit, with the only person actually hit being Dr. Light. Mega Man walks backwards while blasting it, only to walk into the lake and get pulled down by the mummy bot. After the mummy grows to twice it's original size after the commercial break, Mega Man steals it's weapon and shoots a tree, crushing the robot. He then wrestles the werewolf for a bit, tossing it behind a hedge where he just lets it return to not-a-wolf-robot form and run off, what with there being a cloud over the full moon and everything.


Guts Man, tired of only filming this with no action himself, throws a tree at Mega Man, only to be blasted in the face, damaging their little flying pad thing. Wily complains about Mega Man ruining everything, and tells them to return, where our heroes see the roll of film, realising Wily's plan and that Evelyn is in danger.

She arrives at Wily's lab in the castle, which she believes is a set. She is then told of the plot: Evelyn, hounded by monster bots, cities brought to their knees, paying billions or facing the consequences. Evelyn thinks it's an awful plot, so she's hypnotized by a vampire bot to believe she's one of the fanged, flying kind (not mutant birds).


Mega Man and his buddies bust into the castle, where in Rush's attempt to warn them that the robot who greeted them at the door is actually the werewolf, opens a secret passage. Rush sees the robot again and chases after him, Light following, only to see the full moon and become a werewolf, what with the fact he was hit by a robot one.

Meanwhile, Mega Man and Roll find a room full of coffins, and out of one comes Ms. Ray, now with a wacky hairdo and the ability to shoot lightning out of her mouth. They jump around for a little bit before Mega Man puts her back in the coffin, only for the robot vampire to appear and shoot more lightning before becoming a bat and flying away, with Mega Man giving chase. Roll, left with Evelyn, opens the coffin just slightly to see if she's okay, only for her to fly out as a bat as well.


The blue bomber gets the DROP on our vampire foe by DROPPING a bunch of books on him, and they follow the sound of Rush's barking to find the werewolf bot and werewolf Dr. Light marching straight for them. Wily is proud of this plot twist, although the robot is defeated easily and Light is knocked out by having a helmet fall on his head and then bumping into a wall. The vampires appear and open a trap door, sending Rush and Roll sliding down a chute into the dungeon where she damages her gadget arm (and thus cannot escape), leaving Mega Man no choice but to grab Light and leg it, beating up Guts Man and Cut Man while he's at it and stealing the latter's power.

He cuts his way through the wall and uses a catapult to launch to the other side and escape, which naturally frustrates Wily, but he does have Rush and Roll in his hands, and when he returns to rescue them, his "ultimate creation" will be ready to crush him. Or so he says.


Light explains that if they destroy Wily's monster bots, then the effect they have on him and Evelyn will vanish, so he finishes making a device that he doesn't tell us the purpose of.

Mega Man heads out to fight the werewolf bot but fails miserably and becomes one himself. Whoops. This naturally comes as a shock to Wily, who was saving his creation for the big climax.



Wily isn't all that shocked, and is more content that he can use his big creation: Frankenbot. Frankenbot, however, proceeds to fall to the old "hero is standing here and jumps away when villain fires" gimmick, thus destroying the werewolf and vampire. He does, however, become less of a stupid head when he starts using his fists instead of the laser turrets on his forehead, and throws Mega Man against some canisters. Wily, ever the conclusion-jumper-to, claims Mega Man is finished and starts his master plan: For Frankenbot to take Evelyn Ray and destroy London.

The villains leave the lab which starts exploding for no reason, and Roll, having finally fixed her gadget arm, busts out, while Mega Man just catapults himself out with that bed thing the Frankenbot was on. They chase after the bad guys, wreck their camera thing, and then twist Frankenbot's turrets so when he fires he blows his ass up, leaving Wily to make a hasty exit.

Our heroes than apparently watch the footage that was recorded and find it entertaining, although Light is glad it wasn't used to terrorise the citizens, and that a good book will do him. Ms. Ray suggests Mega Man can help her do the sequel, which he politely declines, saying fighting Wily keeps him busy, to which Rush agrees with and then burps. HUMOUR.

Of the episodes that are considered most terrible by Mega Man "fans", I think this is the only one I can agree on slightly. The plot is just a bit too stupid, and although there are some humourous things (all the ridiculous over-the-top voices of the Brits and Dracula Bot, plus how it follows the cartoon tradition of Britain still being in the Victorian ages), it doesn't change the fact that the action in this episode is simply rather lacklustre. Poor Guts Man and Cut Man do barely anything.

2 out of 5 shocked Brits.

When Light is hit by the werewolf bot, he becomes hairier and evil looking for a single shot and then returning to normal with no fanfare in the next shot of him. It's pretty weird, as he doesn't look like it at all when he does turn into a werewolf.


Cut Man is coloured all kinds of wrong when Mega Man gets his weapon.

Someone has to be responsible.


The quality of the artwork seems to fluctuate throughout the episode, most evident with the characters gaining and losing the shine in their eyes randomly.