A US military installation is under tank from skull tanks and skull jets! The defence system consists of giant mallets, huge magnets, and your usual giant laser shooting satellite dish. Once all the invasion forces are destroyed, it turns out to be a simulated test by Dr. Light to show a real military base, and the sunglasses-wearing General Hawthorn is very pleased with all this. We then see that the defence systems are run by a super computer, but the General's worries are debunked by Light saying this base and the room are protected by the same forces used in the demonstration.

Wily is naturally viewing all this on his magic screen, with the help of a little robot spider recording it all. Evil!

At a fancy restaurant, Light is catching up with an Professor Hansen, a teacher from college, who claims Light has come a long way, but immediately after the subject of Dr. Wily is brought up, a huge mechanical spider, not unlike those seen earlier, starts attacking the place. Light states the obvious, and it sprays some webs on various electronic devices, include the robotic waiters and begins absorbing their energy; Mega Man blasts it a few times, but it complete ignores him and scuttles away, suffering no damage at all. Mega Man gives chase, but despite giving chase immediately after it leaves, the spider has already webbed up everything in the city and began absorbing the energy.

After explaining to himself that he's absorbing all this energy so he can have enough power to destroy Light's supercomputer, Wily is encountered with Mega Man, but he merely knocks him away, finishes absorbing the monorail's juice, and heads on his way. The police force are useless, Light, Roll and Professor Hansen are useless, and it's only when they're in a dead end that Mega Man arrives and blasts a hole in the ground for them to escape in, and he follows.

The spider leaves, and Mega Man comments he can't let it escape, but he can't even damage it. Light plucks a piece of the web the spider left, and brings it back to the university lab, where he then explains what the spiders does. If he knew more about the spider, he could make a device to drain it's energy, so Mega Man steps up, saying he could take it's data like he takes a Robot Master's weapon. Sounds like a plan.

That stupid newswoman from Mega Pinocchio returns to make no effort stopping the spider from absorbing a power plant, and Roll and Rush's attempt to save the day are foiled by Quick Man; Mega Man manages to avoid them and somehow shoot Quick Man up from the ground onto the girders. Guts Man shows up and throws Mega onto the webbing, but before he can get zapped of his power, he breaks free, shoots Guts Man down onto the webbing and bounces away as the big lug is absorbed. The blue bomber copies the web and flees, but Wily refuses to let him escape, so he deploys the skull copters.

Quick Man's attack damaged Rush's jet mode and Roll's sky cycle, resulting in a long trek back to the university. After being spotted by some skull copters, they make an unnecessarily long and flashy escape by first running up an apartment fire escape, across the roof of it, wall jumping down the side of it and another building before finally blowing them up, only to be intercepted by Batontons. They destroy all but one of them, which reports to Proto Man on their position, who then chases after them in a skull tank. Our heroes then head into a robot museum...

... where conveniently enough, there are copies of of all the robots involved here. Mega disguises as Guts and after confusing the real Cut Man, clobbers both of them. Roll then uses the Mega Man copy as a puppet to fool Quick Man, and with that distraction, drop a box with a bust on it. The real Mega Man shows up and takes his power, and uses it to cut down some pipes to trap Proto Man.

They try and finally reach the university without any more interruptions, but here comes Bright Man, in a tank! He uses his trademark ability to blind them and run them down in a tank. And he does so and serves Mega Pancakes and Roll Waffles to the others.

Punk'd. Mega Man gives Rush a copy of the data in case he doesn't make it, and proceeds to be run over. Punk'd again, he just lies down underneath it and blasts Bright Man from below, sending him off the bridge entirely. Rush arrives at the university, providing Light with the data, so all is well. You know, aside from the fact the whole city is in darkness and Wily is almost fully charged. Light has already made a device to save the day, which needs plugged into the supercomputer to repel the spider, but if the wrong wire is used to connect it, both the computer and Mega Man will be blown to bits. Ouch.


Wily reaches the military base and locates the supercomputer, and begins transmitting the energy into it, planning for it to overload and explode. Mega Man arrives at the room of the supercomputer and thwarts Bright Man with the use of sunglasses, and uses his ability to take care of the other guys. He then has a fight with Proto Man until he fries a circuit in his buster, where Rush willingly gives up his own so he can win the fight. How touching.

Mega Man goes to use the device, and naturally, despite Light's warnings, he gets it right, causing the energy to be brought back into the spider, overloading it and exploding it, giving Wily no choice but to run.

The power to the city is turned back on, and everybody's happy, but Rush is so happy he does some back flips, trods on a red-hot wire and is propelled into a web.

A fairly average episode. Quick Man makes a well-deserved appearance albeit with barely any screen time, the last action sequence is pretty good, and the art is pretty awful, but that's the most I can say.

3 out of 5 jolly Proto Men.

The sign for the US military installation in Dr. Light's demonstration is WRONG.

Since when does "trespassing" use an S four times? Tsk tsk tsk.


When Mega Man chases the robot spider, we're treated to some mock product placement.


The robot museum has some pretty crazy looking robots.

Like so. Can you see which robots from a popular series of movies they parody? If so, you don't need glasses.


After the second commercial break, the remainder of the episode seems to be sped up a fair bit, as characters spout off numerous sentences of dialogue at lightning pace, the music seems a lot faster, and it simply goes from action segment to action segment with no dilly dallying about.


Although not explicitly said, the spider seems to grow with the more energy it gets. Near the end, it totally dwarves a mountain way off in the distance.